19.3.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Bierhübeli, Bern )

The nicest country to go with a car is definitely Switzerland. OK, you don’t get anywhere because of the speed limits, but everything is close by anyway, and contrary to certain other countries there’s lots of signs! =;-)
So, I didn’t have the slightest problem finding the one and only parking space in the neighborhood around the Bierhübeli. And after getting a nice meal and hearing the latest news about Tokio Hotel and some stories about ritual burnings *rofl*, we were off to the concert.

The Bierhübeli was almost completely empty when we arrived. This and the stories about an amazing show in Graz I got to hear made me fear the worst – plus, it was a Sunday! But those concerns were completely unnecessary. The venue (very nice, by the way!) still looked empty when the concert started, but when the lights went off, you didn’t see it anymore. =;-) And my impression was that Kaizers didn’t expect much when they came on stage, but then they were completely surprised by the response from the audience and were really getting it on. Hell yeah!

But I should start at the beginning. I don’t remember any details about Micke’s gig. You just need to see him once, then you know what you’ll get. And if you haven’t seen him, any description will fool you anyway. *gg*

Then Kaizers came on, with the following setlist: KGB, Container, Bøn fra helvete, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Senor Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn baby, Kontroll på kontinentet, Mann mot mann, Sorti, Dr. Mowinckel, Katastrofen, Di grind, Maestro, encore Gypsy Finale.

Yes – Sorti! =:-D It was the first time they played that one live, and it was just great. Not really different from the record, but well. Just totally cool. *gg* They announced it by telling how nice a day they had had – waking up in the bus, thinking they were back in Norway in the snow and cold, and then feeling the nice spring weather! They arrived in Bern and were served a great breakfast before checking into “the” hotel in Bern, with a jacuzzi in every room and a Casino in the same building and and and… “I knew you people where rich – but… this is incredible!” =;-) And to celebrate this great day they had to do something special, so they played a new song they’d never played live before. Yeah!

After that they played an older Kaizers song, namely Dr. Mowinckel, and after that the first ever Kaizers song that the Jackal played to Hellraizer on an acoustic guitar years ago. In Hellraizer’s student room, which was soooo cheap, it was basically outside, and he was sick every month, but that’s some other story… *g*
And this following song is called Katastrofen – “Do you understand that? What is it in your language? Katastrophe? Oh, yeah, so you don’t have the ‘n’.” Hellraizer: “And still you understood! You are so intelligent.” And the Jackal confirmed that: “Sure, an intelligent band like us has very intelligent fans of course!”

During the introduction part in Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal did the Moses once again and parted the masses in front of the stage so that Killmaster could jump into the middle. But Killmaster got a little panicky suddenly: “But… I have a cable!!!” *rofl* So he could only jump down and walk a circle down there before drudginly climbing up to the stage again… but hey, it’s the thought that counts! *lol*

Oh yes, and they will surely come to Switzerland for one or the other festival. It’s not official yet, but “see you at the summer festivals!” Sure, I’ll be there! =:-)

Apart from that, there’s just some small details I remember. The atmosphere was really great, especially considering that there were so few people there! So the Jackal did a lot without the microphone, and we had to sing and scream and lift up our hands and put down our hands all the time… at some point in time, the Jackal “caught” the applause like a fly, just to let it fly free again, catch it again, and then just put it in his pants pocket. *lol* If we liked the show up to now or if we would rather like to sit home and watch a movie – the guy who answered YES to this was commented with “That was probably a Swede…” *g* Oh yes, and probably I’d better not mention that the Jackal greeted the audience with “Good to be back in Austria!”… luckily, he did the “in Austria”-part without mike, so he wasn’t booed… *gg*

I couldn’t understand at all why they didn’t come out to play a second encore – the audience definitely earned it, they just kept on clapping and screaming, even though the music and the lights went on. The door in the back of the stage opened and closed, but no Kaizer came out. Until suddenly, the Jackal DID appear again on stage – wearing nothing but a towel. *lol* Well, that explained why they didn’t play a second encore anymore… and… waah. *rofl* How can he do that. I’m still laughing my head off… *lol*

After the concert, Kaizers signed everything they could get a hold of at the merch stand. And there was another tap dance on the table. Even though we had decided before that this was just impossible ’cause the ceiling was so low. Well, we were wrong. *g* And they even did it twice this time. Followed by a countdown by Kaizers – and when they reached zero without anybody buying anything, they closed down and refused to sell anything anymore. *g* Oh my god, they are so crazy. They leave me speechless again and again… *lol*
And I’m really looking forward to Munich now. Even though it’s gonna be my last concert for this tour… =:-)

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