07.09.2013 Kaizers Orchestra (DNB-Arena, Stavanger)

07.09.2013 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (DNB Arena, Stavanger)

Saturday’s show was the first one that had been sold out quite a while in advance – however, when I entered the arena, it didn’t look like it at all. A few fans in the very front, but the rest seemed to still enjoy their vorspiel at home … very weird. And actually not true, but due to the fact that the ticket scanners did not work and there were huge queues outside in the rain. =:-/ But after a while, things were sorted out and the hall started to fill up.

I had brought my camera to this concert, so I was a bit distracted throughout the show. Pictures will be up after I get back home though, so don’t expect them in the next couple of days. =;-)

The night started with Geoff Berner warming up – according to his words he’s been “the spiritual leader for the Kaizers” for the last ten years. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn’t very interested, so the response to his songs was rather quiet. Except when he got everyone to shout “Fuck the police” – much to the chagrin of the police officers that were present, uhem …

Kaizers started out as usual (again, they went on stage at 8:30 already, because they were allowed to play till 11 pm only). Aldri vodka, Siste Dans, Bøn fra helvete – the latter with Tore Renberg watching from the aisle in front of the stage and Hellraizer and the Jackal falling in love with one other. *g* In En for orgelet, the Jackal’s microphone cable got caught in Hellraizer’s guitar, and since Hellraizer couldn’t free himself while playing, he had to wait for the Jackal to help him out.

The first surprise: Mann mot mann! No maracas, but fun nevertheless, with both guitar players up on the barrels. And then the Jackal set the tone of the night: “If I say something and you agree, you say YAY! And you always agree!” After the song, the Jackal asked if it was hot already. Oh yes! But good … “after all, it’s not a Coldplay concert … did you get that? COLDplay?” *g*

In Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal asked Killmaster if he was satisfied with his solo. “Or wait, who else would be able to judge that better than our crew?” – so the crew, which had lined up at the back of the stage already, held up signs with scores. *rofl* The White Russian actually had just an “OK” sign – Killmaster: “Han der med hvit dress får sparken!” (“The guy in the white suit is fired!”). But then he quickly turned around his sign to reveal the “10” instead of the “OK” and things were fine. =;-) At least on that side of the stage … Jackal to Hellraizer: “So what are YOU laughing about? It’s your turn next to play a solo!” *gg*

The second big surprise – well, actually not a huge and unexpected surprise because you could see the marimba on stage, but awesome nevertheless – was Maskineri. The Jackal said they hadn’t played it for quite a while because it was just too difficult; but they managed it just fine, and it was great to get to hear it again. They just forgot to do the turn in the middle. =;-)

Then it was time for Hellraizer’s solo – which seemed to surprise him. But the Jackal admitted that, strictly speaking, it’s not REALLY a solo of course, because he isn’t playing on just one string, but on many.

Do we want more? Is it fun to be here? The audience responded with a loud “JJJJAAAAAA” – fortunately. The Jackal admitted that this is the first thing they teach you in band school – never ask if people actually want to be there. What if they say no?? *lol*

When it was time for Hjerteknuser, the Jackal asked for a scarf again – and got it before he even finished asking. “Oh, have you seen us before? Do you know that part? Well, then let’s do something else. Anybody got a glass of champagne?” So he took the glass, got up on the barrel, downed it (“Takk for alle de årene!”) , and – since the band did not start when he was done – threw it high in the air, and the song started when it hit the stage floor.

Time for the encores – and in Resistansen, we got the competition between the audience and the band again. Except that the audience didn’t care much about what the Jackal was directing; they always cheered after the band played, even if the Jackal wanted the band to play twice. =;-) So he explained it thoroughly, though without a microphone (which actually worked! =:-o In a 5500-people hall!): “You are too early!!” So after a few tries (and the obligatory idiot who spoils it for the others *g*), we got it right. =;-)

Before they played 170, Omen had to empty his helmet first – he had used it as vase for the flowers again. And by the way, he had been busy eating peanuts all night. Including throwing them up in the air and trying to catch them. *lol*

When they came back for the second encore and Omen slowly entered the stage, Killmaster came from behind and pushed him in his place by the organ – looks like they were really running out of time. But we did get another awesome version of Die Polizei again, followed by Ompa til du dør and then the goodbyes. During those, Killmaster actually pulled a rabbit out of a hat. =;-)

Another awesome concert, maybe even better than the one before. Can’t wait until next week!

The setlist:

  • Aldri vodka, Violeta
  • Siste dans
  • Bøn fra helvete
  • Tusen dråper regn
  • En for orgelet, en for meg
  • Forloveren
  • Mann mot mann
  • Katastrofen
  • Sigøynerblod
  • Tokyo Ice til Clementine
  • Kontroll på kontinentet
  • Evig pint
  • Støv og sand
  • KGB
  • Maskineri
  • Prosessen
  • Apokalyps meg
  • Drøm videre, Violeta
  • Svarte katter & flosshatter
  • Dieter Meyers Inst.
  • Hjerteknuser
  • Begravelsespolka
  • Resistansen
  • 170
  • Maestro
  • Die Polizei
  • Ompa til du dør

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