24.09.2022 Skambankt (Verket Scene, Moss)

Monday, September 26th, 2022

The most annoying part of the day after a concert: writing the concert report. The best thing about the day before a concert: reading through old concert reports and reminiscing about old times and awesome experiences!

Like my first Skambankt concert in Moss, in 2009, or the road trip to Fredrikstad and Ås (for Skambankt concerts of course!) with a stopover in Moss a couple of years before that. The conclusion of that trip down memory lane: Moss stinks, and Skambankt concerts in Moss are a lot of fun! And as it turns out, only one of these statements is still true … =;-)

So why Moss?! Well, one simple reason was that the concert was on a Saturday, so perfect for traveling. The other reason was a birthday, so this was the perfect time to get our old Kaizers/Skambankt touring crew back together and celebrate JeJe’s birthday in style with an awesome concert. And so we did! I didn’t have any idea what to expect, since I hadn’t made it to any Skambankt club shows after Covid yet, and we all hear about how badly ticket sales are going at the moment … but hey, no need to worry at all! Verket Scene was crowded (probably not quite sold out, but full), and even though everybody was a little reserved and quiet in the beginning (“Moss! Are you sure it’s a Saturday today or are you all in Sunday mood …?!”), they warmed up over time, and the concert turned out to be really awesome and energetic! And apparently it was also the longest of the tour so far (even though it still felt short, of course =;-)).

But yes, this was a lot of fun! Skambankt built the concert up perfectly, with a setlist with a LOT of hits and old songs. They started out with “Dynasti”, “Skambankt” and then “Satan – det e du”, which fit in surprisingly well and sounded just like the “old” songs. Then a few nice surprises later in the setlist – I haven’t heard “Løgnprofitør” and “Nok et offer” in like forever, and “Desertør” and “Slukk meg” also made their way back into the set, which is awesome! And talking about the good old times – how about “Alarm”? Including the count-in part where they bring someone from the audience up on stage, and this time we went full circle with Anette & Lily counting in – just like they did so many times 12, 13 years ago. Did I say “good old times” already? =;-)

The last Skambankt concert in Moss had been sold out, with 30 people sitting spread apart in Corona times … but not this time. Let’s just replace the meter with a centimeter, and go kiss your neighbor! =;-) (Or … rather not. I’ll keep the meter, thank you. *lol*) In addition to all the high-energy songs, we also got to hear a few power ballads – since no rock band is better than the power ballads they have!

Towards the end, we got a full run-down of Skambankt’s history, from the times of the first demo tape to the “resurrection” at a bachelor’s party to the first REAL demo and it somehow making it to Oslo, and … One hassler didn’t manage to shut up and kept interrupting Terje’s train of thought, so he got a can of beer to shut up (which worked!). But that obviously interrupted my train of thought, since I’m not quite sure how we got from the demo tape to “and the song we’re now going to play was NOT on that record” and … well, to keep it short, we got a 5-minute intro to … “Malin”. =;-D

Either way, an absolutely fantastic concert with a very energetic band that obviously loved playing, and a slightly quiet but in the end really engaged audience! Kinda dangerous for a first concert of the tour … I might need to check my calender and travel plans for the next couple of weeks one more time … =;-)

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Satan – det e du
  4. Løgnprofitør
  5. Horisonten brenner
  6. Nok et offer
  7. Voodoo
  8. Vår bør
  9. Balladen om deg
  10. Desertør
  11. Tanker som mareritt
  12. Me sa nei
  13. Alarm
  14. O dessverre
  15. Født på ny
  16. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  17. Malin
  18. Mantra
  19. Stormkast #1

06.08.2022 Skambankt (Raumarock, Åndalsnes)

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Skambankt are wrapping things up – but luckily, they are still playing a couple of festivals this summer and a last big tour in the fall!

So of course I had to pick one of the festivals. The closest to Trondheim was Raumarock, and since I’d been there 15 years ago already and really liked both the festival and the surroundings, the decision was easy. Road trip time!

Of course, even though we’re talking about “summer” festivals here – “summer” is a rather dubious term in not-Oslo-Norway this year … The weather forecast for Raumarock was 11 degrees and rain all day for Saturday. Yay! Luckily, it didn’t turn out quite as bad – the 11 degrees was about right, but it stopped raining just before the concerts started. Yay! =:-D

It’s been more than a year since my last Skambankt concert – and more than three years since my last “plugged” Skambankt concert! =:-o (That one was as support for Bon Jovi, in 11 degrees and rain, by the way … *lol*) So it was about time again! It felt kinda strange though – in one way, it all felt as if my last “rock Skambankt” concert had been last week, and at the same time, it felt like ages ago. I constantly cursed myself for not having my camera ready because of course I knew that there would be a picture-worthy moment coming up – but then, I didn’t realize until two seconds before. =;-)

Still, it felt really really good to be at a real Skambankt concert again. The setlist was awesome as well – a great mixture of old hits and the stuff that “the kids nowadays” =;-) know. The only downside was that when Skambankt asked for wishes, the first song they chose was “Malin”. Oh come on … if there’s ONE song that nobody needs, it’s clearly that pop schlager – I just can’t keep myself from laughing about the ridiculous “ooh-ooh-ooh” part. Sorry. *lol* Luckily, I could confirm afterwards that my suspicion about the song being on the setlist anyway was correct, which made it a bit less annoying.

The concert happened rather early in the evening, and unfortunately, there weren’t that many people around yet. And of course, there was quite a bit of a “bygdefest” feeling around the festival anyway … which clearly influenced the way the concert was going. I mean, at the very end when they were taking a picture, Skambankt told us to “look as if we were having fun”. =;-D So it was obvious that Skambankt didn’t expect too much from the audience, but of course they kept challenging us! And I have to admit that I was VERY surprised when they asked for a wall of death (without calling it that, since Norwegians don’t know what that is =;-) ) in “Me sa nei” and asked for the festival to “explode” – and people were actually into it, beer glasses were flying and there was an actual mosh pit. For a couple of seconds. But hey, I did NOT expect that at all. =:-D

Not quite sure why Skambankt decided to count down from 19 in that song, given that it was Raumarock’s 20th anniversary. =;-) And I’m also slightly tempted to fact-check the statement that they’ve played “Me sa nei” at every single concert they’ve played – but then, who cares, they played it this time and it was huge fun! One thing I was a little confused about was that they started to put vocal efects on most of the old songs … not sure I’m a fan of that. But then, my guess is that it’s supposed to make them easier to sing, which is a good reason. And the songs are always fun live, so it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

Not a lot of note-worthy talk between the songs, but still a great concert! Only too short – they had 90 minutes and were pretty much the only band that night that didn’t use all their time. But then, they were also the only band that had a full 90 minutes, so this might just have been bad planning from the festival. =;-)

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Voodoo
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. Mantra
  6. Vår bør
  7. Balladen om deg
  8. Tanker som mareritt
  9. Me sa nei
  10. O dessverre
  11. Malin
  12. Født på ny
  13. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  14. Stormkast #1

PS: And the result from the fact check – I just clicked on five random concert reports, and four out of the five concerts had “Me sa nei” in the setlist (the odd one out was Kartfestivalen). So I guess that’s close enough. =;-)

07.06.2022 Die Ärzte (Wuhlheide, Berlin)

Saturday, June 18th, 2022
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Sommer 2013, der DÄOF/DÄFC war schon eine Weile Geschichte, die Ärztivals 2012 eine ziemliche Enttäuschung, die Festivals mit DÄ-Beteiligung okay, aber jetzt auch keine Wow-Momente. Damit hatte ich DÄ 98-mal gesehen, und meine Vorhersage war klar: “Ich werde die 100 wohl kaum voll kriegen.”

Fast forward nach 2019 – okay, ich lebe mittlerweile im Ausland, DÄ gehen auf Auslandstour und warum nicht einen kurzen Abstecher nach London, London ist immer toll? Das DÄ-Konzert war nett, nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Camden Rocks direkt im Anschluss war absolut grandios. Fazit: “Ich werde die 100 wohl kaum voll kriegen”.

Dann die Ankündigung für die “In the ä tonight”-Tour. Man kann es ja vielleicht doch mal probieren? Aber absolut keine Chance, Tickets zu kriegen. Na gut, dann nicht – “Ich werde die 100 wohl kaum voll kriegen”. Beim x-ten Mal “gibt es vielleicht doch noch Rückläufer?” dann plötzlich ein noch nicht angekündigtes Zusatzkonzert in Stuttgart. Ob das vielleicht doch klappt mit dem 100.?

So weit so gut. Und dann kam Corona. 2020 wollte ich mir System of a Down bei Rock im Park angucken, das Festival wurde verschoben – erst auf 2021, dann auf 2022. Die Berlin-Tour wurde angekündigt, und das Wuhlheide-Konzert sollte direkt nach Rock im Park sein … das passte natürlich. Also auch da mal ein Ticket gesichert, denn man weiß ja nie, was passiert (und RiP war ohne System of a Down eh wenig Anreiz für einen Deutschland-Trip).

Mein potentiell 100. DÄ-Konzert in Stuttgart wurde erst auf 2021 verschoben, dann abgesagt. Damit war die Wuhle der Kandidat für Nummer 100 (was ja schon recht cool ist!) – aber kurz vor meiner Abreise nach Deutschland fingen DÄ an, Konzerte abzusagen … nu ja: “Ich werde die 100 wohl kaum voll kriegen”. Ne? =;-)

Umso überraschter war ich dann, als ich TATSÄCHLICH in der Wuhle stand. Nummer 100, here I come! 25 Jahre nach meinem ersten DÄ-Konzert und neun Jahre nach meinem 98. Konzert … Die Erwartungen waren gemischt. Ich kann beim besten Willen nicht sagen, dass DÄ mich in den letzten Jahren in irgendeiner Art und Weise interessiert hätten. Ich hab mir die neuen Alben gekauft und angehört, aber nicht sonderlich “religiös”. Ein paar Songs waren nett, einige unterirdisch. Alte weiße Männer, die denken, progressiv zu sein. Und klar, so waren sie schon immer, aber die Zeiten ändern sich halt … Andererseits hat der Podcast zur Berlin-Tour und die ganzen Lied-Snippets darin doch ein wenig das alte Fieber geweckt, und da kam doch immer wieder Lust auf das Konzert auf.

Und genau so war es eigentlich auch während des ganzen Konzerts: Furchtbar viel “Füllmaterial” (neue Lieder sowie alte, die mich nie sonderlich interessiert haben), und mittendrin dann immer mal wieder eine Perle. Quatschmäßig war es nett, aber nicht grandios. Keine furchtbaren Cringe-Momente, aber auch keine “Ich kann nicht mehr vor Lachen”-Gags oder Improvisationen. Die Wuhle war und ist toll, das Wetter spielte mit, die Menschenmassen in Corona-Zeiten (und besonders die Schlangen überall) dämpften die Stimmung.

Sprich: Es war nett. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Das Ende – zwanzig Minuten nach dem üblichen Curfew! – mit Käfer und Zu spät war toll. Und ich hab die 100 jetzt voll, ein super Zeitpunkt, um aufzuhören (oder sie irgendwann nochmal zu sehen, warum auch nicht – Punk ist, ne …?).

Danke DÄ für 25 Jahre brutto, viele tolle Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen, und die Wuhle war ein schöner Abschluss!

31.07.2020 Skambankt (Lager 11, Trondheim)

Saturday, August 1st, 2020

The Skambankt concert in Trondheim in March was my first concert that was cancelled because of Corona – so it made perfect sense that Skambankt playing in Trondheim would also be my first concert after … (Oh well, who am I kidding, there is no “after” – but you know what I mean =;-) )

They were playing at a food court as part of a brewery festival, it was a seated concert, and the show was streamed to loads of other breweries so there weren’t too many people gathered in one place. And of course, it felt kinda weird – just sitting down at a concert is strange, and only parts of the audience were there for the concert instead of the beer. But still: it was a concert, and it was awesome! =:-D

We didn’t get the full band, but the Trio version (because of distancing rules and a stage that was too small for five – yeah sure …), but that works well for the unplugged show. And it meant that Terje had to take over the bass drum and tambourine in addition to the guitar, vocals, and harmonica – and extra challenges always make for a good show, right? Just putting on the foot tambourine so that it actually stayed on, and of course complaining about how uncool and clumsy that looks, made for five minutes of quality entertainment … *lol*

Since it was a brewery festival, Skambankt were served different beers and ciders throughout the concert, which of course lead to some breaks and talking in between songs. Which is something I love, since it’s always fun! Terje was quite concerned though if we actually understood what they were saying, since jærsk and trøndersk can be a bit mutually intelligible. =;-) That’s also why later on, we had to switch over to jærsk, since “Kjem snart heim” just doesn’t have the same ring to it …

Overall, it was a typical sit-down concert of course, with a quiet-ish audience listening to what was happening on stage. But there were a few songs where the audience got really involved. The first one was “Sånne som deg”, with constant clapping throughout the song. And when the main set was finished (and everyone got up for standing ovations, which made the band feel like they’re “in a theater” *g*), we got “Kommer snart hjem” as encore. Without accordion this time, which everyone was of course reeeeeeeaaally sad about, but with a lot of clapping and sing-a-long. A perfect conclusion for the concert!

The setlist:

  • Horisonten brenner
  • Levende legende
  • Gribben
  • Balladen om deg
  • I dette huset
  • O dessverre
  • Fritt fall (“Sorry for all the depressing songs from the west of Norway …”)
  • Sånne som deg
  • Når eg sover
  • Voodoo (“The world is really scary right now!”)
  • Skumring
  • Født på ny
  • Kommer snart hjem

30.04.2021 Skambankt (Verkstedhallen, Trondheim)

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

I really shouldn’t be complaining – up here in Trondheim, where we’ve been very lucky in keeping Covid numbers down, concerts were allowed most of the time. Many were postponed since a concert with max 10 or 20 people in the audience just isn’t profitable, but still … there’s a lot happening here compared to other regions or countries. But with all the insecurity around everything, and too many people in one room just not feeling safe, you need to really want to see a band to buy a ticket.

And YES, I really wanted to see Skambankt again! So I got my ticket for March, and now, at the end of April, we were actually allowed to the concert. With strict rules and a seated audience of course, which wouldn’t have worked at all for a “Rock Skambankt” show, but for the toned down version, it was totally fine. Even though there were a few songs where staying in your seat simply felt wrong … At least Terje had chosen to sit down as well, in solidarity with the audience. =;-)

Unlike on the last tour, Skambankt brought the full band this time, plus brass backup, and with the Jærtegn album out they had a lot more songs to choose from. Not a lot of rock’n’roll (even though the audience kept demanding it over and over again, including in the intro to “Født på ny” *lol*), but really nice (and perfectly performed!) music. =:-) The brass section has been getting a lot more work to do lately, and they blend in very well.

Trondheim is Skambankt’s home away from home, and since they first played here in 2004 (“how many years ago was that…?”), they had some of their best concerts here. Not sure if this was one of the very best, with a sitting audience, but it was definitely fun! With quite a bit of talk in between, about festivals, moonshine, messed up guitars, good parties resulting in newly formed (political) parties, and so on. Very entertaining, but only if you’re there, not if I attempt to write it down, so I won’t even try. =;-)

Thanks so much to Skambankt for venturing out on tour in the current conditions and spreading joy and music! Much appreciated, and so worth going a little bit easy on all precautions for once and trying out this “having fun” thing again after such a long time. =:-D

The setlist:

  • Hadde eg bare visst
  • For en evighet
  • 10/10
  • SOS
  • Balladen om deg
  • Gribben
  • Levende legende
  • Én av en million
  • Fritt fall
  • I dette huset
  • Sånne som deg
  • En skjebne som slår
  • Voodoo
  • Kommer snart hjem
  • Horisonten brenner
  • Født på ny
  • Når eg sover

30.05.2019 Die Ärzte (Electric Ballroom, London)

Friday, June 7th, 2019
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Mein 99. Ärzte-Konzert. Zugegeben, ich hatte nicht erwartet, die 100 Konzerte irgendwann vollzukriegen – einerseits, weil es ja nie sicher war, ob DÄ nochmal auf Tour gehen, anderseits, weil sie mich einfach nicht mehr wirklich interessieren …

Als dann die Miles&More-Tour angekündigt wurde (einmal rund in Europa, aber natürlich nicht nach Skandinavien … *grmbl*) schlug dann natürlich doch ein wenig die Gewohnheit zu – man muss ja zumindest mal gucken, ob man ein Ticket ergattern kann. 😉 Insbesondere, wenn das Konzert in London an einem langen Wochenende liegt. Gesagt, getan, und mit genügend Konzertjunkie-Erfahrung auch kein großer Stress beim Ticketkauf (auch wenn die Portokosten jenseits von gut und böse waren). Und in der Vorbereitung auf den Trip dann auch noch die Erkenntnis, dass am gleichen Wochenende noch Camden Rocks stattfindet und man das ja auch noch mitnehmen kann. Yay!

Um es kurz zu machen: Das Ärzte-Konzert hat Spaß gemacht. Camden Rocks hat noch viel mehr Spaß gemacht. 😉
Aber doch, ja, ich war positiv überrascht. Meine großen Fan-Zeiten sind definitiv vorbei und ich würde mir jetzt nicht sofort nochmal ein Ärzte-Konzert angucken wollen, aber mein 100. wird wohl doch noch irgendwann stattfinden.

Ich hatte nicht vor, einen Bericht zu schreiben (und tue es eigentlich nur, weil ich schließlich schon 98 Berichte vorher geschrieben habe), daher habe ich mir nichts gemerkt. Aber es war die typische Altherren-Blödelei auf der Bühne, gemischt mit “woah, wir sind tatsächlich in London”, und die ganzen alten Lieder, die ich seit 2013 nicht mehr gehört habe. Und das war definitiv cool!
Weniger cool war das Publikum. Ich stand wie immer vorne links – um mich rum ein paar typische Fans, die begeistert waren und Spaß hatten, direkt neben mir eine Gruppe, der das Konzert relativ wuppe war, die aber dafür umso besorgter waren, wie man denn bei dem Gedränge neues Bier holen soll, und auf der anderen Seite eine Dame, die der Meinung war, dass hier in London im Gegensatz zu Deutschland ja nur “Gesocks” auf Konzerten sind, die einen nicht mal durchlassen. Nun ja, zwei Minuten vorher bin ich genau denselben Weg durchgelaufen, wurde überall problemlos durchgelassen, und von dem ganzen Gesocks habe ich keinen einzigen Englisch sprechen hören …
Nun ja, Ärzte-Fans halt. *ähem*

Also insgesamt ein tolles Konzert, nervige Elite-Fans, aber insgesamt ein netter Abend. Und am Wochenende danach ein Haufen wundervoller Club-Konzerte mit ganz vielen Neuentdeckungen – und damit ein voll und ganz gelungener Kurzurlaub in London!

29+30.11.2019 Skambankt (Tou Scene, Stavanger)

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Well … the Trondheim concert was definitely too much fun. So I had to take a short trip down to Stavanger after all – even though I had decided to skip the concerts there this time, too much hassle, too expensive, too many other things to do.

But nah, no excuses – who knows when we’ll see Skambankt unplugged again? Said and done, two days down in Stavanger, three concerts within these two days, and hell yeah, it was worth it!

The two concerts at night (Friday and Saturday) were quite similar. OK, except for the fact that on Saturday, I had a group of talkers right behind (and for one song, right in front of) me … Argh, can people just shut up? It just isn’t fair that two people talking can ruin the concert for 15 or so people around them … Or as Terje pointed out, “there’s only two songs left, and if you can’t make it through those without talking, there’s a bar outside as well …”

On stage, there was quite a lot happening throughout the concert. Camilla Rosenlund, who also warmed up before Skambankt, joined for Slukk meg (for eg brenner) – which worked really nicely as a duet (even though it still isn’t quite as awesome as the fast and punky version =;-) ) – and Vår bør (with three voices throughout the whole song, perfect for smoking … you know *g*). After that, it was time for some brass on stage, to join in on Horisonten brenner, For en evighet, and Levende legende. They had added For en evighet just for the concerts in Stavanger, and it got better and better every night. And since the role of the brass players in the other two songs was mostly “hold long notes”, this was a great addition, since they got to add some big band style. Or maybe Dandy Warhols style? =;-) Either way, great fun!

Since they had guests on stage, Skambankt had to rearrange their setlist quite a bit. And that showed – especially at my first concert on Friday. =;-) There was a lot of “oh wait, now I need the harmonica, and now the rattle thingy, and oh no, now the setlist fell down and I don’t know what is next”. But in a very cute way, of course. *g*

The setlist for both nights was the same – no encores (or maybe more “no break before the encores”):

  1. Gribben
  2. Fritt fall
  3. Balladen om deg
  4. O dessverre
  5. Sånne som deg
  6. I dette huset
  7. Når eg sover
  8. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  9. Vår bør
  10. Horisonten brenner
  11. For en evighet
  12. Levende legende
  13. Kommer snart hjem
  14. Skumring
  15. Født på ny

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For the kids’ concert, they dropped a few of the songs, of course. They were really nervous about that concert – would the kids actually make it through the full show? Or would it get too much, and the kids would start whining and chatting and running around? No need to worry at all, it turned out: the kids were awesome! The concert had the most attentive and least chatty audience by far, yay! And the kids really enjoyed it as well. I mean, what could you not like if the band sings about “a big great house”, about firefighting, and about their job, where they get lots of candy and soda and chips backstage? =;-) But Skambankt also warned the kids that they might be a bit surprised at their next Skambankt concert, which will probably be quite different from this one … *g*

All in all, the kids’ concert was quite special (of course, since it was in the middle of the day, no alcohol involved, and the first concert for so many excited kids). The setlist:

  1. Gribben
  2. Balladen om deg
  3. Sånne som deg
  4. I dette huset
  5. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  6. Vår bør
  7. Horisonten brenner
  8. For en evighet
  9. Kommer snart hjem
  10. Skumring
  11. Født på ny

So an awesome weekend! Thanks so much to Skambankt for three great concerts – and I guess now it’s time to dust off the electric guitars for the next round of shows? =:-D

17.11.2018 Skambankt (Folken, Stavanger)

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

The next day, the next concert … this time at Folken! The expectations were high, because of course, the audience would be just as enthusiastic as at Checkpoint Charlie, but there would be a much better view even when keeping a bit to the side and staying out of the wildest part of the audience. All set for a perfect concert!

And that’s exactly what we got! A great concert, not as intimate as the Checkpoint gig, but with an audience that was just as much into it. Or maybe even more, judging by all the “Skambankt” chants between the songs. And if anybody still wonders why I would see the same band two days in the row, that’s exactly why – the concerts can be totally different because of the setting, but still both be perfect!

This time there were some cameras around, because Skambankt decided to do a music video for I dette huset (Disclaimer: them deciding to film does not mean that the music video will ever happen, let’s just wait and see and not ask about it every other week =;-p). And while they were filming the whole show to get enough material, the most important part was of course when they played I dette huset. Which started with Terje forgetting the lyrics … *ouch* You could tell he was really annoyed about this, and everyone felt bad for him – so when he apologized afterwards, there were “en gang til” chants right away. It was obvious Skambankt were a bit torn between wanting to give it another try and continuing the concert, but since we were asking for it … we got another version! =:-D Which apparently also had some kind of mix-up in the lyrics, but don’t ask me, *I* certainly don’t know the lyrics. *gg*

The setlist was almost the same as at Checkpoint, with an additional Mantra thrown into the main set. For encores, they asked the audience – which resulted in an unignorable request for Malin again … what is this, Stavanger? Are you kidding?! Seriously?

Either way, after suffering through Malin once again, Skambankt made up for everything by playing … KKK! =:-o YAY! I would have never expected that, unless they had actually practiced it beforehand … and honestly, that’s how it sounded at first! So all props for that, that was perfect … altså, I mean, until they got to the third verse and had no clue how it went. So no, they hadn’t practiced the song beforehand, which makes it even more amazing that they played it. THANK YOU! ♥

And as a final conclusion, the choice was between Min Eliksir and Slukk meg, and thank you Stavanger, everyone voted right and we got Slukk meg. Hey, I’ll take Malin any day if I get KKK and Slukk meg afterwards … =:-D

(And before anyone asks why I go see them so many times if I hate their songs so much – there are exactly two Skambankt songs that I don’t like: Malin and Min Eliksir. =;-) )

The setlist:

  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Skambankt
  3. Dynasti
  4. Voodoo
  5. Levende legende
  6. Mantra
  7. Horisonten brenner
  8. Tanker som mareritt
  9. I dette huset
  10. I dette huset
  11. Desertør
  12. Balladen om deg
  13. O dessverre
  14. Me sa nei
  15. Stormkast #1
  16. Vår bør
  17. Malin
  18. KKK
  19. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)

Oh, and the last song after they were done and while they were saying bye to the audience, was of course “Je t’aime”. Why not? And I can only answer: “Nous aussi”!

22.02.2019 Skambankt (Byscenen, Trondheim)

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

The last two Skambankt concerts in Trondheim were awesome – the one at Samfundet in spring was the best one of the tour, and Trondheim Rocks was huge and simply amazing. So expectations were quite high for this spring’s concert! OK, Skambankt might have forgotten to advertise the current tour, and Byscenen seemed slightly desperate to get people to buy tickets … so hmm. Either the best concert of the tour, or a slightly awkward show in front of a half-empty room?

At first, everything seemed to point towards the latter. =:-/ Support band Frances Wave went on only half an hour after the doors opened, and Byscenen still looked quite empty. But Trondheimers just don’t like to come early … When Skambankt started playing an hour later, the room was packed, and people knew who they had come to see!

No need to pump up the audience, but everyone was in it from the start, singing along, shouting “Hey” and “Skambankt”, singing 7 Nation Army, and generally just having fun! =:-D As always, a few Skambankt concert virgins in the audience (“where have you been before?”), but I’m sure they’ll all be back next time!

The setlist didn’t vary much from what they were playing on the last tours, except that after one of their oldest songs (“Desertør”), they played their newest song “For en evighet”. Or let’s say they tried to play it, the live version might need a little more work (tip: put a lyrics sheet in the single, then someone in the first row can hold it up =;-p ). But that song is gonna work nicely at the shows I think! They promised that next time, they’ll be able to play it a lot better, just like the following “O dessverre” – to which the audience went crazy, of course. =:-)

And then it was time for the encores. “Vår bør” first, then “Mantra” – and then I expected maaaaaybe “Malin” and then the end of the concert. But no, Skambankt obviously did not want to leave the stage (and rightfully so!), so after a bit of discussion, they decided to add a song. Or maybe two? Do we still have the energy for a real hard rock song? Hell yeah we do! They did as well, so we got “Panzersjokk”. Then again the question … should they really play another one? They didn’t want to be the kind of band where everyone looks at their watch and wonders when they are finally done … But ooooookay, one more. So … which one? Yes, I heard people shout for “Malin”, of course. But I also heard someone shout for “KKK”, and I wasn’t the only one to hear it! =:-D And since nobody wanted to go home yet, we got “KKK” first and “Malin” afterwards. Perfect!=:-D Especially since I had to run out to sell some t-shirts during the last song anyway. =:-P

Either way, that was another absolutely amazing concert. I guess “five encores” says it all! And just in case anyone needed another proof: If you’re gonna travel anywhere to see Skambankt, make it Trondheim!

The full setlist:

  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Skambankt
  3. Dynasti
  4. Voodoo
  5. Horisonten brenner
  6. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  7. Desertør
  8. For en evighet
  9. O dessverre
  10. Balladen om deg
  11. Som en sirene
  12. Me sa nei
  13. Stormkast #1
  14. Vår bør
  15. Mantra
  16. Panzersjokk
  17. KKK
  18. Malin

15.11.2019 Skambankt (Tyven, Trondheim)

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Skambankt unplugged. OK.

So, I had absolutely NO idea of what to expect from this concert. I had seen a few short videos of Skambankt playing unplugged on Instagram, and while it seemed like an interesting concept, it felt WEIRD. And there have definitely been Skambankt concerts where you needed the energy from stage to make up for … well … let’s call it “imperfect intonation”. =;-) And this would be so much more obvious in an unplugged setting, so … does that work?

And the answer is: Hell yeah! =:-D I didn’t have much time to listen to the album before the concert, but I gave it a quick run-through just to make sure if they really meant this, or if it was all a sarcastic thing “just for fun”. And if you’re as doubtful as I was: give it a try! And you’ll quickly find out that yes, they mean it. And then go to a concert and see for yourself that yes, they can actually pull it off!

Of course, it is a bit of the “opposite” of a Skambankt concert, as Terje pointed out right in the beginning. And of course, you also need an audience with a different mindset so that everyone can enjoy it. Unfortunately, there was a group of people in the audience that wasn’t really there for an unplugged show … =:-( But they did shut up most of the time they were told to, and it could have been a lot worse.

Skambankt started off with Horisonten brenner, which is a kinda calm song anyway, so the unplugged version didn’t really seem so far from the original. Gribben was way more different though, and then – Levende legende! I love this song, but I feel it’s a difficult song to fit in a live setting. It doesn’t really fit on a club stage, but more at a festival in the middle of the night – but only if people actually KNOW the song, which most don’t. But hey, the unplugged version was awesome! Less of a hymn, but really impressive and catching.

Balladen om deg was surprising because it felt like this was the first song of the night that actually rocked – and usually, at the plugged shows, this is the first calm song. =;-) And then we took a dive back in time – Sånne som deg had an extreme Blod, Snått & Juling feel all over it. I think it was mostly the interval between the singing voices, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The new song is awesome (would be interesting to hear that one in a rock version as well). But then a little downer – Slukk meg is usually my highlight of each Skambankt concert, but the unplugged version … not sure. It’s a great song, no doubt about that, and it’s a nice unplugged version on the record as well. But at a concert, I want more energy from that song. But to make up for it, I felt that Vår bør was even more catchy and “rock-y” in the unplugged version than usual.

Of course there was quite a bit of talk between the songs as well. Trondheim is Skambankt’s second home town (get your asses up here more often then!! =:-p). None of them would have ever imagined to play their own songs unplugged in front of a sold-out club when they started up at a festival in Bryne 25 years ago. The stage was so small they had to tune their own guitars. Using an accordion even in unplugged music is questionable. There’s nice music and there is rock music, and rock music is tough and therefore not nice. There was quite a bit of disagreement about that last one, and count me in: there is definitely nice rock music as well!

No break before the encores, since there was no way for Skambankt to get off stage anyway … So we got two more songs: Skumring and Født på ny! Jaaaaa! <3

All in all, an awesome concert. Totally different from all other Skambankt shows I’ve seen, even though a lot of the songs were the same. I had a little flashback to the Kriegsensemble concert I’d seen (which was actually the first concert I ever saw at Familien – which is now called Tyven). That one had Kaizers songs played weirdly. This one was Skambankt songs played … differently. No weirdness involved at all, just great musicality!

The full setlist:

  1. Horisonten brenner
  2. Gribben
  3. Levende legende
  4. Balladen om deg
  5. Sånne som deg
  6. I dette huset
  7. Når eg sover
  8. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  9. O dessverre
  10. Vår bør
  11. Fritt fall
  12. Kommer snart hjem
  13. Skumring
  14. Født på ny