The Garage/London

24.04.2013 Fozzy (The Garage, London)

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy!

Yep, Fozzy blew me away the first three times I got to see them. So I was more than happy when they announced the dates for their European tour – I had a week of vacation in London planned, with WWE events on Monday and Tuesday and a Kaizers Orchestra concert on Thursday. Fozzy announced their London gig for Wednesday – YAY!

I convinced some friends to come along; however, it turned out that they were too exhausted from sightseeing or got stuck in the Tube chaos that day, so I ended up going to the concert on my own. Which is something I’m used to, so I didn’t mind – but I really missed being able to share my “waaaaaaah!” feeling with someone afterwards.

The concert was just AWESOME! I arrived when Revoker were playing already, and the venue was packed. However, it filled up even more until Fozzy came on, and it seemed that most people in the audience where there for Fozzy. And – quite surprisingly actually, since WWE had been in town two nights before – it didn’t seem like a wrestling crowd, but there were much more Fozzy shirts than Y2J shirts. Good sign! And yep, you noticed it throughout the concert: People knew the songs and were singing along, there were no Y2J chants and no “Fandangoing” =;-), and people were REALLY into the concert.

The crowd was great – headbanging, fists in the air, Fozzy chants, all right from the beginning. Especially during the song “Enemy” the crowd was really loud, and we had to sing the chorus once more afterwards, without the band playing, which sounded amazing. “I think we should start a London chant now – that was fucking great!” – yes, it was! Right after, Jericho wondered if he shouldn’t just stay in London – “Can I crash in someone’s basement? Yes? Is you mom okay with it?”

So all in all, a fantastic show in front of a very enthusiastic crowd! It was sold out as well, and Fozzy definitely had their fans there, not everyone cared for Drowning Pool. Of course I stayed for their show as well, and it seemed that their fans were just as if not more enthusiastic, but their songs just aren’t that catchy in my opinion. Great show as well, but Fozzy definitely topped the bill. And they left me wanting more …

The setlist:
Spider in my mouth
Pray for blood
Inside my head
She’s my addiction
God pounds his nails
Shine forever
Whitechapel / To kill a stranger
Sin and bones
Martyr no more
Blood happens