23.10.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Wow, they really get better and better from concert to concert! =:-) Or well, honestly I think it’s mostly the audience that gets better and better, but as long as this means that the overall impression of the concert gets better, it doesn’t really make a difference. =;-)

But let’s start at the beginning. The afternoon was really annoying – traveling forever, then walking through the rain, trouble with a forgotten ticket (it wasn’t me! *g*), and then we were standing really far away from the stage. With a perfect view, that’s true, but sooo far away… *sigh* But it turned out to be no problem at all, so there’s no reason to complain.

There was a support at this concert as well, I think the guy was called Led Foot or something similar. He was okay, but not that great that I would really care, honestly. =;-) And then Kaizers came on, and the atmosphere was just fantastic right from the beginning! Just like in Trondheim, but even louder – which was probably due to the acoustics of the hall. Very impressive in any case!

But then – even though I really loved the concert – I had the feeling right from the beginning that I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to report afterwards. Because nothing was happening on stage! Well, except for a band in a very good mood of course, that was obviously enjoying the atmosphere. =:-)

Oh, and then there was the setlist, of course! They had changed it a bit since Drammen and Trondheim: Medisin & psykiatri, På ditt skuft, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens orkester, Død manns tango, Moment, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Di grind, Dekk bord, Jævel av en tango, De involverte, Sorti, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Dr. Mowinckel, Evig pint. First encore Naade, Den sjette sansen and Dieter Meyers Inst, second encore an acoustic version of Kontroll på kontinentet, Maestro and Die Polizei.

And by the way, may I please complain here that almost half of all songs start with a D here? That makes it just impossible to remember the setlist, actually. *grmbl* But well, on the other hand I don’t want to complain, I don’t want the D-songs out of the selist! *g* And actually, I wouldn’t mind hearing D-Dagen once. =;-)

But I’m digressing here. *g* So the surprises of the setlist were De involverte (very nice to hear that one again – even though I was a bit irritated by the new lights – that song has to be in blue or green but not in gray! *gg*), Sorti and the acoustic version of KpK. The Jackal, all alone on stage, with an acoustic guitar. But no, he wasn’t really alone, we were with him! =:-) And actually, we were louder than him. *g* Something that was really impressive during Maestro and Die Polizei as well!

Still, nothing really happened. I only jotted down two things afterwards: Number one is acting – both Hellraizer and the Jackal were mimicking the content of the songs, for example the falling feather in Død manns tango or the degradation from chauffeur to passenger, and at the very end, before they played Die Polizei (and they actually took quite a while to decide if they should play another one), the Jackal theatrically looked down on the setlist, trying to find out what is the next song. Hellraizer: “Forget it, this song is not on the list anyway”. Bummer – it was! I never expected that though. *g* And note number two is about Naade again. Killmaster and the Jackal stood at one mike again singing the background vocals and obviously having lots of fun, nodding their heads – and putting a kiss on the other’s cheek regularly. Seems like here’s two people who have found one another! *gg*

Thus a fantastic concert, all in all, where the music was much more important than the show. And the amazing thing is that this is just as much fun! =:-)

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