3.10.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Tivoli, Utrecht)

The night in Utrecht started in a funny way – we had no idea where to go. OK, we had a street name, but Utrecht isn’t THAT small… So we were just going the way we thought should be about right, we only had a tiny map with very few street names on it, and soon we were completely lost. I stop by the side of the road to take my own look at the map and realize that we were exactly in the street we were looking for! And exactly in front of the house we were looking for. And just standing on a parking spot anyway. Unbelievable. *gg*

So we got our stuff inside (thanks and thanks again to Joan for letting us stay over!), then we were on our way to get something to eat (the funny thing about that was that I know exactly one pub from the last time I was in Utrecht, and guess where we went… *g*), and then to the concert!

Geoff Berner was sober, and the audience was so hot that they sang along from the first song (first song of Geoff Berner, I mean!). Wow! Total success.

Then Kaizers – with an _extremely_ long and great setlist. Crazy! OK, it was a little bad that we found out afterwards that the reason for this setlist was only that the wanted to practice for Copenhagen, but well, who cars. =;-) Christiania, På ditt skift, Auksjon and Dr. Mowinckel one after the other is just perfect…
The setlist (composed from the list itself and my memory *g*): KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Hevnervals, Container, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Bøn fra helvete, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Christiania, På ditt skift, Auksjon, Dr. Mowinckel, Mann mot mann, Dieter Meyers Inst.. Encore Evig pint, Ompa til du dør, Maestro, Gypsy Finale, 170.

As I don’t have any time at all, I’ll keep it short now. But anyway they didn’t talk very much, they had so much to play. They were running around in the audience a lot, Killmaster did it during his introduction, and Hellraizer and the Jackal went down into the crowd during Maestro (doing the chorus in the middle of the audience), then the Jackal took Hellraizer up on his shoulders and ran through all of the concert hall; the Jackal jumped into the audience again during Resistansen and kept on singing while he was surfing the crowd and so on. Impressive.

Hellraizer was just EVIL. Somehow he had a little too much color in the face *g*, and this was probably the definition of a bad hair day, but well, anyway he was the mother-of-all evil. And cool. And… hach. *gg*

The posed for a photo again at some point in time, with Hellraizer jumping up and down behind the others, seems he didn’t want to get in line with the others *g*; when the Jackal took off his jacket, people were screaming and applauding, which he answered with a plain “Hey, I’m not Brad Pitt or something – I’m the Jackal!”; then he gave the advice to all the boys to get themselves an acoustic guitar to impress the girls. And anyway, this was the best Monday the Jackal ever experienced, and the audience should just stay in bed for the rest of the week, ’cause nothing would ever top that. Actually, “you should just stay in bed until we come back next year”. During the questions about who comes from where, a drunk Dane shouted from the back – Hellraizer: “As always, the drunk guy in the back is a Dane”.

Then there was På ditt skift (yeah!) and Auksjon (also yeah!), and directly after that Dr. Mowinckel (hell yeah!). Hellraizer managed to bump down the microphone in the middle of the song and looked a little shocked to suddenly see it gone *g*, but well, as Killmaster seems to be earning a little extra as a backliner right now anyway (somehow the Jackal is never on stage when the _real_ backliner wants to hand him his guitar *g*), so he took care of that.

In the end we _almost_ got a last encore with Die Polizei, but the audience definitely wasn’t loud enough. Stupid Dutch. *duck* =;-)

Hach… a very very nice concert, an awesome setlist, I’m looking forward to tomorrow (they will have to practice the rest, right? *g*) – and I’m definitely looking forward to Copenhagen! Say halleluja!

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