2.10.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld)

Somehow it’s always the same thing – the longer I’m on tour, the later I get to the shows… This time we got such a nice dinner that we couldn’t really get away from it and took much longer than we planned. But well, to make up for that we found the club without any problems and thus arrived about 10 minutes before Geoff Berner started – perfect, what else could you want! So there was just enough time to say hello to everybody and then the concert started.

Mr. Berner wasn’t as drunk this time, but funny anyway. *g* And he had another song in his set this time. And in the end again the announcement that the “guys with the tin cans” would be up next. =;-)

Russian Dance, and again a different setlist! Wow, they are keeping their promise now… *g* I can’t guarantee the list is correct, but here is what was written on it: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Mann mot mann, Container, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Christiania, På ditt skift, Kontroll på kontinentet, Dieter Meyers Inst., Maestro. Encore Gypsy Finale.

While there weren’t that many people there yet during Geoff Berner’s set, it was getting more and more crowded before Kaizers started. And many of them knew the lyrics – I really didn’t expect that, as Kaizers had never played in Bielefeld before. On the other hand, most people had traveled there anyway. *g*

Right in the beginning the Jackal realized that they were all wearing the same this time – Hellraizer, Killmaster and the Jackal had decided independently (or maybe because the management planned it like this?) to wear black shirts and red ties – plus red shoes for the Jackal, a red guitar for Hellraizer and – nothing red except for the tie for Killmaster (“But – I had a red guitar two minutes ago!”). But even the microphone cabel was red, and we can just ignore the “un-red” rattles for a moment… *g* Hellraizer: “This can’t be a coincidence!” Well, it’s all due to the Bielefeld conspiracy… *lol*

Suiting this, the Jackal didn’t get any beer tonight, but red wine instead. *g* At least in the beginning, then he gave his bottle away into the audience. This was when they were talking about it being a “party day” in Germany tomorrow. Bus driver Fritz had explained them what Oct. 3rd was all about, “something with east and west”, and we should all party tomorrow. Actually, we should start the party day right now! And Hellraizer was wondering: “Do you have to go to work tomorrow? No? Then why aren’t you more drunk?!?”

By the way, the Jackal was probably an artist on a high rope in his former life. At least that’s what it looks like. he was spending lots of time on the barrier again – okay, he does that pretty often. But this time he let go off all hands holding him and started to balance from one side of the stage to the other, then back, and then he jumped off the rail and onto the stage without anything to hold onto. OK, there was no real sense in doing that, but well, it was impressive anyway. *g*
And also Killmaster was doing a trip into the audience again.

Finally they played På ditt skift again, I really really missed that song during the last concerts. And before that Christiania, which is still very very nice, even though you can’t compare it to the concerts in Norway where everybody sings along. And there were too few smokers in the audience. *g*

The only reason why they are in Germany (“and we came a looooong way for this!”) is of course to sell albums. And the only reason we are at the concert is that we want to buy albums (uh, we do? *lol*). Of course there was a little survey again about who has which album (“and now tell me _honestly_!”), and then they offered to play first one song from the first album – if we like that, we’ll have to buy the first album. Then one from the second – if we like that, we’ll have to buy both… So they first played Kontroll på kontinentet, and then the Jackal asked “Are you gonna buy the album now?” – VERY mixed reactions in the audience. He asked again, and then the “yes” was a little more prominent – but still, I won’t buy the album again. *gg*

During the audience-singing-part in Bak et halleluja the Jackal was conducting the audience as always, making one side sing, then the other side (of course “my” side was the bad one again, but the audience wasn’t divided in a fair way *grr* =;-)), and when during one of the quiet parts one girl continued clapping, the Jackal divided the audience into “her” and “the rest”. So first everybody had to scream, and then only the girl. She did it perfectly… =;-)

Killmaster managed to throw his barrel off the stage in the end. But of course he went down at once to pick it up, bring it back on stage and then lift it high in the air… yeah. *gg*

Hmm, somehow that is everything I resp. we can think of right now. I have the feeling this report is somehow weird and terribly incomplete, but somehow my brain left me again. Weird. I really enjoyed the concert a lot, but I won’t try to to compare concerts – my perception is always influenced by how I feel and where I am standing. This time I was up in front and had lots of fun. Let’s see how it’s gonna be tonight – how tired can you be and still enjoy a concert? *g*

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