16.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Folken, Stavanger)

After just six hours of sleep I was wide awake at 8 am. I tried to go back to sleep, but that didn’t work, so I just got up really early. That was the start of a very long Sunday. After a bit to eat and some coffee I wondered what to do now. I ended up sitting with my laptop in bed, editing pictures and playing solitaire. After spending the whole morning like this, I took a long walk around Stavanger in the sun. I ended up going in circles a few times, but I had a nice time. Then I went back to the B&B for some food.
After eating, I met Helene again outside Folken. (After a bit of searching though, since I didn’t know where the backyard was…) While we sat there waiting for a friend of Helene’s to come with someone’s camera, a couple of other Kaizer fans walked past. I didn’t know them, but I had already seen them earlier on my walk.
When the friend arrived, we went down to the city centre for a cup of coffee in the sun. Unfortunately it was so windy that we ended up inside with cacao instead. It was nice anyway. ^^

Then we went back to Folken, where we parted once again. I went back to the B&B to relax a bit doing nothing. A bit later I met up with Kirsti again though. We went to a place called Bøker & Børst I think. I met a couple of her friends who weren’t going to the concert, but were just enjoying a visit to the place. We had a good time talking, before me and Kirsten had to go to Folken. We had taken our time planning on standing on the gallery anyway. When we arrived the doors had already opened so we just walked right in.
We got a really nice spot a little bit to the left from the right corner in the front of the gallery. That meant we were standing beside the small group of people sitting on reserved seats. Like Geir’s uncle, as we found out later.
Before the concert started, I kicked off my shoes. My feet hurt, we were on the gallery and nobody saw it anyway. XD The only time I put them on again was to go and buy some more beer. ^^

The wait for Petur to come on stage didn’t feel as long this time, maybe because we weren’t so uncomfortable up on the gallery. He was just as nice as before, but the part where he simply turns off his amp connection and plays completely acoustic wasn’t as fun from a distance away. We simply didn’t hear him well enough…
The z-list was the same as before with White Tiger, Billy Jean, Whine for my Weakness and Something Radical. With Rune on drums for Something Radical again. That song is great! Before playing Something Radical, he gave Rune a really big hug, which he excused to the audience as “Sorry, this is a bit sentimental”. He also thanked Kaizers Orchestra for having him with them on tour.

This evening there was no collapsing audience during Russian Dance. And when Kaizers entered the stage to the loop from Maskineri, everything was as normal as it can be on a Kaizers concert.
The z-list this time was:

  • Maskineri
  • Bastard Sønn
  • Hevnervals
  • Container
  • Ompa Til Du Dør
  • Blitzregn baby
  • Volvo i Mexico
  • Enden av November
  • Apokalyps Meg
  • Kontroll på Kontinentet
  • Gypsy Finale

    — Sigøynerblod

    — Bak et halleluja

    — Resistansen

  • Den andre er meg (med Ragnhild)
  • KGB
  • Maestro


  • Min Kvite Russer
  • Dieter Meyers Inst.

During Ompa Til Du Dør, Janove managed to get Geir tangled into the microphone line. Geir had to half wrestle, half untangle himself when it was time for him to play again. I think he missed a bit.
Also at the end of Blitzregn Baby Geir had a bit too much fun playing bits from some old classic rock song. Janove called him a showoff and said he was “out”. To which Geir replied that he was going to enter this talent competition on TV. Therefore Janove introduced the next song as “Now we’re going to find out if Geir has any talents. This is a song he has written.” Just then the light changed and Terje started playing Volvo I Mexico. XD
After the song, Janove wasn’t convinced and told Geir once again that he was “out”. And Geir actually tried to leave. Janove made him come back though (“You can leave AFTER the concert Geir”).

I filmed the whole of Bastard Sønn with my cell phone. It can be watched here.

Early in the set, Janove did his only stage dive at Folken. That was really fun to watch from above. He made it quite far into the audience too. And in addition to that, the reactions from the people on the seats reserved Kaizers/Zahl were unbelievingly fun too.
Janove announced Apokalyps Meg as the most difficult song they had ever made. And then he managed to sing the lyrics wrong. At least he proved his point. XD
They also completely skipped the band introduction during Kontroll på Kontinentet. When we asked Rune about it later that evening at Cementen he said that it “just turned out that way…” After the song they pretended to leave the stage with Janove announcing that they were now going to take a 20 minute break. O.o But no they came right back on and started the Gypsy Finale.

Instead of trying to start the intro over again on Resistansen, Janove instead just told the audience to go ahead and sing while grinning. The band took over after the first refrain though.
When the time came to play Den andre er meg, Janove said they were going to play a waltz and asked the audience to make a space in the middle to waltz in, which they did. Then he got two guys to actually dance the waltz while they played. Ragnhild came and sang the duet this night too, while the two guys in the audience waltzed on. It was a really funny sight from above.
After KGB, Janove had to check that nobody had to leave early to go skiing at 7 am the next morning. Nor at 8 am or 9 am. The answer was one big NEI form the audience.
During Min Kvite Russer we got to squeak “kvit, kvit ruseeeer”. Oh, how wonderfully unmusical it sounded. XD

After the concert, Kirsti asked one of the people from the reserved seats if he were related to the band. To which he answered yes, he was Geir’s uncle. Then she asked him what the thought about his nephew. I didn’t hear his answer to that, but I can guess it was positive. Then we spent a bit of time at the merch stand, where Kirsti found out she didn’t have the money to pay for Petur’s CD. Which she told him too, and promised to buy his CD later.
After this we made our way to Cementen. I had a really great time there. And we got to ask Rune what had happened to the wooden nightliner. He told us that Tollak had taken care of it, and that it was somewhere in their nightliner. Hurray, that probably means it will go on tour with them =)

To sum up; this evening’s concert was the best of the three I was in a row. I can tell that without a doubt. Standing on the gallery was a new and different experience for me, but I’ll gladly do it again. And this is the first time I’ve ever seen a concert without shoes. Haha! I’ll NOT say I won’t do that again either.

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