27.03.2011 Kaizers Orchestra (Vooruit, Gent)

Hmm… not a big surprise: After the awesome concerts in Cologne and Amsterdam, it was time for a “normal” concert now. For me, that mostly meant a really strange mixture… on the one hand, I had a hell of a time (mostly because of the great company!), on the other hand, Kaizers seemed to do a bit of an “economy version” of a concert.

Somehow, most of my notes start with “no ..”, which isn’t a good sign for a concert. But then I talked to a few people after the concert who had seen Kaizers for the first time or only a few times – and they LOVED the concert. Which is really typical: Even on bad days, Kaizers manage to deliver a great show and convince the audience! =:-)

The setlist: Intro, Delikatessen, Djevelens orkester, Señor Torpedo, Sigøynerblod, Resistansen, Philemon Arthur & The Dung, Femtakt filosofi, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Psycho under min hatt, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Bøn fra helvete, Kontroll på kontinentet, Maestro. Encore Min kvite russer.

We didn’t get to see the bass drum today (not in Amsterdam either, but that was because there was a girl on stage during that song – this time the Jackal just didn’t want to do it, it seemed). And they skipped the introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet as well, because the Jackal had introduced the band earlier on already.

But of course there were quite a few funny and entertaining moments as well, for example during Resistansen. The Jackal conducted audience and band and pointed out who should be making noise at what time. And he didn’t point at the whole band only, but also pointed out single band members. That worked just fine – until he pointed at Omen… Omen didn’t want to play alone, or more precisely, he didn’t react at all. So the Jackal ran over to him, in full frenzy, and screamed at him in “tullenorsk” for not doing what he was supposed to do!!!1 Hysterically funny… *rofl*

Then the Jackal talked a bit about what he remembered from the last time they played in Gent – mostly the huge white stuffed tiger he bought that day for his daughter, and which is called “Gent” now… =;-)

Of course they kidded around again when Hellraizer joined the Jackal on the microphone. During Svarte katter, Omen poured water over his head before combing his hair. And the Jackal wanted to know if the audience understood their lyrics. Or did they travel so far for an audience that doesn’t understand ANYTHING?! Should they rather sing in another language, like Chinese? The Jackal would be able to do that, no problem, since his mother is Chinese. But that doesn’t work as well as the Norwegian lyrics. In any case, it’s a pity if we don’t understand the lyrics, because they are great. So great that Kaizers get an award for the lyrics every year (except for last year, because they didn’t do an album that year). Better than Shakespeare!

At the very end, during the encore “Min kvite russer”, the Jackal suddenly stopped singing in the middle of a line. “Any questions?” But probably the audience shouldn’t have laughed when he asked us to not interrupt his ART… *lol*

Haah… looking back at the concert like this, there were quite a few highlights. But it was a bit sad to see how many great parts they just left out this time.

Today is an off day, so time for Kaizers to recharge the batteries. And time for me for a little Disco Ensemble concert tonight!

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One Response to “27.03.2011 Kaizers Orchestra (Vooruit, Gent)”

  1. Morker says:

    Beruhigend, dass sich die Jungs ne kleine Pause gegönnt haben. War nach Köln auch nötig 😉
    Jetzt morgen wieder in Darmstadt Vollgas 😉 😉
    Thanks für die Berichte