28.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Postbahnhof, Berlin)

The next show in Berlin… But it started long before the concert already, with a visit to the museum. There was an exhibition about Norway – featuring a real Kaizers Orchestra oil barrel! As we learned later, this was to represent the relation between technics and culture, thus oil and music. There was a press conference planned for this day where the Jackal and Omen turned up to answer some questions. The only problem was that nobody really knew what was supposed to happen – but this didn’t matter too much as there were some Polish and Norwegian fans there as well. Which means we could chat a little while waiting, and then the press representative of the museum turned up to tell a bit about the exhibition (in German…). After that, Kaizers answered some questions, there were a lot of pictures, and in the end we could look at the exhibition for a moment.

That night at the concert, most of the museum-fans ended up in the first row, but me and Juliane decided to stay a bit in the back – which was very nice for me, ’cause the atmosphere was really nice there as well, and I enjoyed to not feel “watched” throughout the concert (yes, I’m paranoid *g*). It was really fun, the atmosphere was great, and Kaizers as well. =:-)

The setlist: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Ompa til du dør, Bön fra helvete, Container, Senor Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Min kvite russer, 9mm, Katastrofen, Dieter Meyers Inst., first encore: Du og dine, Bak et halleluja, Maestro, second encore: Sigøynerblod, Resistansen.

In the beginning, they played their set without any pauses. One song after the other, no long announcements, no breaks between the songs. They even skipped the guitar intro of Kontroll på kontinentet, because Killmaster didn’t have his guitar yet when the Jackal wanted to start. That might sound a little negative, but it was not – like this, the energy stayed up from song to song. And there can be impressive moments even without long announcements. For example, when the Jackal asked us whether we knew the next song before Ompa til du dør. We said yes, and he wanted a proof – “then sing!” The “vett kva du har i vente” was easy of course, but also the “vett kva du går å håpe på” worked!

During his solo in Container, Killmaster shot the first row, while playing, of course. Hellraizers guitar solo in Mann mot mann ended up being a little too long this time. So Killmaster went over to him to remind him that the others also would like to play a little now. But no success. =;-)

There were no big surprises during the introduction, except for Hellraizer and the Jackal conducting long discussions underneath the towel. During Min kvite russer, we had to squeak again, and it sounded really good again. =;-) Elvis was serving drinks again and had to spend half the song in butler posture behind the Jackal until he had time to pick up his drink.

After that, Kaizers asked around if someone from Finnland was there. Yep, and she even knew Finnish. Someone from Poland? The first row was very excited about that question, I guess. =:-) And they had to say something in Polnish as well. The Jackal didn’t believe a guy claiming to be Norwegian – “you look like a German, with the big nose and the blue eyes… uh, did I say something wrong now?” But then the guy could convince him after all that he really was Norwegian. =;-)

Lateron the Jackal remembered that their favorite pub in Stavanger had some polish words written above the door – so he asked the Polish girls what that means. But obviously this was not too easy to translate. Hellraizer guessed the meaning then: “Probably it means ‘No parking'”.

During Katastrofen, Killmaster suddenly started to dance around on stage. *rofl* No idea what that was about, but if there’s something I’d never have expected, it’s Killmaster dancing on stage… *g*

Dieter Meyers (“The song with a German name in the title. No, the other one!” *rofl*) was great like always. In the very end, Hellraizer threw his crowbar into the barrel – which caused Thunder to grab him by the collar and drag him off stage. Well, it was the end of the concert anyway. =;-)

As encore, they started with Du og dine and then played Bak et halleluja. The audience was singing enthusiastically and there was no way of stopping them – the Jackal tried with “Thank you!”, “I love you!”, “You can stop now!”, “That is enough now!”, but the everybody just kept on singing. Then he asked whether we love Kaizers – and well, that was really mean, ’cause of course everybody had to scream “yeeeeeaaaah” then and the singing was over. *grmbl* =;-)

Well, and then Hellraizer ruined the organ. That’s what happens if you throw an oilbarrel-banging-stick into the air and don’t manage to catch it… =;-) It landed on the organ, and somehow a key got stuck and the organ hummed a low noise all the time. Elvis tried hard to repair it during the break before the second encore. And the best part of it was watching Omen – if looks could kill, Kaizers would now be a 5-man-band. *rofl*

When they came back to play Sigøynerblod, we had to lift up our arms of course. And “say yeah! Say halleluja! Say you love me!” – but well, somehow the Jackal didn’t like our “you love me”. *g*

During Resistansen, the whole band started to improvise wildly. Not only the Jackal, but he took over after the band was playing weird stuff for a few minutes. =;-) Drawing out every note and ending up every word with “Thank you! I love you!” – even when he had to cough. *rofl* But then he suddenly said “hey, this is stupid”, and they ended the song in a perfect way.

Hach. Every day I go to the concert with the thought that it might happen that the concert will be a little worse today – but in the end, I’m always amazed. All concerts are completely different, but all are perfekt in their own way. And it’s so much fun every day… Kaizers are great. =:-)

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