Hello and welcome to www.konzertjunkie.com! You’ll find lots of reports and pictures from the concerts that I visit all the time here on the site. Of course, those concerts are mainly shows of my favorite bands, namely Kaizers Orchestra, Die Ärzte, and Skambankt – but not only! I don’t call myself concert junkie for nothing… 😉

This website has existed for quite a while, but now I finally found the time to restructure it in a practical way. So now you can actually find entries about specific bands, clubs, or towns by selecting the respective tag on the right-hand side, or you can select entries that have been written at a specific date. (OK, sometimes part of the query is lost, but hey, better than nothing, right? ;))
And finally I managed to do this site in two languages – not to the end, I admit, but much better than it was before. The menu structure will remain in German, but I think you’ll be able to find your way anyway. 😉 And of course most entries will be available in only one language, but I assume that this will be English for all bands and festivals that might be interesting for everybody who doesn’t know German. The German text will always be in green pen, and the English in blue.

You can jump to specific concerts via the calender – but this is still work in progress, because I only moved to this site a short time ago and I have to add the calendar entries manually. And of course that is not the only thing left to do – some report and photo entries aren’t linked yet, the photo preview often shows the first photo of the set instead of the nicest one, and the blog hasn’t been moved at all yet. But I’ll keep working on it – and it took me years to get konzertjunkie.de to look the way I want it, so now a few more weeks won’t matter. 😉

For now, the old site is still online here, so if something doesn’t work, you can always go there. But I hope you won’t want to! 😉

And in general: If you would like to participate, just drop me a note (you can find an e-mail address in the “Impressum”), and I’ll create an account for you. You are very welcome!

And now: Have fun reading, and leave some comments!

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