24.04.2011 Xutos & Pontapés (Rockhal, Luxembourg)

24.04.2011 – Photos Xutos & Pontapés (Rockhal, Luxembourg)

Last June, when I saw Xutos & Pontapés in Évora, I would have NEVER expected to see them again two more times in less than a year. But in February, they played in Switzerland, and now they played in Luxembourg!

And well… even though I loved the concert in Switzerland, now I know that it sucked. Big time. At least compared to what Xutos delivered in Luxembourg, yeah! =:-D

First of all, I was impressed by the size. I attended a concert at Rockhal just a month ago, and it was a rather small venue. OK, I knew that they had another hall as well, and I expected that to be maybe twice the size, but that would still be small. Well… turned out that the big hall was actually about ten times the size of the small one, and the small one was actually used as cloakroom this time. (No, I’m not kidding…) My guess is that there were about 5000 people at the concert. Which means 5000 Portuguese, somewhere in Luxembourg… I’m still amazed by that. =:-)

So a huge hall, lots of people, sunshine outside, great atmosphere inside. There was a support band as well, playing hard rock/metal, didn’t get their name though. It was nice as support, but nothing really special.

Then, at a quarter past ten, the lights went out again and it was time for Xutos! As I noticed that a lot of people were googling for the setlist of the Switzerland concert, I had decided to try and get a setlist after the concert, so I could post it here – didn’t manage to get one though, sorry… =:-( So here’s just a list of songs that I’m pretty sure they played. It’s definitely not complete though:
Ai se ele cai, Sémen, Não sou o único, À minha maneira, O mundo ao contrário, Perfeito vazio, Superjacto, Homem do leme, Para ti Maria, Chuva dissolvente, Dia de S. Receber, Alta rotação, Circo de feras, Contentores, Quem é quem, Classe de 79, Alegre casinha, Para sempre

The concert lasted almost two hours. Unlike in Switzerland, Xutos didn’t play as many new songs in the beginning but started with well-known songs – a good idea, I think. And the audience loved it right from the beginning! Somehow, it seemed much more like a concert to me and less like some kind of “happening”, as it was in Switzerland. So the atmosphere was great right from the start, and the band seemed happy to give us all they had in store. Just amazing!

In the middle, we got a little acoustic set, just like they did it last year in Évora. That was nice – however, I think it was a pity they played Maria during that part of the concert. I mean, everybody was waiting for that song, and we enjoyed it as well, but then… the “real” version rocks so much more! It felt a bit like an economy version of the song. =:-/ But then they went back to the “real rock” afterwards, with a gigantic speaker on the backdrop and “Alta rotação”. So I’m not gonna complain. =;-)

Xutos did play some of the new songs as well, of course, at the beginning of the encores. And it was obvious that a big part of the audience didn’t know them, and the reaction was close to zero. That was sad! Especially because it really doesn’t take much to like these songs… I mean, they played Classe de 79. My Portuguese is really pretty bad, but when I first heard that song live, I loved it right away. So if you actually understand what they are singing about, how can you just stand there and wait for the song to be over?!?

But apart from that, the concert was just amazing! =:-D Thank you for coming to Europe, Xutos! Now, how about a little concert in Germany next? *gg*

Here are some YouTube videos from the concert:

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