Verket Scene/Moss

24.09.2022 Skambankt (Verket Scene, Moss)

Monday, September 26th, 2022

The most annoying part of the day after a concert: writing the concert report. The best thing about the day before a concert: reading through old concert reports and reminiscing about old times and awesome experiences!

Like my first Skambankt concert in Moss, in 2009, or the road trip to Fredrikstad and Ås (for Skambankt concerts of course!) with a stopover in Moss a couple of years before that. The conclusion of that trip down memory lane: Moss stinks, and Skambankt concerts in Moss are a lot of fun! And as it turns out, only one of these statements is still true … =;-)

So why Moss?! Well, one simple reason was that the concert was on a Saturday, so perfect for traveling. The other reason was a birthday, so this was the perfect time to get our old Kaizers/Skambankt touring crew back together and celebrate JeJe’s birthday in style with an awesome concert. And so we did! I didn’t have any idea what to expect, since I hadn’t made it to any Skambankt club shows after Covid yet, and we all hear about how badly ticket sales are going at the moment … but hey, no need to worry at all! Verket Scene was crowded (probably not quite sold out, but full), and even though everybody was a little reserved and quiet in the beginning (“Moss! Are you sure it’s a Saturday today or are you all in Sunday mood …?!”), they warmed up over time, and the concert turned out to be really awesome and energetic! And apparently it was also the longest of the tour so far (even though it still felt short, of course =;-)).

But yes, this was a lot of fun! Skambankt built the concert up perfectly, with a setlist with a LOT of hits and old songs. They started out with “Dynasti”, “Skambankt” and then “Satan – det e du”, which fit in surprisingly well and sounded just like the “old” songs. Then a few nice surprises later in the setlist – I haven’t heard “Løgnprofitør” and “Nok et offer” in like forever, and “Desertør” and “Slukk meg” also made their way back into the set, which is awesome! And talking about the good old times – how about “Alarm”? Including the count-in part where they bring someone from the audience up on stage, and this time we went full circle with Anette & Lily counting in – just like they did so many times 12, 13 years ago. Did I say “good old times” already? =;-)

The last Skambankt concert in Moss had been sold out, with 30 people sitting spread apart in Corona times … but not this time. Let’s just replace the meter with a centimeter, and go kiss your neighbor! =;-) (Or … rather not. I’ll keep the meter, thank you. *lol*) In addition to all the high-energy songs, we also got to hear a few power ballads – since no rock band is better than the power ballads they have!

Towards the end, we got a full run-down of Skambankt’s history, from the times of the first demo tape to the “resurrection” at a bachelor’s party to the first REAL demo and it somehow making it to Oslo, and … One hassler didn’t manage to shut up and kept interrupting Terje’s train of thought, so he got a can of beer to shut up (which worked!). But that obviously interrupted my train of thought, since I’m not quite sure how we got from the demo tape to “and the song we’re now going to play was NOT on that record” and … well, to keep it short, we got a 5-minute intro to … “Malin”. =;-D

Either way, an absolutely fantastic concert with a very energetic band that obviously loved playing, and a slightly quiet but in the end really engaged audience! Kinda dangerous for a first concert of the tour … I might need to check my calender and travel plans for the next couple of weeks one more time … =;-)

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Satan – det e du
  4. Løgnprofitør
  5. Horisonten brenner
  6. Nok et offer
  7. Voodoo
  8. Vår bør
  9. Balladen om deg
  10. Desertør
  11. Tanker som mareritt
  12. Me sa nei
  13. Alarm
  14. O dessverre
  15. Født på ny
  16. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  17. Malin
  18. Mantra
  19. Stormkast #1