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02.03.2012 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Sunday, March 25th, 2012
02.03.2012 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

02.03.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
02.03.2012 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

The third and last day with a Kaizers concert in Oslo, and this time, the report will be a bit shorter. Which doesn’t mean that the concert was bad, not at all! It was just a bit different from the other two concerts. Kaizers put more focus on the songs, didn’t talk that much (hardly at all, actually) between the songs, and the setlist was a bit more “traditional” as well.

The special thing about this concert was that there was no age limit on the gallery. This means that the gallery was full of kids who were experiencing their very first Kaizers concert – and that was really great! The atmosphere on the gallery was much better than the other days. I was down in front of the stage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the atmosphere up on the gallery was (even) better than down in front this time! In any case, the Jackal didn’t have to ask them even once to get up, and of course they were joining in and singing along all the time. Cool!

Apart from that, there’s not a lot report. The setlist didn’t hold that many surprises (but the suprises that were there were even better – Bris and Evig pint, yay!). As always, the Russian introduction won the vote before Hjerteknuser (even though Kaizers had planned so many great specials for the French introduction, like the rockets…), but this time, not only the Jackal got a shot of Vodka, but he also gave one to Killmaster and one to Thunder and one to the audience (which the security obviously didn’t like to see at all, uhem). As always, they dragged out the break in Svarte katter (while Omen was combing his beard and found out that he didn’t have hair to comb), and there was another very long break in 170.

The conclusion of the concert was a bit strange – not because of the band, but because of the audience. Omen and the Jackal came out again to play Kvite russer. But the audience wanted to hear Die Polizei instead – and so they didn’t really sing along loudly, and started to shout for Die Polizei in the middle (!) of Kvite russer. Which – of course! – the Jackal didn’t like too much. At least they finished the song before disappearing. I could have understood it as well if they had just left… =:-/

But still: a great conclusion for three amazing concerts in Oslo!

Here’s the full setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, 9mm, Støv og sand, Ompa til du dør, Prosessen, Diamant til kull, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Kontroll på kontinentet, Bris, Evig pint, Bøn fra helvete, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Resistansen, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser, Maestro. First encore KGB, Drøm videre Violeta, 170. Second encore Min kvite russer.

This time there will also be photos of the concert, but it’ll take a few days, I guess…

01.03.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Seems I got through my birthday rather well! At least I was asked for my ID at the door this time… For a concert with an 18-year age limit. On my 33rd birthday… Well, I’ll just take that as a compliment!

This time, we were there just after the doors opened and managed to find a nice place in the front on the left side. The support Jenny Moe was… well, not that spectacular, I gotta say. But then, we only saw the back of her piano, actually.

And then the concert started! Unselfish as I am, I had sent in my birthday wish setlist beforehand, and it almost looked like Kaizers would actually play it – but “only” for the first couple of songs and a few other highlights, the remaining songs were different in the end. But the setlist was great! Except that I really really missed På ditt skift… =:-( Pretty pretty please, play that tonight, yes?!

The setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Djevelens orkester, Señor Torpedo, Femtakt filosofie, Di grind, Støv og sand, Delikatessen, Psycho under min hatt, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Gresk komedie, Bøn fra helvete, Apokalyps meg, Den andre er meg, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet, Diamant til kull, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. First encore Medisin & psykiatri, Drøm videre Violeta, Dieter Meyers Inst. Second encore Prosessen.

The atmosphere was great – not quite as enthusiastic as the first night, but then we were standing in front of the stage this time. And to save some time, here are the details as plain list instead of long text:

  • During Delikatessen, Omen was very busy passing time again. With his suitcase (which obviously contains lots of interesting things that need to be checked out) and with his gas mask (you can screw off the filter and stow it in the suitcase!).
  • The beginning of Psycho under min hatt was quite bad, because Omen started playing when poor Hellraizer wasn’t ready yet! That’s what happens when the organ player has never seen a guitar before and doesn’t know that it needs to be tuned once in a while. Actually, they wanted to fire Omen on the spot – but the audience voted for giving him another chance. And maybe a third, they might need it, the Jackal added.
  • Hellraizer took over the microphone a bit later. They didn’t want to do a duet, because – who of them should sing the girl’s part? This just leads to arguments. And also, they both have the same length of… ties!
  • They did do a duet lateron after all. But it almost didn’t happen, because the Jackal dropped the microphone just before they could start! Hellraizer wanted to pick it up, but then they remembered that this is the reason they take a crew along on tour. And the crew managed to fix the problem professionally. =;-)
  • Bøn fra helvete is a song from the times when Kaizers didn’t know how to play any instruments yet. Except for oil barrels, of course!
  • At some time during the concert, the Jackal decided that we were just too nice to them. He wanted some opposition. And booos! “Don’t just cheer everything!” … And right after, they played Apokalyps meg. They should have announced that before, THEN I would have booed as well. =;-)
  • Helge = THE man. All said. And this time, the Helge chants were actually audible, yeah! =:-)
  • Of course, we got the Russian introduction again for Hjerteknuser. Even though we were screaming and begging for the French one! And even though we would have seen someone open a bottle of champagne with a sword instead! But well, so we got the vodka again, and poor Helge had to wipe the glass afterwards.
  • Kaizers Orchestra played Drøm videre Violeta because their management had advised them to do so. And the manager is always right! He had also advised them that Hellraizer should get a red guitar, and Killmaster a new deodorant…
  • And last but not least, it was time to celebrate! Kaizers had just received a Platinum award for Vol. II. Congrats!

And for the rest of the report, I hand over to my friends, since I might be a tiny bit biased… =;-)

After a fantastic pre-show dinner with birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate Susi’s birthday, and after the fantastic concert, the evening climaxed when the Jackal entered the stage for the final encore holding two champagne glasses and a champagne bottle. This was, of course, to celebrate two things. First, Violeta Violeta vol. II has sold to platinum in Norway. Secondly, it’s someone special’s birthday! This very special fan, who turned 33 this evening, and has come all the way from Germany! And of course, this special fan had to come up on stage and answer a few questions. The 1700 fans in the audience cheered wildly as Susi was lifted up on stage! And the Jackal thought this would be a perfect time for a small interview…

– How did you become a fan? “Well, I saw a concert, and I just fell in love…”

(more wild cheers from the audience)

-WOW, you speak Norwegian fluently!!! Why is that? “To understand the lyrics, of course!”

– How many concerts have you seen? “I’m not sure, about 130-something…”

– 130 concerts!!! Now THAT’S a FAN!!!

(and the crowd goes wild…)

So, this is why he had TWO glasses – one for Kaizers Orchestra, and one for Susi, the number one fan! Hellraizer opened the champagne bottle, filled the glasses (and of course had to spray some champagne on the front rows) and the last song of the evening was of course dedicated to Susi! She sat on stage through Prosessen, and disappeared off stage with the band afterwards… We can’t write about everything that happened after that – but we CAN say that it was a great birthday party!!!

(Let’s do it again next year!)

And now that we’ve finished off this last part of the report in English, it’s time to translate it to German… Except, at this point there’s only one person left writing, and I really don’t know German… So bear with me – but I’ll have to ask Google translate for help. So if the German version is completely unintelligible, please try to read the English one instead… *gg*

And one last thing, that can’t be repeated enough:


– written by Lena with a little help from Mox –

29.02.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Three concerts in Oslo! Just perfect, and a chance for me to celebrate my birthday in Oslo. Something that hopefully won’t have too much negative impact on my reports, but well… let’s see. =;-)

The first night already had a couple of “firsts”. I mean, I’ve seen this band well over a hundred times by now, but still it was the first time that I:

  • was considerably late – hey, how can a band go on stage in Oslo at half past nine?! We were sure they wouldn’t start before ten, and so we had planned to be at Sentrum Scene around nine thirty. Which ended up being almost ten in the end, of course – and thus almost half an hour late… *cough*
  • stood in the very last row – since we arrived so late we had to go up to the gallery to have a chance to see anything at all. And there, high up and in the very back, we had a fantastic view! With a great overview over the whole audience, the complete stage was visible, we could really enjoy the light show for once, and in addition, there was so much space for dancing and having fun. Yay!
  • took out my earplugs a couple of songs before the end of the concert – not because it wasn’t loud (it was!), but because you don’t hear the audience very well with earplugs in. And the audience was singing so loudly and so impressively that I just HAD to listen and enjoy that!

And actually, that already says a lot about the concert. The atmosphere was just amazing, the band seemed really enthusiastic, and the audience was having a great time. OK, of course a bit less up on the gallery (since, according to the Jackal, all hardcore fans were down in front of the stage – ey! -, and people on the gallery are sitting and only standing up when requested) – except for the very last row, of course. In the end, Kaizers just kept coming back – very unusual for them, but they just HAD to this time! According to the set list, they had planned four songs as encore – and the last one of these was “Sonny” – yay! After that, they came back once more for Resistansen, which really got the audience singing and dancing. And then, after they went of again, the audience kept shouting for “Die Polizei”, so that they didn’t really have a choice – any yes, we got that final song! And we kept singing for at least ten minutes after the band went off. Sooooo nice! =:-)

As mentioned, we missed the first couple of songs and arrived during Støv og sand. But here’s the complete set list: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, 9mm, Støv og sand, Kavalér, Blitzregn baby, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Prosessen, Enden av november, Far til datter, De involverte, Jævel av en tango, Diamant til kull, Bøn fra helvete, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. First encore KGB, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Drøm videre Violeta, Sonny. Second encore Resistansen. Third encore Die Polizei.

A couple of details: Almost everyone at the concert had seen Kaizers before. The other ten were welcomed to the family by the rest, of course. *g* According to a student study (uh… sounds weird in English *g*), Kaizers are the band that is played most at concert “vorspiels”. The poor Jærbladet journalist who had wondered before if people in Oslo can sing along at all during a Kaizers concert, since they don’t really understand, was easily convinced: Oh yes, people in Oslo sing along just as much as people in Stavanger! And Kaizers will never be serious, because that ruins a concert. Actually, they are all about “tull og tøys”, thus fun and nonsense. =;-) Hellraizer even won a silver medal at a kidding-competition in Germany! Once more, the “Russian opening” for Hjerteknuser won; even though the French opening is so great – with parachutes and so on… *lol*

And as always, the hero of the day was Helge! Under Far til datter, he stood there emotionless and not caring, hitting the oil barrel without squinching, and then as always under Svarte katter. Our “Helge” chants didn’t really have a chance to spread since we were on the gallery – but well, new day today… *g* Helge thanked the audience for the applause, through the Jackal – “He just asked me to say that. It’s… hmm, not telepathy, but it works through the beard!”

Yay, such a great opening concert! And tonight it’s time for my birthday concert. Maybe we’ll even make it in time tonight… *cough*

11.02.2010 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Well, and already it’s all over again… =:-( Two shows of a tour is really way too little – while on the other hand, it is amazing to see how much less stressfull it is, and cheaper as well, of course. And I think I picked the right two concerts! =:-D ... read on!

23.10.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Wow, they really get better and better from concert to concert! =:-) Or well, honestly I think it’s mostly the audience that gets better and better, but as long as this means that the overall impression of the concert gets better, it doesn’t really make a difference. =;-)
... read on!

23.10.2008 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
23.10.2008 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)