Bret Hart

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Yep, I admit: I was a HUGE pro wrestling fan when I was a kid. I was watching everything (well, everything there was on German TV, which wasn’t a lot), I kept track of all storylines, I wrote down who fought whom at which show, hell, I actually learned English through the interviews (which were shown with subtitles at that time and not dubbed).

That was ten, fifteen years ago. Maybe even more? I don’t remember… I stopped watching long ago, when it became impossible to follow the storylines on German TV. Just reading the news wasn’t good enough to keep me interested.

Now, a while ago, I don’t remember what was the trigger, I started googling a bit. Ended up on Wikipedia, reading all about what Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had been up to in the mean time, and I stumbled about the “Montreal screwcase”. Huh? Never heard of that. Read through all the explanation and started wondering whether I had seen that and couldn’t figure out. 1997? Yeah, for sure I was still watching WWF back then! But Bret Hart left WWF to join WCW?!? Guess I erased that from my memory (yes, I was always a strong supporter of WWF and hated WCW – which left me kinda confused when everybody suddenly started misspelling WWF as WWE *g*).

While googling, I found out that Bret Hart has an autobiography out. Put it on my wishlist to order it some time, and got it for Christmas now. So right now I just started reading it – not very far into it yet though. I would love to spend hours reading, but I just don’t have the time. And actually, I’m struggling a bit with the jargon English, which surprised me – but I’m getting into it, slowly. 😉

And today I suddenly came up with the idea that YouTube might have some clips of Bret Hart. Well, sorry, I know that must be obvious to today’s kids, but hey: For me, WWF was something that you got to see on Tele 5 late at night and taped on VCR! WWF and YouTube just don’t fit together!

But oh yes, they do, and of course there’s LOTS of videos up there. Which means I won’t have much time for reading today either. 😉 But then, the first thing I found was Bret Hart making his return in WWE at the beginning of the month! 😮 And talking about the Montreal screwjob – which I still couldn’t place. And then there was a short “summary” clip of Bret’s career, of course containing that match. And YES, of course I have seen that! “Did you or did you not screw Bret Hart?” – “I did not have sex with that woman!” … Uh, wrong scene, but just as deeply burned into my memory. 😉

So yes, I have seen the “Montreal screwjob”. But: I absolutely bought it as part of the storyline! I never suspected this to be real. And that’s why it was just one more story for me, and nothing special…

Guess there will be a lot of surprises for me in Bret’s book. And it’s cool to know that I can probably go back and watch the respective matches again on YouTube. Even though I was already planning to look for my box of old payperview-recordings at my room back home at my parents’. *lol* Guess I gotta do that anyway though… Bret Hart, The Heartbreak Kid, Diesel, Razor Ramon, the Macho Man… oh, the memories! 😀