13.03.2009 Skambankt (Hydranten, Hamar)

And on we go! Concert number two, this time in Hamar. We spent the afternoon walking along the lake, very nice – but kinda cold, actually. But no worry, we got warm again at the concert…

It was the full opposite to yesterday’s concert this time. Yesterday Kvelertak came on just after we arrived – this time, we got in and sat there for more than an hour before the doors even opened. But we were in no hurry, and the wine was good… =;-)

Then the concert started with Kvelertak again. And I’ve seen them four times now – but I still haven’t found out what language they sing in. =;-) But we were right in the front, and we had a lot of fun. Even though we were constantly busy rescueing our glasses from the bass player who stepped on the speaker right in front of us. *g*

Anyway, then it was time for Skambankt! Honestly, I didn’t expect much. Yesterday’s concert had been great, and today, the venue wasn’t even half full. Very few people, and half of them standing in the very back. =:-( Not the best conditions for a legendary concert… =:-/

It started out as usual, with Vår Bør, Skambankt, and Løgnprofitør. Already during Skambankt, the band stared into the audience with huge eyes, shaking their heads. Why, there’s nobody here, how can they be so loud?! Well, that must be Hamar!

They were really amazed, you could see that throughout the whole show. And Terje explained that last time, there had been like 24 people in the audience, so they could just grab a crate of beer from backstage and give it out to everybody. But no, not this time! =;-)

We had to count up 17 this time in Me sa nei, and Dynasti was great as always. Then it was time for Malin again, and this time I didn’t think it was THAT terrible anymore… maybe you just need to get used to it. But the “huuuhuuu”-part in the end is still BAD. =;-) And again, they paused in the chorus to let the audience sing, and the second time it actually worked. Even though there were so few people there. =:-)

Next up was Desertør again, followed by Skamania. And hey, sorry for taking notes during the concert, but you don’t really think I can actually REMEMBER that, do you?!? *g*

Then it was time for Alarm. And this time, a lady named Elisabet got her chance to count up to four. According to Terje, she has been with the band for fifty years now! Well, even though she just turned 20… =;-) And she managed to count up just fine, that was really funny. And nice. Mostly nice. =:-)

Then Tyster, O Dessverre, Tanker som mareritt, and Stormkast #1 as last song. And the audience was really just amazing! Everybody was singing along, shouting, clapping, even without being asked for it. Impressive. And Skambankt were obviously impressed. Not only that they all interacted with the audience all the time (during Stormkast, Panzer was down in the aisle right in front of the audience, for example), but they also said (both on stage and afterwards) that this was probably the best show of the tour so far. And this at a venue that wasn’t even half full. So cool! =:-)

Of course they came back for an encore. No surprises here, first they played Nok et offer and then KKK, both with the audience going completely nuts of course. No second encore, sadly. But hey, this concert was REALLY amazing! =:-)

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