26.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Rote Fabrik, Zürich)

I love this band.

This time, I didn’t expect very much (“There’s no way they could top the concert in Munich!”), but I was really looking forward to the show. And well, the concert exceeded all expectations, and it was something you really could look forward to! All in all, this time it was more of a “talking concert”, even though they were playing song after song without talking in the beginning. But towards the end, there was more and more talking…

The setlist: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Bøn fra helvete, Container, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn baby, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Min kvite russer, 9mm, Katastrofen, Dieter Meyers Inst., first encore: Du og dine, Bak et halleluja, Maestro, second encore: Resistansen.

There was so much funny stuff happening during the concert, so I will cut it all a little short, otherwise it’ll take forever to write this report. =;-)

In the beginning, a spectator entered the stage (which wasn’t too hard as there were no barriers and the stage was fairly low) and jumped around until Elvis motioned him elegantly to please get back down now.

Then the Jackal discovered a certain guy in the front row dressed in shirt and tie, and of course he had to get the tie in order first, before he got him on stage during Container so that he could use the towel to make sure the gentlemen Kaizer get some fresh air during the song. But of course, the Jackal also fanned him some air afterwards.

Kaizers got a lot of presents. The first cigarette the Jackal got he passed on to Killmaster. The second was for Omen, he got up very slowly to get it but didn’t really know what to do with it afterwards. =;-) After that, it was enough for the Jackal – he told us that all further presents should be left at the merch stand now. That’s the way they always do it, and normally, they get around 50 presents per show…

Then they asked who comes from where. One was from Finnland, the majority from Zürich, and a few from Sweden. But – “If you are a Kaizer fan, you know that we have a problem not only with Houston, but also with Sweden. So get out!”

After that, a long discussion about how to pronounce Zürich. The Jackal was very impressed by how James Hetfield pronounced it when they saw a Metallica concert in Zurich. “Zurich” – with a dark rocker’s voice. And of course, a rocker in a Metallica shirt had to come on stage and show how to say it. And throughout the concert, they sticked to this pronunciation. *g*

It was really nice to look at the soap bubbles someone was making in the middle. But don’t ask me why the Jackal suddenly started barking during Senior Flamingo…

The introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet was a little different this time. The Jackal was whispering more than singing, and over all, it was much slower. So of course Thunder improvised a completely new solo before the band went back to the “normal” introduction. Killmaster did the “Moses” again and fell in love three times on the way through the crowd, which he told us in very bad English. Yes, he loves his work! (Did you know that “work” sounds very similar to “wife” in English? *rofl*)

Then the new song 9mm – “Do you like that? You don’t even know it yet, how can you say yes?”

It was a Sunday, so the Jackal asked us whether we had been in church. Halleluja! (And a halleluja must always come from the heart and not from the lung!) The Jackal himself wasn’t there in church today, but “did you pray for me?”
And during this announcement, the Jackal was very lucky that looks cannot kill, ’cause otherwise, Omen would have turned into a sinner…

So, that’s about all I can remember. All in all, the atmosphere wasn’t as enthusiastic as in Munich, but that would have been really weird. And the audience was hot and having a lot of fun, just like the band. And even though I was a little annoyed in the end to see that there’s idiots at Kaizer concerts as well, trying very stupidly (and twice!) to steal a crowbar, the audience was very good in general.

Well, then we had to chat a little and it took far too long until we left – and at the border, it happened for the first time that I couldn’t just pass but was actually stopped. “Where are you coming from?” – a terrifying moment of blackout. How should I know where the concert was tonight? Göteborg? Cologne? Munich? But it occured to me fast enough, luckily. “And what did you do there?” – “We were at a concert.” – “Oh, so who was playing?” – “Kaizers Orchestra”. A very confused look. “They are Norwegians.” – “Norwegians, aha.” *rofl*
And in this very moment I was REALLY happy that the plan of my passenger hadn’t worked out and thus the dialog did NOT go on like this: “What do you have in your trunk there?” – “An oil barrel.” – “An oil barrel, aha. And – why do you want to cross the border in the middle of the night with an oil barrel in your trunk???”

Uhm yeah. It was just awesome. =:-)

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