15.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Folken, Stavanger)

The day started really early with getting up at 6 am. I had to catch a bus in Arendal at 7:15 to Stavanger. And after an extremely long bus ride I finally arrived. Finding the B&B was easy thanks to a map off the internet, and on the way I walked by Folken. So now I knew the most important things, namely where to sleep and where to go for the concert.
After taking a long walk just looking around the city, I bought some food and went back to the B&B. There I wrote the report from Arendal and slept a couple of hours.

And it was time to go to Folken. On my way there I met Helene on her way to get some food before more work. I sat talking with here while we waited for her pommes frites. It was nice to meet her again. Then we wandered off to Folken. There I met Truls, Kirsti and Maren. We sat there talking waiting for the doors to open. Suddenly the fire alarm went off, but nobody reacted. We simply put our ear plugs in to block out the high frequency noise. XD And I sent a text message to Helene asking what she had done now. Smoked into the fire detector?
At 9pm the doors opened and we went upstairs into the venue. Nice place =) Kirsti, Maren and me ended up standing a bit to the left in the second and third row. I had planned on standing a bit to the back, but changed my mind when I noticed the great view from that place.

After some waiting, Petur came onstage for his set. He told us Terje had taken him sightseeing in Stavanger earlier, and that he loved the city. That was met by enthusiastic cheering by the audience of course. Once again he played four songs, including Billy Jean. I bought his CD after the concert so now I know his z-list. It is:

  • White Tiger
  • Billy Jean
  • Whine for my Weakness
  • Something Radical

Like yesterday he asked us “Er det god stemming”, but no mentioning of being trained like a parrot. Rune joined in on drums for Something Radical this day too. I can’t stop finding his pronouncement of Rune funny. The way he REALLY rolls his Rs. XD

Finally after some more waiting it was time for the Kaizers concert to start. After the new intro, the familiar Russian Dance could once again be heard dancing out of the speakers. During this, something happened that I’ve never seen before. Almost everyone from the fourth row and back suddenly lost their balance and fell over backwards, just like the domino effect. The pressing suddenly stopped and we looked back to see what had happened. A lot of people were just lying on the floor on top of each other! O.o They got back on their feet before the intro ended though…

After that unusual start, Kaizers came on stage and opened their set with Maskineri (of course). The z-list was as follows:

  • Maskineri
  • Bastard Sønn
  • 9mm
  • Hevnervals
  • Ompa Til Du Dør
  • Container
  • Blitzregn baby
  • Volvo i Mexico
  • Enden av November
  • Apokalyps Meg
  • Kontroll på Kontinentet
  • Resistansen
  • Med en gang eg når bunn
  • KGB
  • Maestro


  • Knekker deg til sist
  • Bøn fra helvete
  • 170 (with Petur Ben)


  • Den andre er meg (with Ragnhild)

I still love Volvo I Mexico live, but the version they did in Arendal was much better. It is the tiny bits that they do or don’t do that makes the difference. And this time they skipped some pauses that are one of the reasons I like this song.
When the time came to play Resistansen, Rune and Øyvind started the intro, but before Janove could tell them to start over again the audience started singing, like they did in Trondheim. Only this time the band wasn’t that surprised it seemed. Still, they didn’t start playing though. Somewhere in the second verse Janove managed to stop the singing. He told us that sometime during the singing the audience had disagreed and that if you want to be successful you have to agree, like Kaizers Orchestra! So now they were going to show us how it’s done. Then they started the whole song over again and performed it like normal.

When they came onstage for the first encore, Janove asked us what we wanted to hear now. The answer from the audience was a completely unintelligible noise due to everyone shouting different things. Therefore Janove announced he had a suggestion. This turned out to be Knekker deg til sist.
Before they started playing Bøn fra helvete, Janove chased the guards away by hitting them lightly in the head with the axe handle. I think I would have moved too if a sweaty man without a shirt (that disappeared during KGB) poked me in the head with a stick. XD

For 170, they got Petur Ben onstage to help Terje out on guitar. Petur borrowed Geir’s guitar for that. ^^ During the song he seemed to really enjoy himself. He danced around the stage, even more than Terje. At the end of the song everyone froze for a really long time. They just stood there completely still, except Petur. He just didn’t manage it. XD
When they left the stage again, the audience started singing Die Polizei. We actually sang both the verse and the refrain. Almost without mistakes, although more people joined in on the refrain.
Then Kaizers entered the stage again and we got Den andre er meg with Ragnhild singing the duet. What a beautiful song. I love it!

After the concert I talked a bit with Truls and compared the concert to the one in Arendal. I found the one in Arendal better. All because of small details. In addition to that, the audience at Folken wasn’t as enthusiastic as I thought they’d be. It was nice, but it just didn’t reach that absolute top. It was as if the band waited for something from the audience while the audience waited for something from the band.
I also bought Petur Ben’s CD at the merch stand. When I told him my name, he asked if it was a typical Norwegian name. I’m not sure, but I answered yes, since I’ve had to use my middle name since 8th grade due to several Linn’s in one class (Once we were three and in addition to that the teacher’s name was Linn).
When I asked him what had happened to the wooden nightliner from the day before, he said that Berntsen had got a hold of it. O.o Then I just asked “Is it alive?” He didn’t know, and neither did he want to guess. XD

Later I met Helene for a few minutes again, and she told me she too thought the audience had been a bit tame. Then she went upstairs to the rest of the Folken crew again and I happily went back to the B&B for some long needed rest before another day in Stavanger. All in all the day and night had been great. And I was looking forward to another concert the next day.

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