1.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Meieriet, Sogndal)

The day after the concert in Bergen, and we were on our way to Sogndal. What was awaiting us there was a concert experience entirely different from the first concert: Instead of 3200 people in the audience, there were only 500 at the concert this time, probably even less. A good reason (apart from the other reason that it was my birthday =;-)) to get into the front row today! The queuing was a bit weird this time, but very comfortable for us, as we were allowed into the room right in front of the concert hall after only 5 minutes waiting already. So we could stand in the very front of the queue, have a drink and nice conversations before calmly walking into the first row.

There we had to wait a bit longer of course, until Petur Ben came on stage. I had missed him in Bergen, unfortunately. Which was sad, as I liked his show very much!

And then again the intro: “… One band. Two oil barrels. Three chords. Four dreams. Five lies. Six ties. Seven deadly sins. Eight ways to stay alive. They know who you are. They know where you live. They are the Kaizers Orchestra!” And I hope I can catch the beginning next time. =;-)

Just like in Bergen, they started with several new songs. Here is the setlist: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, 9mm, Ompa til du dør, Maestro, Container, Volvo i Mexico, Enden av November, KGB, Senor Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Kontroll på kontinentet, Resistansen, Happy Birthday, Apokalyps meg, Encore Knekker deg til sist, Hevnervals and Bøn fra helvete. No guarantee though, as I had to put it together from what actually stood on the setlist and what I remember. =;-)

As in Bergen, the audience really liked the new songs, especially Bastard Sønn. And when they got started with the old songs, it got really crowded in the front. I’m too old for that.. =;-) But it was SO much fun! And unlike at the Bergen concert, I could notice all the small details again – like Omen being really really bored suddenly, Mink and Thunder “fighting” about something or Hellraizer being really impressed by the screaming girls in front of him. *g*

After suddenly some song was played on the PA between two Kaizer songs, the band was a bit irritated – but the command was clear, from the Jackal and Hellraizer at the same time: “Kill the DJ!”. I’m starting to like the live version of Volvo i Mexico by now, even though I still don’t really get the song, but it rocks! And in Ompa til du dør, I really like the part where they suddenly stop and have the audience sing all alone.

Then the song that they always play – no, not Tore Tang, but Kontroll på kontinentet. Great as always! With the only difference that the big red ashtray has turned into a big blank ashtray by now. =;-)

After this they started out to play Resistansen – and I have no clue if it was intended or just a mistake, but then the Jackal started singing the lyrics of Kontroll på kontinentet on the backing of Resistansen. It fit very well, the audience joined in and took over in the end, and everybody loved it. Even though we had heard that song right before. =;-)

And then they played Happy Birthday on the barrels! =:-o “Officially” it was dedicated to some Kristine who claimed to have turned 49, but well, I doubt she was from Germany. =;-p This and the fact that Killmaster stood beside the Jackal and kept on whisphering “nei… Susi!!!” to him (thanks! *gg*) made me decide that this was my birthday song. Hah… thank you! That was a nice birthday present! =:-D

After that, Apokalyps meg and off they went, only to turn it up a notch again during the encores with, among others, Hevnervals. And the audience loved it!

I have no clue why they didn’t come out again to play Bak et halleluja – it was on the setlist, and the atmosphere was great. But well, we were already wet and dead beat and happy anyway. And unlike the concert in Bergen, we were not kicked out right after the show but could have a drink and discuss the evening before we left. And Lena and Linda actually organized a birthday-present-Kaizer-scarf from the merch for me! Thanks so much to everybody who was involved there! =:-) And finally, we could watch drunk Norwegian girls pestering rockstars. *g*

All in all, we had a really great time – and it’s just so cool to travel to Norway all alone and meet lots of people who share the same interests and enjoy the same stuff. Thank you all so much for this night! =:-D

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