12.03.2009 Skambankt (Parkteatret, Oslo)

And here we go again – three days, three Skambankt concert! And NO problem whatsoever to get to Norway this time! =:-o Let’s hope that’s how it’s gonna stay…

The concert started fairly early, but Parkteatret was pretty full. Even though Skambankt had played in Oslo last month already, so that was a good sign! As always, the concert started with Vår Bør, which is the perfect opening song. And the crowd loved it from the first second! Honestly, I didn’t get so much of the atmosphere because I was standing far to the side, but in the middle, the crowd was cooking right from the beginning. And Skambankt were very impressed by that and knew after the first song already that this would be a “magic” concert and one of the best of the tour!

But then, who hasn’t heard that before? =;-) I have to admit that at the beginning of every Skambankt concert, I have the feeling that okay, I’ve seen that before, I’ve heard that before (word by word, actually), and why do I travel so far just to see that again and again? And it always takes about two songs, and then I know why: Because it is just so much fun!
(Even though some people could really try to come up with some new lines to say between the songs, uhem… *g*)

The next song was Skambankt, with loud participation of the audience of course. Then Løgnprofitør and Me sa nei, where we had to count up to 16 in the middle. Then Dynasti – and for some reason, the first verse didn’t quite rhyme this time. =;-) But Terje managed to conceal his little memory leak VERY well – if it hadn’t been for Tollak grinning and shaking his head, nobody would have noticed. But then, he stopped grinning pretty fast when he suddenly ended up in the wrong key a few seconds later. =;-)

Up next: Malin. I hadn’t heard that one live before and honestly: NO! That just doesn’t work. I mean, the song is nice, but is just so not Skambankt. At the concert, it really didn’t fit. Pop at its best… They did the best they could by inserting a little break in the chorus and letting the audience sing the “Maaaaaaaalin”, which worked out alright after the audience had understood what they where supposed to do, but still… this song killed the atmosphere a bit, in my opinion… =:-(

But they managed to take it up again very easily by playing Desertør afterwards. Of course including their little “guitar ballett”. =;-) And then: Skamania! Jippieh! They hadn’t played that one on the first two concerts, but I’m really happy that it is back in the set. So cool!

The next song was Alarm, of course with a drum solo in the middle again and someone who was called up on stage to count in afterwards. This time it was Else who had travelled all the way from Bergen to see the concert! And yes, I can confirm the rumors that someone had travelled from Germany as well. =;-)

Then it was time for the two big superhits, Tyster and O Dessverre, before they took it down a bit with Tanker som mareritt. Again with some text problems, but hey, the song is still new.. =;-) And then Stormkast #1 as the last song of the set.

But of course they came back for encores! First Nok et offer and KKK, and then, after they went off again, they came back once more and played Min eliksir.

And that was it! Great concert, and a great venue, by the way! I regretted a bit that I hadn’t taken my camera, the light was perfect for pictures. But well, next time then… =;-)

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