22.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Zeche, Bochum)

After deciding in Cologne to spend the next concert somewhere in the back (especially as there are some nice stairs in the back of the Zeche), of course I ended up… in the front row. Hey, there was such a nice place, and I wanted to chat with some people there anyway, so… uhm. Well. That’s just the way things go. And I had a great view. =;-)

The concert was very very nice! I liked it a bit better than the show in Cologne, even though everything was a little calmer and more quiet. There weren’t too many people there, there was place for fairly many more, so in a way you missed the people pushing from behind and sticking their ellbows into your ribs. =;-) Or maybe not, but of course the audience wasn’t as loud as it could have been. But Kaizers were in a great mood and did some stuff I haven’t seen before – and this is always a great thing of course!

I don’t have anything new to say to HGH – I like them a lot, but not as support for Kaizers… =:-/

The setlist was a little different this time: KGB, Delikatessen, Container, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Senior Flamingo, Blitzregn Baby, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Jævel av en tango, Dr. Mowinckel, 9 mm, Dieter Meyers Inst., encore Evig Pint, Katastrofen, Maestro.

The Jackal was very enthusiastic during Container already – he got Hellraizer by the collar and pulled him to the front. You could get really afraid by seeing that – but in the end, he just had to sing along. =;-) Before Senior Flamingo, the Jackal announced the European champion of whistling once again, and then he just said dryly: “Lykke til!” (thus “good luck!”), which Thunder just answered with “Takk”. Hmm. Somehow this doesn’t sound funny at all here. But it was. *g*

During Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal got a girl on stage who dared to see her first Kaizers show in the front row, so she could see that song from the stage. Obviously the Jackal wanted a trade-off, ’cause then he went into the audience. He even forced a poor spectator to carry him on his shoulders. =;-) But he was back on stage for the introduction. Or, to be precice, up on Killmaster’s barrel. Which led to some difficulties when Killmaster wanted to hit on the barrel during Thunder’s introduction – but no problem, the Jackal just jumped up and down on the beat. Cool. *gg* Then we learned about Killmaster’s new tattoo (the Firebird went up in flames or something, I stood on the “wrong” side to take a good look *g*) and again about Hellraizer’s pink underpants. =;-)

After the Jackal managed to free himself from the cabel (he should think about a career as unchaining-artist or however you say that in English – just in case he won’t make it as high-rope artist, that is. *g*), the show went on. First we got Jævel av en tango, verrrrry nice, and then Dr. Mowinckel. Well, after Hellraizer pointed out that they would NOT play Dekk Bord now, even though the fans always want to hear that – but there’s only five of them anyway. Uh…? *rofl* Well, the audience was fairly quiet all in all – which made Hellraizer announce: “If you don’t make any noise – we will!”. And of course the Jackal didn’t hesitate to do exactly that.

Before they played Tokyo Ice, the Jackal asked if we wanted to hear a Tivoli song. Of course we did! But we weren’t really loud enough… Well, then Kaizers won’t play it. Or maybe they should? And then the Jackal got a much louder “yeah”. But that still wasn’t enough. “Say JA! Say JA KLAR! Say HALLELUJA!” – “OK, you asked for it!”

But later on he scolded us when we answered one of his questions with a “Ja klar!”. “You don’t have to say that EVERY time!” *gg*

But the audience COULD be fairly loud – for example at the beginning of Dieter Meyers Inst. The back of the hall was chatting so loudly that the Jackal felt his honor as an artist being mistreated, and Hellraizer asked if there was some meeting going on there? Or during the intro of Katastrofen, were some girl squeaked loud and long and got spontaneous applause from the band. *lol*

Hmm. Did I mention this concert was really really good? Well, it was. And after the show, I got my book signed and found out that Helge is the only creative person in the band. (?!?)

Thanks a lot to Laura for hosting me so nicely, and now I should get on my way to the station to pick up some Kaizerjunkies for tonight’s concert in Nürnberg. *gg*

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