06.09.2013 Kaizers Orchestra (DNB-Arena, Stavanger)

Next day, next concert – and this one was the first REAL Siste Dans concert in Stavanger! I had planned to be there a bit earlier this time to get a chance to really see all the action that was going on in the foyer, and also the photo exhibition upstairs, but as it started pouring (and no, I don’t mean “raining”, that would be such an understatement!) just before the doors opened and didn’t stop for about an hour, we didn’t make our way out until around 7 pm after all. So we missed Geoff Berner playing in the foyer, and I still didn’t get to try the “Siste Dans” beer. =;-)

However, I got to admire the arena – the stage side of it was all dressed in red velvet, with three big screens and two round, mirror-like, smaller screens. The screens show the usual movie clips as well as live footage from the cameras – pretty awesome! Sometimes funny though, like when both screens show Killmaster from different angles, apparently having a conversation with himself. *lol* Really awesome also the part in Svarte katter, when Omen’s shadow is right in the center screen. =:-)

The ceiling of the hall is covered with a net with small lights, and there are some huge chandeliers hanging down. And – very important, though hard to notice if you don’t know – all the huge advertising signs (it’s an ice hockey arena, after all!) are covered up with gray cloth.

I’m not 100% sure what happened before the concert, but something didn’t work out as planned – my guess is that Kaizers learned about an hour before the show that the curfew was at 11, not at midnight, as they had planned. So there was quite some stress and rushing, and Kaizers went on stage half an hour earlier than planned. And no, not as usual with the Russian Dance! Instead, the Jackal grabbed the megaphone, started singing Resistansen (leading the audience in singing along, of course), and came to the stage through the audience, from the back of the arena. Wow! Quite a surprise, and an awesome start to the show!

Then they continued as “usual”, without much talk in between the songs (they had little time, after all …), but with huge energy. I wasn’t as lucky picking my spot in the audience this time as I was on the first day; right after the start, we were surrounded by a group of drunk kids. *argh* Well, you gotta love the Norwegian audiences … *uhem* So for the first few songs, I had a hard time enjoying the show, but fortunately that changed quickly.

They did NOT play Din kjole lukter bensin mor – a sign that yes, we’d get the Siste Dans setlist. =;-) And we did! Suddenly, they dug out Hevnervalsen again – a song that they’ve played very very often in Europe, but it seemed like I hadn’t heard it forever, and it was so awesome to get to hear it again! The audience went crazy, and the Jackal went crowdsurfing for the first time in Stavanger. =:-) Seems like the aisle between stage and audience is a bit too wide though, so he couldn’t stagedive, but well; down in the aisle and up again is fine as well.

Next up was Container – also a song they haven’t played in a while. I was waiting for the spot where the Jackal lifts up his shirt and the audience screams – but he forgot about it!! Or so I thought. Actually, he only does it the second time, and of course he did it then. *g*

De grind concluded the series of old classics, and the Jackal proclaimed that the atmosphere was just terrific. “But well, that’s just what I expected! It’s Friday, it’s Stavanger, and it’s a Kaizers show!” But if we liked the opening of the show, we would be surprised about the middle part now – which is the hardest! – because that would be even better.

Hellraizer agreed, but he also noted that both Kaizers and the audience could give even more and had yet another gear. But well, you have to slowly raise the bar throughout the concert, right?

Before they played Sigøynerblod, the guitar players got up on each their barrel – or actually, the Jackal had to help Hellraizer up on his. “He’s an old man … actually, he turns 40 TODAY!” So he got his birthday song, of course. (Even though that one actually went out to the Brit in the front – happy birthday!! *g*)

When introducing Bak et halleluja, the Jackal pointed out that that song works especially well abroad – mostly because the major part of it consists of “na na na”. *g* And we got to sing that part of course – with the Jackal up on the barrel, directing us like in old times, one side softer, one side louder, get it down, get it up, stop, start again …. hach!! =:-D

Had we been waiting for this evening as long as Kaizers had? For half a year, or even a year? No way! “Eg har lengta lenger etter deg enn du har lengta etter meg”, the Jackal stated. “I have longed for you much longer than you have longed for me.” So true. =:-)

During Dieter Meyers Inst., when we were singing the “legg meg IIIIIINN” part, the Jackal had to stop us. “Wait, no, you misunderstood. You are NOT supposed to sing nicely. You’re supposed to SCREAM!” So we did. *g* And throughout the concert we were taught that if we agree with what the Jackal says, we should not say “Ja”. But instead we should scream “YAY!”

We also got some of the same things again that we got yesterday. Of course, the Jackal asked for a scarf from the audience again to start Hjerteknuser. Except that this time, people just threw scarfs at him until he screamed “no, stop, enough!” *lol* Then we had to repeat after him again (think I forgot to mention that yesterday) – “Thank you Ida for the scarf! Janove will throw it in the air now, and when it turns in the air and falls down again, the song will start. Are you looking forward, Ida?” But then he added: “Don’t worry, Ida. You don’t need to be afraid of them. They are not dangerous – just a bit crazy …”

Also, we got the competition in Resistansen again – Kaizers vs. the stands vs. the floor. Just awesome! The Jackal concluded that even the people that were sitting are definitely into the concert. “Or wait, you are actually standing! OK, you may stand as well!”

And in Maestro, we also got the “How much do you like me now” part again. And honestly – as much as I’m sick of that song and don’t care for it at concerts – it was great fun this time, because of the incredible energy on stage …

In general, the encores were just awesome … before Maestro, Omen had to chase the crew off stage, then Thunder came and told Omen to get back at his organ. *g* And after Maestro, they played Die Polizei – which was just beautiful. Blue lighting, thousands of stars from the mirror balls, and hundreds of people with lighters and mobiles in the air … incredibly gorgeous. And melancholic. So I see why they don’t want to end on this note, but concluded with Ompa til du dør. It makes perfect sence, but it didn’t really work for me. Klump i halsen …

Still, a perfect concert… =:-) After the lights went on, a brass band suddenly started playing up in the stands. *lol* Well, nobody really cared for it, but I thought it was a nice surprise. *g*

The full setlist:

  • Aldri vodka, Violeta
  • Siste dans
  • Bøn fra helvete
  • Tusen dråper regn
  • En for orgelet, en for meg
  • Forloveren
  • Hevnervals
  • Container
  • Di grind
  • Tokyo Ice til Clementine
  • Kontroll på kontinentet
  • Evig pint
  • Støv og sand
  • KGB
  • Sigøynerblod
  • Bak et halleluja
  • Prosessen
  • Drøm videre, Violeta
  • Svarte katter & flosshatter
  • Dieter Meyers Inst.
  • Hjerteknuser
  • Begravelsespolka
  • Resistansen
  • 170
  • Maestro
  • Die Polizei
  • Ompa til du dør

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