23.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Hirsch, Nürnberg)

Does the fourth row count as being “in the back”? =;-) Anyway. An amazing concert in any case!

Nothing new with respect to HGH, but a completely changed Kaizers setlist: Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Veterans klage, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Jævel av en tango, KGB, 9mm, Senor Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Katastrofen, 170. First encorre: Du og dine, Maestro, second encore: Min kvite russer, Resistansen.

The setlist was a very nice surprise, of course – and all the rest was perfect as well. The Hirsch seemed to be quite packed (even though I’m sure even more people would have fit in), the atmosphere was hot, and there was a lot of pogo in front. In the beginning, the people in the back needed an extra invitation to clap along, but then they did. And the Jackal noticed at once that he just loved the audience. And, as he pointed out, he saw this right from the beginning – not like yesterday in Bochum where it took him half the concert to realize that.

The first “unusual” song was Veterans klage – the shortest song Kaizers ever made. In the beginning of the song, the Jackal conducted his orchestra (and luckily, they didn’t follow his instructions… *cough*)

There wasn’t much special happening during Kontroll på kontinentet this time – except for Killmaster playing guitar with his teeth. Which wasn’t such a good idea, it seemed. =;-)

Before they played Jævel av en tango, the Jackal told us the story of the song… about Clementine in the mental institution, sitting there in her green dress and with mango perfume, singing about her ex-friend, accompanied by a banjo.

They announced 9mm in German this time, okay, it’s not that hard actually. =;-) And the Jackal noticed quickly that it’s not “mini meter” in German. *g*

During Senior Flamingo, when everybody was supposed to watch Thunder and Killmaster, the Jackal and Mink distracted the attention a little by conducting a small water fight in the back of the scene… *g*

Following Senior Flamingo, it was Blitzregn Baby of course, and the guitar players entered the barrels. They seemed to be _really_ impressed by what they were seeing in the audience, as people were jumping around and dancing, and it was impressive! =:-) But then Hellraizer suddenly got afraid of heights… The Jackal managed to get him down from his barrel safely though. =;-)

After that, it was time for questions. After the first obligatory question “Who are you?” with the obligatory answer “say my name, scream it, mean it!”, the next question was about the Luther picture on the organ and why it is Luther and not anybody else. Well, there is only one man who knows – and he is not here. The third question was if we could get some water, and sure, they granted this wish at once. But there were long discussion about how to do that, and while the Jackal was telling us to please share it, Mink stormed to the front of the stage with the open bottle in his hand and just spilled it into the audience. =;-)

Obviously they still weren’t satisfied after the encore, so they came out once more, yeah! As a second encore, they played Min kvite russer, which was very very nice again, even though the sqeaking is much too high. But the audience sang very nice and kept on going, so that Kaizers on stage seemed to be really impressed and happy. So we had to keep on singing long after Omen stopped playing, and it was just terrific… At some point in time, the Jackal got up on the barrel and conducted the audience. And then the front had to be quiet while the people in the back were singing. And it worked – at least the “na na na” part. The “KVIT! KVIT! Russeeeeeer!” was missing though. Well, there’s a logical reason for that: “There are no girls in the back!”

Hach…. it was just an amazing concert. And then, as a nice conclusion, we even got Resistansen. That was something I hadn’t expected at all – but it was the perfect ending, and everybody was jumping around. =:-)

Will they be able to top that in Munich?

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