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07.09.2013 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (DNB Arena, Stavanger)

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
07.09.2013 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (DNB Arena, Stavanger)

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07.09.2013 Kaizers Orchestra (DNB-Arena, Stavanger)

Monday, September 9th, 2013
07.09.2013 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (DNB Arena, Stavanger)

Saturday’s show was the first one that had been sold out quite a while in advance – however, when I entered the arena, it didn’t look like it at all. A few fans in the very front, but the rest seemed to still enjoy their vorspiel at home … very weird. And actually not true, but due to the fact that the ticket scanners did not work and there were huge queues outside in the rain. =:-/ But after a while, things were sorted out and the hall started to fill up.

I had brought my camera to this concert, so I was a bit distracted throughout the show. Pictures will be up after I get back home though, so don’t expect them in the next couple of days. =;-)

The night started with Geoff Berner warming up – according to his words he’s been “the spiritual leader for the Kaizers” for the last ten years. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn’t very interested, so the response to his songs was rather quiet. Except when he got everyone to shout “Fuck the police” – much to the chagrin of the police officers that were present, uhem …

Kaizers started out as usual (again, they went on stage at 8:30 already, because they were allowed to play till 11 pm only). Aldri vodka, Siste Dans, Bøn fra helvete – the latter with Tore Renberg watching from the aisle in front of the stage and Hellraizer and the Jackal falling in love with one other. *g* In En for orgelet, the Jackal’s microphone cable got caught in Hellraizer’s guitar, and since Hellraizer couldn’t free himself while playing, he had to wait for the Jackal to help him out.

The first surprise: Mann mot mann! No maracas, but fun nevertheless, with both guitar players up on the barrels. And then the Jackal set the tone of the night: “If I say something and you agree, you say YAY! And you always agree!” After the song, the Jackal asked if it was hot already. Oh yes! But good … “after all, it’s not a Coldplay concert … did you get that? COLDplay?” *g*

In Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal asked Killmaster if he was satisfied with his solo. “Or wait, who else would be able to judge that better than our crew?” – so the crew, which had lined up at the back of the stage already, held up signs with scores. *rofl* The White Russian actually had just an “OK” sign – Killmaster: “Han der med hvit dress får sparken!” (“The guy in the white suit is fired!”). But then he quickly turned around his sign to reveal the “10” instead of the “OK” and things were fine. =;-) At least on that side of the stage … Jackal to Hellraizer: “So what are YOU laughing about? It’s your turn next to play a solo!” *gg*

The second big surprise – well, actually not a huge and unexpected surprise because you could see the marimba on stage, but awesome nevertheless – was Maskineri. The Jackal said they hadn’t played it for quite a while because it was just too difficult; but they managed it just fine, and it was great to get to hear it again. They just forgot to do the turn in the middle. =;-)

Then it was time for Hellraizer’s solo – which seemed to surprise him. But the Jackal admitted that, strictly speaking, it’s not REALLY a solo of course, because he isn’t playing on just one string, but on many.

Do we want more? Is it fun to be here? The audience responded with a loud “JJJJAAAAAA” – fortunately. The Jackal admitted that this is the first thing they teach you in band school – never ask if people actually want to be there. What if they say no?? *lol*

When it was time for Hjerteknuser, the Jackal asked for a scarf again – and got it before he even finished asking. “Oh, have you seen us before? Do you know that part? Well, then let’s do something else. Anybody got a glass of champagne?” So he took the glass, got up on the barrel, downed it (“Takk for alle de årene!”) , and – since the band did not start when he was done – threw it high in the air, and the song started when it hit the stage floor.

Time for the encores – and in Resistansen, we got the competition between the audience and the band again. Except that the audience didn’t care much about what the Jackal was directing; they always cheered after the band played, even if the Jackal wanted the band to play twice. =;-) So he explained it thoroughly, though without a microphone (which actually worked! =:-o In a 5500-people hall!): “You are too early!!” So after a few tries (and the obligatory idiot who spoils it for the others *g*), we got it right. =;-)

Before they played 170, Omen had to empty his helmet first – he had used it as vase for the flowers again. And by the way, he had been busy eating peanuts all night. Including throwing them up in the air and trying to catch them. *lol*

When they came back for the second encore and Omen slowly entered the stage, Killmaster came from behind and pushed him in his place by the organ – looks like they were really running out of time. But we did get another awesome version of Die Polizei again, followed by Ompa til du dør and then the goodbyes. During those, Killmaster actually pulled a rabbit out of a hat. =;-)

Another awesome concert, maybe even better than the one before. Can’t wait until next week!

The setlist:

  • Aldri vodka, Violeta
  • Siste dans
  • Bøn fra helvete
  • Tusen dråper regn
  • En for orgelet, en for meg
  • Forloveren
  • Mann mot mann
  • Katastrofen
  • Sigøynerblod
  • Tokyo Ice til Clementine
  • Kontroll på kontinentet
  • Evig pint
  • Støv og sand
  • KGB
  • Maskineri
  • Prosessen
  • Apokalyps meg
  • Drøm videre, Violeta
  • Svarte katter & flosshatter
  • Dieter Meyers Inst.
  • Hjerteknuser
  • Begravelsespolka
  • Resistansen
  • 170
  • Maestro
  • Die Polizei
  • Ompa til du dør

09.04.2011 Kaizers Orchestra (Spektrum, Oslo)

Monday, April 11th, 2011
09.04.2011 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Spektrum, Oslo)

The legendary Spektrum concert… 9000 people in the audience, announced more than a year in advance, and the grand finale of the Violeta Violeta Vol. I tour!

Of course there had to be some special reporting for this concert. And there was – live via Twitter! And since I couldn’t really follow the concert while tweeting (which I had known beforehand, so I didn’t mind *g*) and there’s not really anything else to say anyway, here’s the live report from Twitter for you!

My judgment of the concert: It was amazing to see Kaizers in such a huge venue, and it really fit them! The conclusion with Die Polizei was just breathtaking – and I’m really looking forward to the DVD… The concert itself wasn’t really anything special. Actually, several concerts in Europe topped this one, regarding energy and humor on stage; but the atmosphere at Spektrum made up for all of that, so this concert was definitely a one-of-a-kind.

08:19:47: Live report from Kaizers Orchestra’s Oslo concert starting in about 10 hours here – if everything works as planned. Cross your fingers!

19:33:26: So, here we go! Sorry for being late, but now everything is set up. And the lights just went out – Micke from Sweden is on stage!

19:34:25: Kaizers told him he’s got 15 minutes before they throw him off stage. =;-)

19:38:00: “It’s like in the old times, in the war – they always send the old guys out first!” Micke from Sweden

19:38:57: Micke wanted to be part of Kaizers Orchestra – warming up for them is the closest he got. He’s known them for ten years now!

19:45:45: Spektrum isn’t filled yet, but Micke gets the audience to sing along – and they do so loudly!

19:51:00: Micke is done – and Geoff Berner just went on stage! Starting with the Maginot Line! Stupid, stupid!

19:52:28: Geoff seems satisfied: “Very good, gigantic mob of people!”

19:55:09: Spektrum before the concert.

19:55:58: Geoff’s next song: Fuck the police! And 8000 people are shouting just that…

19:56:47: Micke from Sweden

19:59:17: And now – of course – Whiskey Rabbi!

20:03:50: Geoff Berner:

20:11:02: And everything’s very quick here – Jarle Bernhoft just came on and apologized that there is one more support band. =;-)

20:11:28: And Spektrum is almost full by now!

20:15:01: Jarle Bernhoft’s first song: Street lights.

20:19:33: Jarle wants people to watch the bonus material on the DVD. For example: So many faces

20:21:45: Jarle Bernhoft:

20:28:19: After Jarle played Bittersweet, we got to dance now: Fly away

20:36:17: One more song for Jarle, and of course it’s Tears for Fears’ Shout!

20:41:58: Wait – why is a little club singing “Shout, shout, let it all out” louder than Spektrum? That’s got to change until Kaizers come on!

20:49:34: The audience at Spektrum

20:52:55: So, while we’re all waiting for Kaizers to come on: Anything specific you want me to report about?

20:58:33: OK – Spektrum CAN be loud! However, we still have to wait a bit for Kaizers to come on!

21:05:48: And now the lights go out and the intro comes on! =:-D

21:07:49: Not the Russian Dance, but Begravelses Polka – and 9000 people can cheer REALLY loudly!

21:09:05: Omen bears his suitcase on stage, followed by Killmaster, Thunder, Mink, and Hellraizer!

21:10:35: And now: The Jackal followed by a film crew!

21:13:17: “Jeg visste det kom til å ta fyr!” First song: Delikatessen!

21:14:29: The whole band suddenly froze under Delikatessen – except for Hellraizer, who was confused what was going on. =;-)

21:15:23: Next song: Djevelens orkester. And 9000 people clapping and dancing. Or no – the stands are still sitting. Get up!!

21:19:37: Will people actually know Señor Torpedo? Sounds like they do, hell yeah!

21:21:13: The intro

21:22:18: Delikatessen

21:22:57: Next song: Veterans klage.

21:24:08: Kaizers have been on tour for 5 weeks now – total number of attendees: 9000 people. And now in Oslo: 9000 people!

21:25:10: “Let me see 20000 hands in the air!” – Sigøynerblod

21:27:56: “Det finnes ei trapp som går ned til en kjeller” – no, the Jackal does not need to sing Resistansen!

21:30:17: And of course the Jackal jumped into the audience!

21:30:46: Time for a little break – before they’ll start with the Violeta part of the concert!

21:32:18: Birds on the screen, Philemon Arthur & The Dung, and everybody’s singing!

21:34:26: “Kom inn og få deg litt… kaffi!”

21:35:19: The first time the Jackal sang with a lump in his throat…

21:35:35: And now: Five-four time with Femtakt filosofi!

21:36:18: Veterans klage

21:37:08: Hands up in the air! Sigøynerblod

21:39:43: If there’s one guy the Jackal would sing a duet with, it’s – of course – Hellraizer! Din kjole lukter bensin, mor!

21:42:11: And a little ballet dancing at the end, while Spektrum sings “Det lukter bensin av den vakre kjolen min”.

21:44:03: Amazing singing! Next song: En for orgelet, en for meg.

21:44:41: The Jackal just ordered everyone on the stands: “Rise up!” And he didn’t have to ask twice!

21:46:01: Hellraizer’s rap part is cheered wildly as well – of course!

21:46:29: Philemon Arthur & The Dung

21:47:58: Now the Jackal’s up on the barrel with his bass drum.

21:48:30: Are we happy with the first part of the concert? OH YES!

21:48:50: And now the new song on Norwegian radio: Diamant til kull!

21:49:23: Femtakt filosofi

21:51:05: “Sjå på deg nå – Med en fot i gravå så forsvinner du, go go go – Ah, eg kjenner deg så – Du kunne blitt en diamant, men i stedet er du kull”

21:53:55: There’s people from all over Norway at the concert – “it feels like the cup final in 87!”

21:54:08: Psycho under min hatt!

21:56:24: Hellraizer on guitar with his solo…

21:57:19: And now it’s time for Bond: Svarte katter & flosshatter!

21:59:56: Omen with the megaphone in the spotlight! And he only cares about combing his hair afterwards, tse… =;-)

22:02:20: En for orgelet, en for meg:

22:03:44: Kaizers just got platinum for not only Violeta Violeta Vol I and Maestro, but also for the next song: Hjerteknuser!

22:04:33: And the Jackal doesn’t need to sing!

22:07:16: A bit of fishing for compliments – but there’s not really a need for that. But the Jackal is really amazed by the opportunity to play here!

22:07:52: Kaizer chants – and Kaizers traveled over all of Europe to see the Oslo audience.

22:08:23: And now the song that started the whole trilogy: Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice.

22:11:20: “Og så synger vi folkens!” Og duene på taket, de har aldri stått så stille…

22:12:32: Psycho under min hatt

22:13:06: Omen at the megaphone during Svarte katter

22:14:31: And this concludes the second part of the concert. Omen starts the third part on the organ: Ompa til du dør!

22:15:18: Lots of chandeliers on stage – now that is something new!

22:16:01: Det kan bli jævlig varmt der nede!

22:17:41: And now the barrels are used for the very first time tonight! (Except for standing on them, that is… *g*)

22:19:33: So what’s the next song? Bum-bum-bum-bum bum-bum bum?

22:19:51: Right: Bøn fra helvete of course!

22:22:23: RT @Berekvam: Kaizers har satt uoffisiell norsk rekord i lysekroner:)

22:22:56: Henry er ikke en prest og ingen av oss er klokker!

22:23:15: And my first line in Norwegian: Schölischegüüüüt!

22:25:00: KONTROLL PÅ KONTINENTET! And everyone’s on their feet now!

22:26:00: Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice

22:26:46: Chandeliers during Ompa til du dør

22:27:06: Killmaster’s guitar solo – will he jump into the audience again?

22:27:28: No he doesn’t – at least not now. =;-)

22:27:58: “Do you want me to introduce the band now, just like in old times?” – Halleluja!

22:30:38: No surprise in the band introduction so far – and the Lord made Hellraizer look good in any color!

22:31:28: “And you will know him by his Indian name: He who hides his head under towels and gladly gives his picks away!”

22:32:43: Bøn fra helvete

22:33:36: Welcome to all first-timers – welcome to the Kaizers family!

22:33:46: At work!

22:34:39: The Jackal himself is the biggest Kaizers fan out there, even if there’s lots of “blodfans”. And now we get to hear his favorite: Maestro!

22:35:42: Sving din hammer!

22:37:54: Note: 9000 people speed up much more when singing “samvittigheten rein” than 500 do. =;-)

22:41:05: And that’s it: A thank-you to the fans, standing ovations for the band, and more than just lumps in the throat on stage…

22:42:09: Stomping on the stands – and they are back!

22:42:39: First encore: KGB!

22:43:39: Oh…. and the Jackal decided he doesn’t need a shirt. =;-)

22:44:45: Det er ikkje slutt før den feite damen synger!

22:45:16: Hellraizer

22:47:08: Maestro

22:47:33: Hmm… Kaizers have a plan if we want another song? YES, of course we want!

22:48:02: The next song is maybe the best Kaizers Orchestra song ever: Dieter Meyers Inst.

22:50:13: Legg meg inn!

22:54:33: Good bye

22:55:53: A gigantic conclusion for a great concert!

22:56:17: And off they go… the audience is demanding more!

22:56:33: Good bye

22:57:09: KGB

22:57:28: Dieter Meyers

22:57:54: Dieter Meyers

22:58:25: But yes, we DO get one more! Kaizers are back on stage, and now we’ll get Die Polizei!

22:59:38: If you have a lighter, turn it on!

23:01:22: Everybody’s singing – beautiful!

23:02:02: “And we know where you live….”

23:04:01: And while the audience is singing, Kaizers say good-bye once more…

23:04:53: Kaizers are off stage. And the audience continues singing! Gåsehud… =:-D

23:07:37: The first people are leaving – but the audience is still singing loudly.

23:09:07: Good bye

23:09:29: Die Polizei

23:09:54: Lighters in the audience…

23:10:18: Kaizers chants now instead of the singing…

23:11:00: And now the lights went on – so that’s the end…

23:12:18: An amazing concert! Thanks a lot to Kaizers and to ALL Kaizer fans out there!

23:15:00: So thanks for following – let me know if you liked it! And after all the work it’s now time for partying, so I’ll call it a day.

23:15:18: Have a great night, all of you!

28.11.-11.12.2006 Geoff Berner

Monday, December 11th, 2006
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