Kåte Klør

17.11.2018 Skambankt (Folken, Stavanger)

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

The next day, the next concert … this time at Folken! The expectations were high, because of course, the audience would be just as enthusiastic as at Checkpoint Charlie, but there would be a much better view even when keeping a bit to the side and staying out of the wildest part of the audience. All set for a perfect concert!

And that’s exactly what we got! A great concert, not as intimate as the Checkpoint gig, but with an audience that was just as much into it. Or maybe even more, judging by all the “Skambankt” chants between the songs. And if anybody still wonders why I would see the same band two days in the row, that’s exactly why – the concerts can be totally different because of the setting, but still both be perfect!

This time there were some cameras around, because Skambankt decided to do a music video for I dette huset (Disclaimer: them deciding to film does not mean that the music video will ever happen, let’s just wait and see and not ask about it every other week =;-p). And while they were filming the whole show to get enough material, the most important part was of course when they played I dette huset. Which started with Terje forgetting the lyrics … *ouch* You could tell he was really annoyed about this, and everyone felt bad for him – so when he apologized afterwards, there were “en gang til” chants right away. It was obvious Skambankt were a bit torn between wanting to give it another try and continuing the concert, but since we were asking for it … we got another version! =:-D Which apparently also had some kind of mix-up in the lyrics, but don’t ask me, *I* certainly don’t know the lyrics. *gg*

The setlist was almost the same as at Checkpoint, with an additional Mantra thrown into the main set. For encores, they asked the audience – which resulted in an unignorable request for Malin again … what is this, Stavanger? Are you kidding?! Seriously?

Either way, after suffering through Malin once again, Skambankt made up for everything by playing … KKK! =:-o YAY! I would have never expected that, unless they had actually practiced it beforehand … and honestly, that’s how it sounded at first! So all props for that, that was perfect … altså, I mean, until they got to the third verse and had no clue how it went. So no, they hadn’t practiced the song beforehand, which makes it even more amazing that they played it. THANK YOU! ♥

And as a final conclusion, the choice was between Min Eliksir and Slukk meg, and thank you Stavanger, everyone voted right and we got Slukk meg. Hey, I’ll take Malin any day if I get KKK and Slukk meg afterwards … =:-D

(And before anyone asks why I go see them so many times if I hate their songs so much – there are exactly two Skambankt songs that I don’t like: Malin and Min Eliksir. =;-) )

The setlist:

  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Skambankt
  3. Dynasti
  4. Voodoo
  5. Levende legende
  6. Mantra
  7. Horisonten brenner
  8. Tanker som mareritt
  9. I dette huset
  10. I dette huset
  11. Desertør
  12. Balladen om deg
  13. O dessverre
  14. Me sa nei
  15. Stormkast #1
  16. Vår bør
  17. Malin
  18. KKK
  19. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)

Oh, and the last song after they were done and while they were saying bye to the audience, was of course “Je t’aime”. Why not? And I can only answer: “Nous aussi”!

16.11.2018 Skambankt (Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger)

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

The last time Skambankt played at Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger was 12 years ago. That was my 5th Skambankt concert, and my first trip to Norway where I actually dared to speak any Norwegian.

I’d love to say that when I heard they would be playing at Checkpoint Charlie again, I did not hesitate but got my plane ticket to Stavanger right away. That would be a lie though … because of course, I already had my plane ticket to Stavanger to see them at Folken the next night. And of course I had expected a second show to be added, so I was all set already! It was an awesome surprise though that the first show would be in a tiny club. ♥

Checkpoint Charlie was just like I remembered it – tiny, crammed with people, and with a tiny stage in one corner that could hardly fit the support band Kåte Klør (who also played the next night and did a great job as warm-up band!). OK, that was partly due to Skambankt’s stuff occupying most of the stage, but still – Checkpoint is the definition of an intimate setting. =;-)

The audience was wild from the first second, and it didn’t make any difference if Skambankt played new stuff or old, everyone was into it. The setlist was pretty much the same as it has been all year though, without surprises. That was a bit of a pity, as I had really hoped they would do something special – like play old songs at Checkpoint and new ones at Folken, or a “rarities” setlist at Checkpoint and the normal one at Folken. But no complaints here, that concert was so much fun! =:-)

Both Levende Legende and I dette huset are “really about something completely different, but they totally fit Checkpoint Charlie, so let’s dedicate them to Checkpoint”. “Balladen om deg” is the very first power ballad they ever did, two years ago – seems it’s a fact by now that Søvnløs never happened. *lol*

After the last song, Skambankt skipped the “going off stage” part (not that they would have made it backstage through the audience anyway), and it was obvious they weren’t done for the night. “You want some more? Still more? Sure, we’ll continue!”

Don’t ask me why Stavanger loves Malin though … That wish was pretty much unisono, so of course they had to play it. Luckily the girl next to me was SO into the song that this actually made it fun – and I mean that really positively, there’s nothing nicer than seeing people totally in love with “their” song. Even if it’s a shitty song. *uhem*

Two more encores, Vår bør and Mantra, and as conclusion a little stage diving (which did not seem like the best idea considering that the ceiling was about 20 cm over people’s heads =:-o ), and that was it. And everyone was drenched in sweat and HAPPY! =:-D

The setlist:

  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Skambankt
  3. Dynasti
  4. Voodoo
  5. Levende legende
  6. Horisonten brenner
  7. Tanker som mareritt
  8. I dette huset
  9. Desertør
  10. Balladen om deg
  11. O dessverre
  12. Me sa nei
  13. Stormkast #1
  14. Malin
  15. Vår bør
  16. Mantra