25.03.2011 Kaizers Orchestra (Stollwerck, Köln)

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Waaah! And now the tour is REALLY getting started! Yesterday was great, but today was SO SO SO much greater! =:-) Well, I wanted to keep it short, but I know that won’t work with this concert…

The venue was packed – not quite sold out probably, but almost. I was surprised how wrong memories can be… I remembered the Stollwerck to be huge, but no, it definitely isn’t. Nice and cozy! And as I mentioned: packed with people… more precisely with Kaizer fans who were HOT for the concert.

So it was no surprise that the atmosphere was just awesome right from the start. Already after the first song, there was a (Norwegian) discussion on stage: “Are they all here to see US?!” – “Fantastic!”

As always, they started with the gypsy part, and the audience went crazy. By the time they played Resistansen, the Jackal was up on the barrel, directing the audience and the band by turns – and both sides looked up to him, hung on his lips and did everything he told them to. Sheer madness! But the beginning of Katastrofen is actually quite mean; Omen plays the beginning of Bak et halleluja on the organ, until the Jackal starts singing Katastrofen… =;-) And they played Djevelens Orkester again, yeah!

The Violeta part started out a bit more quietly, because the songs aren’t known that well in Germany yet, obviously. But it didn’t matter at all – I noticed again the enormous amount of energy that especially the Jackal puts into the songs. Philemon Arthur and Femtakt filosofi – wow, the guy LIVES these songs. And the audience was absolutely fascinated.

The one of the (many) highlights of the concert: En for orgelet, en for meg! I love the song, and it seems to be THE song of Violeta that is best-known in Germany. When it was clear which song would follow, there were cheers of joy from the audience. And it was absolutely crazy to see the audience during the song, just amazing! =:-D The Jackal had us sing along in German: “Eins für das Orgel, eins für mich!” Not quite right, but that makes it even more likable… *lol*

They played Diamand til kull again, which got a nice reception,and as I had expected, Psycho under min hatt was a wild pogo song. And then the Jackal tried to come up with the German translation for the song title “Svarte katter & flosshatter”. “Black cats and… uh?” Of course the audience could help him out! He just had to jump on the barrier and hold out his microphone to a girl in the front to get the translation: “Flusspferd!” Which means hippopotamus. Not QUITE the same, but close enough… *rofl* I don’t know if that was a joke or a guess…. but hey, “Black cats and hippopotami” is a great song title as well, right? =:-D

Then they played Hjerteknuser, which they had left out yesterday. A short break for questions from the audience (“Can I fuck you?” – “Yes, Jürgen, of course you can, right after the concert! And after that, we’ll take care of the rest of you… And by the way, this was the LAST question…” *lol*), and then it was time for the hits part of the concert. And this time this was 100% true – even though I gotta admit that I normally feel that the best part of the concert is over after the Violeta songs (Because I have seen and heard the remaining songs a few times *cough* before); this time, everything went up a few extra notches and the remainder of the concert was just awesome! The audience went completely crazy, people were jumping around, dancing pogo, surfing the crowd, and singing along – not matter what you sing, just do it! Sheer madness. Did I say that before? Whatever: sheer madness!

So the result was two encores – first KGB and Dieter Meyers, and then Bak et halleluja (I guess I don’t have to mention that the audience went crazy during that song, right? *g*). And while the audience kept on singing, the Jackal started tap dancing. The rest of the band stood around him, clapping and cheering him on… until they started to get enough of it and dragged him off stage. *lol*

The complete setlist: Intro, Delikatessen, Djevelens orkester, Veterans klage, Katastrofen, Sigøynerblod, Resistansen, Philemon Arthur & The Dung, Femtakt filosofi, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Diamand til kull, Psycho under min hatt, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Kontroll på kontinentet, Maestro. First encore KGB and Dieter Meyers Inst., second encore Bak et halleluja.

All in all, the concert was almost exactly two hours long – and my first sentence after the show as: “Better than Folken!” And yes, it was. Completely different, of course, but all in all: better. =:-D

And the lesson of the night: If the front man is fighting tears on stage, the audience did EVERYTHING right!

14.3.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Stollwerck, Köln )

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

The next concert, this time in Cologne. And the Cologne concerts have always been special – just like this time! The concert was amazing, the place was sold out, the audience wanted to have a lot of fun, the band had a lot of fun playing and the frontman had problems with his voice… But this didn’t matter much. Okay, sometimes he was croaking more than singing, but so what – if I want to hear it sung perfectly, I just listen to the record, I don’t need a concert for that! And I go to a concert if I want to see a few hundred people screaming, clapping, dancing, jumping and having a lot of fun – just like yesterday in Cologne.
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14.3.2006 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Stollwerck, Köln)

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
14.3.2006 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Stollwerck, Köln)