Pétur Ben

04.03.2010 Pétur Ben (Sudhaus, Tübingen)

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Almost exactly two years ago I was in Norway, seeing a couple of Kaizers Orchestra concerts. Support: Pétur Ben. I liked him! Not so much that I would have bought the CD, but the songs stuck in my head and he managed to get the crowd going.

Now I read he would play in Tübingen, and yes, of course I decided at once to go there! Just to find out whether I still remember any of the songs and whether I still enjoy his show – even without Kaizers coming on afterwards.

I didn’t bother to get a ticket beforehand, because I was certain he wouldn’t sell out the big hall where he was booked. And yes: The parking lot was basically empty. And no: They didn’t have him play the big hall, but a smaller room – good idea! The surprising part for me was all the chairs there… oh, a sitting concert. Not quite what I’m used to… *cough*

The support, Kenneth Minor, was okay – but the songs didn’t stick at all, and I found it hard to understand what he was singing. A short break, and then Pétur Ben came on. And wow: He caught me from the first second. He’s just got some kind of “presence”, his voice is amazing, he doesn’t need a mike at all.

And yes, I did remember several of the songs, and it was great to hear them again. But there wasn’t a single song I didn’t like. The concert and the atmosphere was perfect, even though I couldn’t explain why.

And of course it was funny as well, in a weird but very nice kinda way. The way he was talking about the tour, about his job, about his family… At some point in time, his mobile rang, and what else would you do other than pick it up and answer the call right in front of the mike? *lol* And then crowding everyone together for the (next to) last song, making everybody sing along… Just amazing. 🙂

Of course I did get the CD this time. Mentioning that I had seen him before, on the Kaizers tour… “Oh, the Kaizer audience, that was difficult… with everybody loud and drunk…” Yep, difficult, different, but it planted the seed. “But it was fun with the Kaizer boys!” Yeah, I bet. 😉
And it was great fun with just this one guy as the main act. Thank you for the great show!

2.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Rokken, Volda)

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

The next morning we could catch up on some sleep (the breakfast is the limit… =;-)), as it was just a stone’s throw to Volda. Well, theoretically at least. Practically you need to take the Norwegian roads with all the ferries and toll stations into account there… But well, we arrived and had enough time to check out Volda, relax a bit and get a good dinner before we got on our way to the concert place. On the way, we found out that according to all posters, the concert had already taken place on 2/2. But well, that was only logical, as the concert in Sogndal didn’t take place on the 1st of March either but instead on February 30th… *rofl*
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1.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Meieriet, Sogndal)

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

The day after the concert in Bergen, and we were on our way to Sogndal. What was awaiting us there was a concert experience entirely different from the first concert: Instead of 3200 people in the audience, there were only 500 at the concert this time, probably even less. A good reason (apart from the other reason that it was my birthday =;-)) to get into the front row today! The queuing was a bit weird this time, but very comfortable for us, as we were allowed into the room right in front of the concert hall after only 5 minutes waiting already. So we could stand in the very front of the queue, have a drink and nice conversations before calmly walking into the first row.
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