21.3.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Backstage, München )

Oh my gosh, I love this band!

So, now it was time for my last concert of this tour. There was a lot of hurrying and stress before and after, I’m working again this week and so I was just leaving after work, driving three hours to Munich and going back afterwards… Well, it was more than worth it! *gg* This was a perfect finish for the tour, again an ingenious concert with a great audience that wanted to celebrate and knew _all_ the lyrics. Maybe I just happened to stand in the right part of the audience (well, probably I DID pick the best spot, standing right in the middle, like third/fourth row just underneath the Jackal – I got the bruises to prove it, and not only bruises but also a broad smile on my face that just won’t go away… *gg*). But I just found it completely amazing to be surrounded only by Germans who were singing along every single word of every song! Never saw that before… And actually I felt just like in Copenhagen or Oslo in the beginning, which hasn’t happened to me before at any concerts in Germany. Wooooooow! Already during Hevnervals, the Jackal jumped into the audience – ok, that’s when you could see the concert was NOT in Copenhagen… *g* Even though it was really crowded, it wasn’t jam-packed… crowdsurfing looks different. But at least he didn’t fall to the floor and was lifted up again and then everything went fine. *g* But hey, he could have somehow announced it or something… *lol* I was as surprised as everyone else when suddenly, out of nowhere, a Jackal fell out of the sky right next to me (luckily _next_ to me *gg*)! =;-) During Container, the Jackal lifted his shirt and showed his belly at the “usual” place in the song. Oh, and I just want to point out that my “*squeak*” at that moment was a Pawlow reflex… someone just has to scream at that place, and no one else did. =;-) Just as a disclaimer. Honestly, I really don’t find that sexy at all. But it is cool, I gotta admit that… *gg* Something else I should mention about the atmosphere in the audience is that the singing was incredibly much and incredibly loud… it was so extreme that we completely took over the singing during the chorus while the band stood on stage with their mouths open. Hell yeah! Oh, sorry, of course I mean ja klar! =;-)

Uhm, somehow I started this report from where my reports normally end. Weird. But well, you should do something new once in a while… *g* It’s probably because I want to avoid reconstructing the selist, ’cause I’ll have to do that completely from memory today as I didn’t get a picture of it… *g* OK, so that’s my guess: KGB, Hevnervals, Container, Bøn fra helvete, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Senor Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn baby, Kontroll på kontinentet, De involverte, Jævel av en tango, Dr. Mowinckel, Katastrofen, Di grind, Maestro, encore Gypsy Finale, second encore 170. Without any guarantee! =;-)

Well, as I was right in the middle this time, my brain kind of left me. So the notes I took afterwards are very few… The thing that impressed my most (except for the amazing atmosphere, as mentioned above already) was probably the ending. During Sigøynerblod, we had to sing, of course. And those on the left louder and those on the right softer, the other way around, loud, quiet, and so on. Until the Jackal started to “catch” the singing on the one side and letting it “fly free” on the other side again. And back. And then he just put our singing into his pants pocket. Thiiiiieeeef!
The same thing during Resistansen – the left side had to scream “woooooh”, loud, soft, the right side screaming “woooooooh”, and quiet again. And then the Jackal reached into his pocket and got out our screaming from before… but well, he (just as the rest of the band) was a little irritated when this didn’t result in a collective “wooooooh”, but of course in the “la la la” of Sigøynerblod… Waah, the audience was really just amazing, I would have never expected that to work! But with just one gesture by the Jackal, the whole audience started to sing Sigøynerblod in the middle of Resistansen… Did I say “the whole audience”? No! Poor Susi was lying on the floor laughing. I definitely could not sing along… *rofl* But the looks on stage was just so funny. And then after a while, the Jackal stopped the singing, two songs at the same time are too much or whatever he said, I don’t remember, I was so busy laughing… waaaah. =:-)

Apart from that, I only jotted down some very small and unimportant details: Killmaster got on stage this time wearing a white head and scarf, nice nice… During the first verse of Maestro, Hellraizer leaned against the Jackal, admiring him from below… De Involverte got the intro with the falling jacket again, just that it took some time to find the jacket this time… The second encore was 170, and even though I don’t like that song too much, it was terrific – the audience was singing the oh la la-parts during the first verse already, very loudly, and in the end the Jackal hit his barrel so it fell off stage, just impressive… According to the Jackal, they had only 7 more copies of “Evig pint” with them on tour, so whoever wanted to buy another one on tour would have to hurry after the concert… Before they played Dr. Mowinckel, Hellraizer announced: “Ich will jetzt Dr. Mowinckel singen!”, and then the Jackal explained: “Seine Mutter ist Lehrerin in Norwegen, für Deutsch!” – all in German. But then Hellraizer admitted: “She didn’t teach me much.”… Before Maestro, the Jackal asked if we wanted to hear “another danceable song”, and when we wanted it, of course, he just said: “OK, let’s go” – leaving the Mink wondering WHICH of the many danceable songs they should play now… In the middle of the concert, they were posing for photos once more. And this was the first time I actually was standing where I could take a picture as well, yeah!… When they came out again for the encore, they had a lot of fun. First bowing in the center of the stage, then running around and then leading each other to their places on stage… *lol*

So, that was it. And it was just great.
And no, I still didn’t see enough. Even though certain Kaizers wanted to tell me afterwards that it is enough to see eight shows of a tour. Well, sure, in a way that is true – but still it hurts to just go home afterwards without even knowing when the next concert will be…
But the tour was close to perfect again. Thanks a lot to everybody who traveled around with me, who I met at concerts, who let me stay over, who cooked and cared for me and who endured my moods… =:-)
Thanks a bunch to you who read my reports, thanks for caring and thanks for all the nice comments! It’s much more fun writing reports if you know people will read them!
And of coure a huge THANK YOU to Kaizers and the crew, you are and will be the best… see you at the summer festivals!

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