7.2.2009 Skambankt (Haugesund)

I really don’t know how all the bad karma about Skambankt concerts comes about. I mean, I made it to Haugesund without problems and saw another great concert, but right now I’m sitting at Haugesund airport with a chance of maybe 10% to actually make it back home today. Yeah. So forgive me if the report should sound negative in some way, it’s not because of the concert… =:-(

Anyway, back to yesterday. I didn’t really see a lot of Haugesund, because I was tired, cold, and all the shops were closed already when I arrived. But it looked like it might be a nice little town in summer! At night, I met up with some friends for dinner and Vorspiel (tusen takk, det var koselig! =:-)), and then we got on the way to the concert. We missed the first support band, and Kvelertak were okay again. But I was more busy admiring the stage and the good view, actually. =;-) The stage was huge and pretty high up, so that you could see very well from everywhere. It wasn’t too crowded, but it didn’t look empty either, so that was perfect – especially because you had lots of space to dance and move about. And after the show in Bergen, that was what I wanted – being able to move without anybody getting too close. =;-)

Skambankt came on and delivered a great show again. It wasn’t as intense as in Bergen, because the audience was much less wild, and the concert seemed pretty short to me (just about an hour – I don’t know how long they played in Bergen, probably not longer, but it FELT longer *g*). Still, it was great fun!

Here’s the setlist: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me sa nei, Feil, Trygge Rammer, Alarm, Tyster, O Dessverre, Dynasti, Tanker Som Mareritt, Stormkast #1. First encore Nok et offer and KKK!, second encore Min eliksir.

According to Terje, there was only one third of people there last time. And this time, we were two thirds (huh?!). But yes, Haugesund can count! As the audience proved in Me sa nei again – but this time, we only had to count up to 30 or so… =;-) During Alarm, they got a guy up on stage again to count in, and he managed on first try. And wait, now I skipped over Trygge Rammer! Yep, they played Trygge Rammer! =:-) Very nice, very danceable. But still not THE song from the album that I want to hear… *g* Well, they will have some more chances there. IF I actually dare to travel to Norway again, that is… *sigh*

Then it was Tyster again. I didn’t see the “real” setlist this time, but it’s quite possible that it was spontaneous again. But this time without the last part, where the audience sings the chorus… too bad, that was impressive in Bergen.

What I really found impressive throughout the concert is how much they can steer the crowd by now. No, not by telling them to clap or scream, but just by standing there and maybe waving a hand. Or just staring! And a few seconds later, the audience will just shout “hey” in unison or clap or whatever. Really cool. =:-)

I was sure they wouldn’t come back after KKK!, because I don’t think I’ve seen them play more than one encore before – but they did and added Min eliksir as last song. OK, that’s the song I really don’t like – but then, it really wasn’t too bad this time. =;-) And it gave me the opportunity to go to the back and take some pictures there – and to realize that the view from the back was actually even better than from in front of the stage. As I said – a really nice venue!

So another great concert! Didn’t reach up to the one in Bergen, but still it was very very nice. And without all the flight trouble, it would have been a really great weekend. =:-/

PS: I did make it home. Kind of… =:-/ Just cost me 18 hours of travelling, 250 Euro extra and a lot of nerves. Only because SAS decided to cancel my flight. Thanks a lot. Well, at least I was at home around 3:30 at night… and right back to work the next morning, yeah! *grr*

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