28.03.2011 Disco Ensemble (Musikbunker, Aachen)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Why do all bands have to go on tour at the same time? I was totally pissed when I saw Disco Ensemble’s tour dates… because they were at EXACTLY the same time as Kaizers Orchestra’s!
Then I took a closer look and noticed that they would play in Aachen on a Kaizers off day, just between the two concerts in Belgium and Darmstadt. So the trend continues – somehow I can always fit in a Disco Ensemble concert… *g* I mean, I’ve seen them all over Europe and Germany by now: In Hamburg, Munich, Wiesbaden, Wadern, and of course Stuttgart, in Oslo, in Austria, at Pukkelpop in Belgium. The concerts all just fit in in some way… and of course Disco Ensemble is a band that you just have to see, even if you have to travel a bit!

I arrived at Musikbunker and was a bit sceptical… what kind of club was that?! Tiny, run-down, trashy, … and hardly anybody there. Fortunately, the latter changed until Disco Ensemble came on. And they didn’t seem to mind the rest!

The setlist wasn’t anything special, but it included all songs you would expect. And the audience really went crazy! It’s always the same: On Disco Ensemble concerts, you don’t have a choice but to jump around and sing and dance and go crazy. From the first minute right until the last. Just awesome! Still, I’d love them to play more than just 60 minutes… of course it’s hard to keep going for so long, ’cause you’re constantly moving, but hey – they bring out so much energy that you don’t notice that you’re getting tired… =;-)

It felt a bit strange for me, in the middle of the Kaizers tour. And I was a bit afraid that I would be so excited about the concert that I would feel like the Kaizers concerts aren’t really worth it and I’m following the wrong band… And well: The concert was fantastic and I loved it, yes! =:-D But then it was so different from Kaizers concerts, that it couldn’t replace them. I just want both parts… Or maybe we should get Janove to give Miikka a lesson in talking, and get Kaizers to play a few Disco Ensemble songs, and combine the two? Or… how about having Disco Ensemble warm up for Kaizers, or the other way around? *g*

Just kidding of course. But hey… it’s so great to be on tour and get to experience such great concerts! =:-D