14.03.2009 Skambankt (Union Scene, Drammen)

Two great concerts so far – will the last one in Drammen keep up with that?

After a great afternoon and evening in Drammen (thanks again, Aud! =:-)), we were on our way to Union Scene. And somehow, they make the venue look different every time I get there, this is so strange… Well, actually it’s even more strange that I have been to a venue in Drammen, Norway, more often than to some clubs in my hometown… But I’m not gonna start thinking about that now, because then I will be reminded that it is only March and I’m already planning my fourth trip to Norway for this year… *uhem*

So let’s get back to the concert. It started pretty late again, and by then, Union Scene had filled up quite well. Kvelertak started, and by now we all agree that they probably sing in Norwegian. I am starting to remember some songs, but still, they didn’t gain a new fan here, to be honest. =;-)

Then it was time for Skambankt, and actually, I don’t really have a lot to report. The setlist was the same as for the other two concerts again, and even though there was quite a bit of talk inbetween this time, there wasn’t really anything worth remembering.

Sounds bad now? No way! The concert was really intense and amazing again! The audience went crazy right away, and the venue was cooking. Felt just like in Hamar, but in a more intimate venue that didn’t look that empty. And I guess that’s also what Skambankt thought. They said right away that this looked very promising and might even beat yesterday’s concert!

In my opinion, it didn’t quite make it. I would put the two concerts on one level, with a slim lead for Hamar because it was so unexpected. =;-)

So, what is there to report? Miss Drammen counted up to four during Alarm, and we counted up to 13 in Me sa nei. We took over the singing in the last chorus of Tyster again, which is always fantastic, and well… everything else that usually happens at a Skambankt concert, of course. =:-)

Well, and then it was time for O Dessverre. Suddenly, the “bad guys” stormed the stage. Namely the guys from Kvelertak… completely naked! Or wait, not completely. They were wearing shoes. And guitars. That was it. =:-o

This was definitely one of the “top five things you don’t want to see on a stage” – but then, it was incredibly funny. Nobody would have expected that, the guys just went completely crazy on stage, and Skambankt broke down laughing. Terje had a VERY hard time singing, but somehow he managed. It did take them a few minutes after the song though to get back down and recollect themselves. Absolutely understandable… =;-)

And well, the next song fit perfectly well, because – as Terje pointed out – this performance gave you “Tanker som mareritt”… *lol*

So that was just a fantastic surprise and really funny. What was even funnier though was when after the concert, we heard from someone who stood further in the back that he thought they just had their shirts off… uh, no. The full monty… *g*

So that was the highlight of the concert, without doubt. Then Stormkast as last song, and the encores Nok et offer and KKK. Not sure if there would have been another encore – people just stopped clapping after a short while and walked out, so that was it. Too bad, they should have just started again with the concert, if I had a say… But I don’t, so that was the end!

They came out for some signatures and a bit of talk afterwards, which was a nice conclusion, of course. And now that was all for me for this tour! =:-( So sad. I want more. Now. RIGHT now. But well, I guess I’ll have to wait for the festivals – and make sure that I can make it to some… Let’s wait and see.

Thanks to Linda for a fantastic weekend! And see you all again very soon! =:-)

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