25.7.2009 Kaizers Orchestra (Månefestivalen, Fredrikstad)

My last Kaizers concert was more than two and a half months ago – way too long, time for another concert! Even though I didn’t have the feeling lately that I really “missed” something the last weeks. But when the stage was set up for Kaizers, when the intro came on, and when Kaizers came up on stage, it did feel special. Hah… finally another Kaizers concert!

And even though I would love to write now that it was a stupid and boring concert – I can’t. It was just fantastic! OK, I haven’t seen them for a while, so probably I would have loved it even if they had delivered a really shitty show, but I’m pretty sure that, seen absolutely objective, this was a great concert! And it was the first time in the history of Månefestivalen that a night was sold out – so it just couldn’t be a bad concert in the end.

After the Russian Dance, the concert started with KGB. Then Hevnervals and Bøn fra helvete – which was a fitting start for a Norwegian festival audience, of course! And oh yes, that worked out very well. The Jackal was up on the barrels right from the beginning, and the audience had to sing. And they did! The Jackal was thrilled: “This here is a great festival, with a nice backstage area back there in the garden, with apple trees and so on… here in Gamle Fredrikstad, we always wanted to come here. And in return, I’ll invite all of you to come and visit me at home in Jæren! I have a garden there, you’ll all fit in there, no problem!” – But then Hellraizer wanted to know: “Uhm, why do ou never invite US, by the way?” – Jackal: “Well, you gotta know the difference. You are ‘job’. Those are friends! Do you understand?” – Hellraizer: “Yeah, okay, if you explain it like that, then I understand, yes…” *lol*

The next song was På ditt skift – and just like during the last tour, they ended the song before the slow part was supposed to come. But this time without following up with Fra sjåfør… Hrmpf. I would love to hear the full version again once – but okay, better the short version than not at all!
Then a “new” song: Kavalér. Hach… the memories! =:-)

At some point in time, the old question came up again: Who is seeing the first Kaizers concert? And who has been there before? Directly followed by the announcement that it’s so great to play home in Norway again, where people actually understand what Kaizers are saying. Not like abroad, where nobody understands a word… Tse. I’m really wondering if the Jackal always makes these announcements, or only when there’s Non-Norwegians in the audience. =;-p And just to put that clear: Even though I might have seen Kaizers before here and there *cough*, each and every concert is a first concert in a way. So yep, I do actually understand the question, some people just don’t get the answer, obviously. =;-P

Delikatessen was the next song (of course with Omen cleaning his shoes, as always *g*). The Jackal climbed high up on the speakers – and after the song, Hellraizer had to take over the mike (that the Jackal threw at him, actually *g*), while the Jackal was stagily rescued from up there. =;-) And the next song was Dr. Mowinckel, of course.

Then the question to the audience: “Are you ready?” Yes, we were ready! But Killmaster wasn’t.. “What, NOW he’s gotta tune his guitar?!?” But well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. *g* And finally, the audience could give the “Go” for Kontroll på kontinentet! Without the introduction, by the way – obviously they are getting tired of that. So the introduction was done lateron instead, after Sigøynerblod.

After that, Enden av November, and after the audience shouted “Go Geir!”, we got Apokalyps meg. Some time later, we also had to cheer them up with a “Go Kaizers!”. Uhm, yeah. *g*

And then it was time to test again who knows Kaizers concerts and who doesn’t. What do you do when both guitar players are up on the barrels? Right. Hands up and clapping during the beginning of Sigøynerblod!

Then some more gyspy, namely the intro to Resistansen. The audience started singing, but the Jackal jumped in: “Now wait, it didn’t start yet! Or… uh, so you think that it is THIS song?!?” Yep, of course that’s what we think. And it’s right… *g* So we were allowed to sing after all. And even though the Jackal obviously didn’t really trust the audience to know all the lyrics, it worked out great! And at the end there was even a new – at least for me – kind of audience interaction. The old conducting game about who is supposed to scream and make noise when. OK, that’s nothing new. Just that this time the parties were not the left and the right side of the audience, but audience and band. *g* Something that seemed to amuse parts of the band. And irritate other parts, at least that’s what it looked like. *lol*

As a conclusion, we got 170, and because time was running out (“We might be able to play two more songs?”), Kaizers didn’t bother to go off stage, but continued right away with Di grind. The climax was Maestro then, of course, which worked out perfectly.

And that was it – or wasn’t it? I didn’t expect an encore, but yes! Omen and the Jackal came out again and started with Kvite russer! Yeah! And of course the rest of the band joined in later. They definitely celebrated and stretched the ending again – the audience was singing (pushed up by the Jackal’s constant “Come on” shouts), and Kaizers were standing together at one side of the stage, singing in choir, with Omen conducting. *rofl*

And that was it, for real. A terrific concert, I love this band, and I will NOT check the tour dates now to find out if there really is no other festival I might be able to squeeze in somehow… uhem. =:-)

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