28.6.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Ulmer Zelt, Ulm)

Finally a concert nearby. Only one hour from where I live, wow – so it didn’t matter that the concert was during the week, ’cause it’s close enough to just drive there after work… well, or not. ‘Cause of course the kaizers.de forum decided to do a fan get-together on the day of THAT concert. Which was a damned good idea… =:-)

So, this time it didn’t start by arriving at the club (of course not, as the concert was in no club but in a circus tent). Instead it started about 20 km away at the monastery of Blaubeuren! Where we first got a perfect guided tour through the monastery (thanks a lot, Annie, that was really great!) before we walked up to the Blautopf, a blue lake (and I MEAN blue). And on the way back, of course we had a group picture taken. =;-)

But after that, it was time to get to Ulm. In the beer garden outside of the tent, more and more fans joined us. Very nice, great to meet you all – we’ll really have to do that more often! And maybe I’ll even recognize some of you again… aehem. When we tried to do another BIG group picture, the doors opened, which kind of messed up our plan, but well… *gg*

But I’m writing too much. The sheet with notes is full, and I want to write all that, so I’d better start with it… =;-)

So, let’s get started with the setlist. Those are the songs that were on it – but as I got a picture of the setlist before the concert this time, I didn’t care to remember the order of the songs, so I’m not sure if it’s corret. *g*
Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Senor Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn Baby, KGB, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Sigøynerblod, Katastrofen, Di grind, Delikatessen, Evig pint, Maestro, Dieter Meyers Inst, encore 170.

The tent was pretty full – there could have been a few more people inside of course, but I’m not sure if I would have liked that. Like this, it was about 40°C in there, I guess, and that’s enough for me, thank you very much. *g* The atmosphere was good, the people in the front knew their lyrics, and the band was in a very good (and talkative *g*) mood. What else could you want? Or well, the right question is probably: What of it would you like to NOT have? Well, I could come up with an answer to that last question – how about a bleeding guitar player? =;-)

During the first announcement, the Jackal made clear: “We have a problem here on stage tonight. There was a little accident backstage, just before the show, with a knife…” Well, that explained why Hellraizer’s hand looked as if he had just gutted a chicken, or something… waaah. *shiver* But actually, it really wasn’t that bad, it just looked terrible, but after he got his finger fixed up for the third time, he didn’t even leave a trail of blood anymore! =;-)

But this was a very welcome source for talk, of course. Starting with things like “this guitar was WHITE before the concert startet” (about the red guitar, of course *g*), followed by the statement that the fingers are the most important thing for rock musicians – to which Hellraizer responded with panic in his eyes: “Am I fired now???” – up to praises, what Hellraizer does for the band, all this dedication… “Plus, it’s his 39th birthday today, sing Happy Birthday for him!” *rofl*

During Kontroll på kontinentet, Kaizers made use of all the advantages you get from a concert with low stage and without barriers – Killmaster divided the crowd and went out to check the air at the far side of the tent, and lateron, the Jackal took Hellraizer on his shoulders and went for a walk through the audience. Cool!

Sigøynerblod was nice as always, hands up, and we had to scream “schneller” again – and they obeyed gladly. After that a song whose intro was selected amongst the “100 best intros” in Sweden, and they already wrote it in 97. And… well, didn’t play it live, or, yes… anybody who got that announcement? *rofl* I just remember I was puzzled, and then they played Katastrofen. *g*

Some more talk before Delikatessen, something about the best song that was ever written… but of course that is not the following song, ’cause the best song ever written is by Metallica (as Killmaster pointed out inconspicuously by playing the intro *g*). But then we had to guess what the next song would be, and for every suggestion, the Jackal answered with “no, this one is better!”. By the way, did I miss the joke there, or was I the only one who noticed Kaizers exchanging glances on stage and saying “Delikatessen” just before they started that quiz?!?

Anyway. There were a lot more cool announcements, but I’m not really sure what songs they were for. So I’m just gonna list them without context, that’s much easier. *g* And of course they are only very vague approximations of what maybe has been said. If anybody had a brain for rent, I might be interested… *gg*

  • “It is SO hot in here! But before the show, we were backstage in a very little tent, and it was so terribly hot in there. And we asked them how that could be, and they just said: ‘It’s the sun!'”
  • “Is it always so hot here in summer? This is too warm for us. We are used to the cold. We come from the land of vikings and polar bears!”
  • Answering the question from the audience if he was sweaty, the Jackal wrung out his tie (and yes, it started dripping!): “And this is only my tie. Just imagine my underwear!”. After that, there was some pause, and after a while Hellraizer remarked: “Okay, I think they imagined it long enough now…” *rofl*
  • And of course they had to start talking about the soccer world cup. The Jackal declared that he is certain that Germany will win the world cup. No reaction (and I mean NO reaction at all!) from the audience. *rofl* Hellraizer: “Yes, okay, you’re right – a few days ago in Holland we said that Holland would win…” – Jackal: “Yes, but hey, that’s what you gotta tell those people! They forgot it directly afterwards anyway. But I’m sure: Germany will win the world cup!” – Still, no reaction from the audience, and Hellraizer confirmed what we already suspected: “Well, we’re not touring in Brazil, so…”
  • And the next song was of course dedicated “to the Kaiser – Beckenbauer”. *lol*

Apart from that, some gymnastics on stage, finally we got asked to scream “Save me, Kaizer!” again, and we once more got the kind invitation “Singen Sie bitte!”. *gg*

At some point in time the Jackal asked if they should take a break or continue – the answer was continue, of course, but probably that cost us the first encore. =;-) After the normal set (which ended with the song with the German title, of course *g*), they only came on stage once to play just one song, 170. When they came out, Mink was carrying an umbrella and Killmaster wore Omen’s helmet. No idea what that was about. Especially the umbrella. *rofl*

But of course we weren’t satisfied with just this one encore, so we kept on screaming and singing and clapping – we even managed to sing a little bit of Mr. Kaizer. Of course it was obvious that this was in vain and they wouldn’t come out to play anything else – but we had to make clear that we would want to hear more! *g* And well, after a while, the Jackal came back on stage for a moment – wearing his underpants, the top hat and a cigar. *rofl* But he was gone as fast as he had come on, and of course, that was it.

We ended the evening in the beer garden again, sitting together and talking, with very nice temperatures outside – it was just a little sad that some people had to leave directly after the show. But well, we’re gonna make up for that next time, at the next fan meeting!

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