17.11.2011 Fozzy (The Rock, Copenhagen)

17.11.2011 – Photos Fozzy (The Rock, Copenhagen)

Waaaah! You know these concerts where you feel absolutely unprepared going in, and then you are totally blown away afterwards??
Or wait, if you’re not a concert junkie, you might not know this feeling. =;-) So, to elaborate: Fozzy is a band I discovered rather late; only this year, actually. So I got several albums at the same time, liked them, but never really had the time to listen to them as closely as I would have liked. I expected them to be a good live band, so I kept an eye on the tour dates… but I was reasonable enough to NOT drive three hours to see them warm up for some other band – was it Accept? – this spring. Or wait, was that actually reasonable? Naaah, now I think: that was plain out stupid! Gosh, what the hell was that?! =:-D

But let’s back up. I decided to include a little stopover in Copenhagen on my way to Norway, to see Fozzy there. Everybody would consider that crazy, I did myself (yes, okay, I needed to stop over anyway – but only for an hour, not for a day… *g*). But well, Fozzy played at The Rock; The Rock is a cool venue, and I desperately wanted to check out Fozzy. However, I felt unprepared. I knew the songs somewhat, but basically only the hook lines, just like you know songs you’ve been listening to in the background, but never taken the time to REALLY check them out.

Didn’t matter. Didn’t matter AT ALL! Fozzy absolutely blew me away, and it was just an amazing night. Awesome! *speechless*

But I’m getting ahead again, let’s start in the beginning. I didn’t get the name of the first support band – their music was nice, but there were too few people in the audience, so everyone was listening, but nobody really… cared, I guess. Still, not bad!

The crowd got more involved with the second band, Sister. Or well, crowd… there weren’t really a lot of people there, it looked really empty. However, the ones that were there were enthusiastic! Seemed like there were a lot of Sister fans at the concert, because there was quite a bit of dancing and cheering in the front. I had pretty mixed feelings about their gig. First of all: the music was good. Really good! I liked it a lot. But then, their outfit?! What was this supposed to be? Horror punk? Death metal vampyre style? Hey, if I wanted vampyres, I would watch Twilight… =;-) Anyway, good music, good atmosphere in the audience!

And then it was time for Fozzy! I was really sceptical at that time. I mean, there were SO few people in the audience, and of course that meant that the audience really wasn’t very loud. And you know these big American bands, if they play in front of an empty hall that doesn’t make noise, and they are totally annoyed and just try to get done with their concert, right?
Right? Wrong! So totally wrong! Fozzy came on, the audience cheered as loud as possible (which wasn’t that loud), and from one second to the other, the band exploded on stage, the audience was blown away, and the concert started out like none of the support bands had managed even remotely. Uuuh…. waah! So much energy on stage, so much “we don’t care how many you are and if you don’t know us, but you’re gonna have fun now! We’re ALL gonna have fun now!” And oh yes, we had… =:-) It’s hard for me to really describe the concert – all in all, it was just amazing. Chris Jericho is the perfect front man and got the crowd absolutely excited. However, I was really surprised how fast I went from “oh my gosh, that is Chris Jericho there, three meters from me” to “wow, what a great band with a great front man”! =:-) And yep, it wasn’t only Chris, not at all. All band members were so involved, obviously having great fun on stage (which is always great to watch!), and they played a perfect concert. Chris’ singing might not be perfect, but then – who cares? With so much energy on stage you hardly notice. And if you do, well… just sing along loudly. Even if you’re unprepared and only know the hook lines…
SO impressive, I was really blown away. As you might notice, I can’t really express myself, except for: THIS WAS AWESOME!

So on the next tour, I KNOW that I have to go see a concert. Or two… I hope I won’t have to go to Copenhagen again to see them, but if I have to… I will.

I did not wait for an opportunity for a little chat or some pictures after the concert – maybe I should have, but then, I’ve seen it before that that ruins the magic of the concert. Maybe next time. So I’ll say it here instead: Thanks so much, Fozzy, for an amazing concert! =:-)

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  1. Dan says:

    First band was …. CodeJAK x

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