19.3.2005 Skambankt (Drammen)

The Saturday started with LOTS of shopping. I wanted some CDs and DVDs, and in the end I found about everything I was looking for and spent far too much money. Plus I visited some of the sights again and took some very nice pictures, as the sun was shining very nicely, and even though it was damned cold, everything looked just beautiful. The only TERRIBLE thing that happend this day was that when I went into freerecordstore, and had just started to look at the offers, they played SCHNAPPI! Hey! There’s so much good music in Germany – why do you guys import all the crap??? I thought I was away from that stupid crocodile for a while, but now… it’s after me. Just because you’re paranoid… Ähm ja. Back to nicer memories. =;-)

After meeting up with Truls, buying some more CDs and having something to eat, we were on our way to Drammen. Cheap train, then running around in the cold to find out where and when the night bus leaves – then trying to find Union Scene. Hmm. This was something. No people around, everything was dark, the map was wrong, but in the end we found an entry and people who let us in even though the doors officially didn’t open until nine o’clock (okay, it was only ten minutes before that *g*). Then the waiting began…

… and we waited…

… and waited…

… and waited. Some people turned up. (I said “some”, and I mean, like five or six?)…

… and we waited.

Ähm ja, to cut it short, nothing happend until about 11:30. Then finally the support band went on stage. I’m not really sure what to think about them, from a musical point of view, they were GREAT. And I really liked some of the songs. But most songs were just too slow to serve as support for a punk band…

Then it was finally time for Skambankt! And again, they rocked. Wow!
Here’s the setlist:
Skambankt!, Me sa nei!, Demo attakk!, Revolusjonens aggregat!, Desertør!, Kort prosess!, KKK!, Panzer sjokk!, Alarm!, Skamania!

Tesomething didn’t talk as much as in Oslo, maybe because the crowd wasn’t really impressive. But at least there _was_ something like a crowd, I wouldn’t have thought so an hour earlier… *gg* So he let Don Fist do some of the talking, and he kindly explained they spent the whole day in DRAMMEN ROCK CITY! (yeah, ROCK CITY!). Lateron, Mr. Frontman asked something, _I_ thought he was asking who had heard the following song (Demo attakk) before, Truls said he asked who had the album, but well, the result was three people, and my answer was yes in both cases, so I didn’t lie. =;-)

During the last few songs, the crowd went crazy again, and after 50 minutes or so Skambankt went off stage again, much too soon. =:-(

Then I got myself a jacket, didn’t get a discount even though I came from Germany for that, but at least a funny discussion with the merchandizer (“Oh, so you’re Susi?” – “How do you know???” – “You sent all those e-mails…” – äh, only two, and that was urgent! *lol*), and made him get the rest of signatures on my poster.

Back to Oslo, back to Germany the next day (again a whole day of traveling) – and it was really worth it. Two great concerts, nice people, and lots of new CDs. Thanks to Truls, thanks to Skambankt, and I will definitely see you guys live again… this is a threat! =;-)

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