21.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Live Music Hall, Köln)

Gnaah, it’s starting again already… I decide to NOT get into the front this time but to stay somewhere in the back. But of course I need to say hi to the people standing in the front. And then I realize that this place would be just perfect for the concert and it would be more than stupid to return to the back before the concert starts. But tomorrow… I will really stay in the back tomorrow! *gg*

But maybe I should start at the beginning. ‘Cause it started even before the concert this time, with a meeting (or “Vorspiel) of the German fans. Did I just say “German”? Well, there were some Norwegians there as well! Everything was kinda quick and short, but anyway it was worth it. A nice meeting, and nobody would have expected that the Norwegians really can convince the staff of the café to play Kaizers music – but they did! =;-)

After that, we went on to Live Music Hall. For the first time, HGH played as support band. Hmm. I really liked it from a musical point of view, and it was fun watching them – but do Kaizers really want a comedy duo as support?!? I don’t think that fits. But let’s wait and see, I will see them quite a few times, so maybe I will get used to the thought.

And then it was time for Kaizers. The setlist was almost identical again: KGB, Delikatessen, Container, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Senior Flamingo, Blitzregn Baby, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Min kvite russer, Du og dine, Katastrofen, Dr. Mowinckel, Tokyo Ice, Maestro, encore Gypsy Finale.

There’s not really that much to report – at least I had heard almost all the announcements before. The one about Elvis (who was casted from 954 Elvis look-a-likes, but they wanted one who looked like Elvis a year before he died – otherwise, he would look better than Kaizers, and you can’t have that!), the one about the whistling contest (that Thunder won in Sweden this time), and the one about the oldest Kaizer song (Katastrofen, the intro of which was chosen as the best rock intro by the Swedish music magazine Man in 1999).

But anyway there were some really funny scenes. Like when Omen unified the working glove and the crowbar to a rather offending gesture. Or when Hellraizer’s guitar gave a feedback and the Jackal congratulated him enthusiastically to his “first feedback ever!”. Or when Hellraizer and Mink were sitting at the side of the stage during Min kvite russer, trying desperately to open up a beer bottle with the crowbar – well, in the end they made it and were cheered wildly for that. =;-)

At some point in time, Killmaster and Hellraizer started to play Metallica. I didn’t get WHY, but well *g* (oh, and afterwards the Jackal said something to Killmaster like “were that all songs that you can play now?” Hey! *rofl*). They completely messed up the beginning of Bøn fra helvete, as the Jackal started to play a little too early and some of the others wanted to play the beginning a little longer…

Before they played Min kvite russer, they asked about nationalities again. But this time it was “Who speaks Norwegian? Who speaks German?” ‘Cause we had to learn two Norwegian words now of course.
When it turned out that a girl from Finnland was there as well, the Jackal offered at once: “That must have been very expensive for you to come this far just to see us! We can split the money by two then!”

Then Hellraizer came to the mike for Dr. Mowinckel, and obviously he was very excited. =;-) At least he breathed into the mike strongly. Comment from the audience: “You sound like my girlfriend!” Response Hellraizer: “Uh…” Uhm, yeah.

During the introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal ran out of colors for Hellraizer once again. So he started looking beneath his pants and… “He made him look good in… pink!” *gg*

Of course the Jackal played with our applause again during the Gypsy Finale. Or, more precisely, with our singing. And it worked perfectly! I found it really funny when the Jackal held our singing and someone behind me kept on singing, but with his hands in front of his mouth. *rofl*

And in the end, the Jackal didn’t want to leave the stage, of course. So he walked up and down, arm in arm with Hellraizer, seemingly telling him stories about certain people in the audience. But then the two disappeared as well, and the show was over.

Hmm, seems there was a bit to tell after all! =;-) Thanks a lot to Marit and Nad to help me think of all the stuff that happened, and for letting me stay over, of course! So, next stop: Bochum. =:-)

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