18.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (KB, Malmö)

The next day we took the train to Malmö. Nice weather, a nice small town, and a hotel right next to the venue – life can be perfect… *g*

To really cut it short today: The concert was very similar to the one in Göteborg. All in all, it was even a bit better, I guess, even though some things really went wrong. In the beginning, the sound was really bad, especially the microphone was causing some problems – until it was exchanged for a new one (which you are obviously allowed to do only if you calm down the Jackal by giving him alcohol *rofl*). The Jackal had some small “black-outs” – but hey, he could have lipread the first verse of Kontroll på kontinentet from the audience’s faces! =;-) But well, he prefered to jump into the audience instead, also a good idea. *g*

The setlist was almost identical to the one in Göteborg (which I wondered about – I thought they were planning to have a new setlist every day this time?!?). The only difference were the new songs. After Min kvite russer, they didn’t play Den sjette sansen this time, but first Tokyo Ice (yeah!), then Du og dine and finally 9mm. The other songs were identical to the last concert.

The atmosphere was great, and the concert was a lot of fun. All in all, I don’t have a lot to report here, as the announcements were basically the same as in Göteborg, but there were some really funny scenes… *g* For example, when the Jackal lifted up his shirt during Container and the audience was a little slow reacting (which means they screamed too late *g*). The Jackal looked so disappointed, it was really funny. =;-) Or when they were discussing about which crowbar to use before Dr. Mowinckel and on the other side of the stage, Killmaster lifted up his little drum stick and looked at it doubtfully… *rofl*

The whistling championship 1999 took place in Bochum, not in Cologne as the Jackal said yesterday, and the Jackal discovered a new way to play with the audience. Having everybody shout a short “Hey! Hey!” and pointing to the different sides of the audience very suddenly so that at the end, everybody is confused and laughing. *gg*

In the end, the Jackal didn’t want to leave the stage and was playing with our applause. Catching it, putting it into his pocket and so on, verrry nice. Hellraizer came back to lead the Jackal off stage. But the Jackal couldn’t go yet, he still had our applause! Well, I couldn’t understand what Hellraizer really answered to that, but it looked a lot like “so, give it back to them right now and come with me!”. *rofl*

Hmm. Another great concert! I didn’t like the performace of Geoff Berner this time though, he was just too drunk, but well – starting in Cologne we get HGH as warm-up anyway, let’s see how they are. And even though I was a little disappointed about the identic setlist, I had a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to the Cologne concert tomorrow!

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