13.5.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Zeche, Bochum)

Six months since the last Kaizers show – too long. Definitely! But now the time had come again, finally!

Kaizers played in Bochum, at an event called “A night in Bochum”, where several different concerts took place. The one that was most interesting of course was the “Norwegian evening” with three Norwegian bands, Ephemera, Furia and Kaizers Orchestra.

After six and a half hours on the road, I arrived at the Zeche in Bochum and was surprised to see there was no one around that I knew – it turned out that not only the roads were terribly crowded and you couldn’t get to where you wanted, but it was the same on the train. So there was some time to relax, and soon enough more and more people turned up. Greetings to everybody, it was really nice to meet you – again or for the first time! =:-) At some point in time, Kaizers passed by to go to the parking lot to shoot some pictures, but well, we’re all so cool and chose to ignore them… *g*

Then the doors opened, we did a short “interview” (well, more like two words *g*) with EinsLive, had weird discussion with the people at the door (why the f*?k is it forbidden to go out and come back in?!? Everywhere else, there is no problem at all about that… *rolleyes*) – and then we were waiting for the beginning of the concert.

First, Ephemera came on stage. Hmm. Well, once I was in the unfortunate situation that I had to see and hear the German band “Wonderwall” live. It was horrible. Ephemera sounded more or less the same, but they managed to sing in the right key! Conclusion: rather un-exciting (or boring, in my opinion) music, melodic (but pretty unvaried) singing – it was ok to listen to it, but it was nothing I would really want to hear, honestly.

After that Furia entered the stage, a women-rockband, and they were better. At least during the first three songs or so, after that, you knew it and the rest was just repetition. But I don’t want to complain, that concert was really ok, but I was there for Kaizers and there was a little too much other stuff before it was finally time for the “big thing”… *g*

But then the time finally was there. When the stage was made ready for Kaizers, I already discovered an accordion on stage, so it was clear that there had to be some new stuff during the show! Then we caught a glimpse of the setlist, and we were just amazed – 5 new songs! Wow! Good that we only had to wait some more minutes now. It was becoming more and more crowded in front of the stage, and it was obvious that people were there for Kaizers and had waited a long time to finally be saved again!

As always, the concert started with the Russian Dance, and all big expectations were fulfilled. It was loud, it was hot, there was dancing and pogo, singing, shouting and screaming… waaah! One of the best Kaizers concerts I’ve seen so far! Unfortunately I had forgotten my brain somewhere on the highway, so I have to admit that I don’t remember much about the concert, except that it was awesome. Maestro will be the first hit single on the moon, the singing of the audience was the loudest in Germany up to now, and after some old songs they came to play the new songs. First a “whistling song”, something with “Flamingos”, only some seconds long, after that “Blitzregn Baby” – fast and rhythmic and great, then “På ditt sjift”, we already know that one, then “Delikatessen” – _really_ great, we had to do half of the singing without even knowing the song, tse… *g* – and then as last song “Maestro”, the new single. I have to admit that I don’t think Maestro is the best of the new songs, but well, let’s wait and see what will happen. And live it definitely rocked, I would say… =;-)

Well, as I said, my brain was somewhere else that night, so I can’t really tell anything else about the show. The Jackal explained explicitly what the new songs are about (well, I didn’t get it, but I don’t want to speak for other people and say that nobody understood it, but probably that is the truth, who knows… *g*), Hellraizer sat down on the monitor box in the meanwhile, making stupid comments =;-); the introduction of the band was great as always, and as encore they played the Gypsy Finale. And this was the time where everybody in the audience who wasn’t totally exhausted yet was really freaking out – just great. The Jackal jumped down from the stage and into the audience (he he, now I can say about myself that a rockstar fell on my head once *g*), and well, I believe it should be clear how awesome the whole show and the atmosphere was. Wow!

But that was it, no second encore, and afterwards I was busy getting my oil barrel – I mean, it was finally time to get one, after my 20th concert! The people from the club were very uncooperative, but with enough stubbornness and a little help from the stage (thanks!!!) it worked out. The barrel was a little bigger though than I had planned… *cough* So it took some time, but in the end we fit it into my car and could go on to the cozy part of the evening… But this definitely couldn’t take place where the people from the club wanted us to go, the small club that belonged to the Zeche – the music was just horrible… brr. So we just stood outside in the parking lot. Where then a little later and totally accidentally some rockstars turned up and spilled some information about the upcoming album and tour and whatever! =:-) All the information can be found on kaizers.de soon, I guess. Short summary: Maestro will be the first single, it’ll be out in June, they’ll also shoot a video in June – the album will be out in August, as was already known, and it’ll be great. *gg* And the tourdates are all fixed and confirmed and will be out in the next few weeks.

Well, and then we had to get out the barrel again and put it in the front seat, as there was no room for any people left the way it was (and as I had chosen to ignore the advice to set priorities – man or barrel! *lol*). But everything is possible if you try really hard, and so we were on our way to Wuppertal, where I could spend the night at Lauz’s place (thanks a lot again, this was really nice!).

Conclusion: This was definitely worth all the trouble and more. Until now I always avoided calling Kaizers “the best band of the world” (as this title is already taken), but well, they are! No question about it. And now it’ll be even harder to wait until September… well, luckily there’s this festival in France and Haldern before that! Woohoo!

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