17.11.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Trädgår’n, Göteborg)

If there is one thing I planned for this tour, it was writing SHORT concert reports. But somehow I have the feeling I’m gonna drop that plan for the first concert already… =;-)

After sightseeing in Göteborg for a day (in the rain, of course), me and Linda were on the way to Trädgår’n. And we were there verrrry early – obviously Swedes take their time arriving at a venue. It took more than an hour before the first people started to reserve their places in the front row. So it didn’t take much effort to convince me to start the tour in the first row. And it was worth it!

First Geoff Berner entered the stage. I had come to love him and hate him during the last tour he did with Kaizers… This time it was more the “loving”, it was fun seeing him again. And he was – well, not sober, but he still seemed to know what he was doing. At least when he came on stage, ’cause obviously he didn’t plan on his plea about passing some whiskey from the bar to the stage having any effect… =;-) But he even got two glasses. And well, he needs the alcohol because the Kaizers audience is so terribly frightening… *rolleyes* He played four or five songs, and then the stage was ready for the Norwegians.

They started in the usual way: Russian Dance, and then first Thunder and Mink entered the stage, followed by Omen and Killmaster, then Hellraizer and last the Jackal. They started with KGB, and the Jackal didn’t even bother wearing a shirt this time (too lazy to wash it? *g*), so he just came in an undershirt and jacket. They continued with Delikatessen (with a long and motionless break in the middle of the song, very impressive!), Container, Ompa til du dør and Bøn fra helvete. Then the Jackal announced the solo of the man who won the world whistling championship in Cologne in 1999. Senior Flamingos Adieu, of course, followed by Blitzregn Baby and two guitar players climbing the barrels for the first time.

After that, the Jackal explained (in a mixture of Swedish and Norwegian of course, which was much easier for me to understand than “real” Swedish… =;-)) that he had gotten a hint from someone that Swedes like to dance. So the next song was Mann mot mann, and after that, “the song that people in Europe know as well” – Kontroll på kontinentet. With the introduction of the band of course, including Killmaster doing the Moses and dividing the crowd!

Up to that point, the setlist seemed familiar. But then the Jackal took out his earplugs, so I waited for a ballad. Hmm… Christiania? Jævel av en tango? But no, first he told us we have to sing along now. And two different melodies! If that could work in Sweden? Well, it did in Belgium, even though they don’t understand Norwegian. (Uhm, Belgium is in two weeks from now, but well… *gg*) I was still wondering about which song they would play, but then Hellraizer and Mink sat down at the left side of the stage and started chatting, Killmaster and Thunder did the same at the right side, and Omen and the Jackal were the only ones working, obviously. Omen started playing, and the Jackal explained what we were supposed to sing. The guys were singing “na na na”, while we girls had to sing “KVIT! KVIT! Russeeeeeeer!”. Argh! I heard a recording of this song once, and I was rolling on the floor laughing because of the guitar players squeaking KVIT all the time… *lol* And now I had to do it myself, gnaah… But I must admit, it sounded good in the end. Better than if they had started squeaking on stage, I guess. *g* But it’s too high for me, sorry. Anyway, they played “Min kvite russer”, and it was amazing!

And then they continued with new things, and actually with a completely new song. They didn’t announce it, but this was probably “Den sjette sansen”. I liked it! My first association was “Dead or alive” of Bon Jovi, but as I was a big Bon Jovi fan once, I don’t mind at all… it sounded nice, but I need to hear it a few times before really judging it. *g* After that, the Jackal announced a new song, and they played “9mm”. Also very nice. Pretty “pop-py”, and it’s about a revolver, which is fairly easy to hear as they repeat it over and over again. *g* But the same thing here – I need to listen to it a few times before I decide if I like it or love it. =;-)

Then, after the new songs, they went back to the very first Kaizers song, thus Katastrofen, and directly afterwards, Hellraizer got to take over the mike. They played Dr. Mowinckel, but of course they took some time to decide on what instrument the Jackal should use to hit the barrel. The result: the big crowbar, of course! After that Maestro, and then they went off stage.

Of course the audience screamed for more, and Kaizers came back. Omen (who had won my price for best actor on stage that night earlier on already – I’ve never seen anybody play a solo this “bored” before, and his scene when he was aiming and dropping the crowbar directly onto the rim during Bøn fra helvete before was also really funny *g*) had problems finding his spot again, so Thunder lead him back to the organ. =;-)

We didn’t just get one more song, but two – no, even three! Exactly, they played the Gypsy Finale! I was really surprised, ’cause they had said they wouldn’t play it anymore? But who cares, it’s always a lot of fun. The guitar players were hitting each other in the back, everybody was teasing Mink, and of course the Jackal got another one of his “artist attacks” during Resistansen. “This is my kunst!” *rofl* It was kind of sad that after that, the audience just went home instead of asking for a second encore…

So, all in all, this was a perfect tour start. The concert was great, I enjoyed it a lot – and at the same time I knew that it’s still possible to top this. What else could you want for a first concert?

The only thing I missed was Thunder painting his picture. When I read the announcement on kaizers.no, I thought he was planning to do that during the complete tour, and not only in Norway… but obviously not. =:-/

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