12.3.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Effenaar, Eindhoven )

Finally another tour! And this time I decided to skip some of the concerts in Germany, they are just too far to drive. And Holland surprises me every time I go there, it’s just so close? =;-) Weird. Well, so the first concert of the tour was in Eindhoven. On the way there I got to visit Uden, picking up Linda there, and then we were on our way to Eindhoven. And looking for the Effenaar… according to their website, “you see it as soon as you are at the station”. Sure… especially if you come from the wrong side! =;-) But even if you’re on the right side, a little sign would be really really helpful…. But well, we found it in time, so no complaints.

It was a first time for Kaizers in Eindhoven. There were quite a few people there actually, cool – it was not sold out, and honestly, it looked a little empty in the beginning, but when the concert started, it was filled up pretty well, no question about it.

It started with Micke from Sweden. He was hiding behind his piano, which seemed a little weird, but it was fun after all. Only that people were talking a lot, nobody really seemed to listen. But well, if you don’t see anything? But the music seemed really nice, I’ll wait until I’ve seen him more often before I give a judgment. *g*
Anyway he needs to earn a lot of money on tour in order to buy his wife some shoes. And his piano was “stolen”, and he likes to talk with his sock. So, all in all, a completely normal Kaizers support act. I mean, completely crazy, as normal. =;-)

After that, Kaizers came on stage, and all in all, everything was “as usual”. No big changes, no new intro, no new logo, and the setlist didn’t contain any real surprises as well. But this isn’t supposed to sound negative, ’cause I didn’t expect anything “new”. =;-) And it was a lot of fun seeing them on stage again, I want more! *gg* This time though they were playing song after song very straight, there wasn’t much interaction or much talk. At least in the beginning, by the end they were getting more and more “alive”. It was a typical “first concert in a city” in some ways, first finding out how things will turn out. The Jackal didn’t expect the audience to sing along, and he was fairly surprised when people actually _did_ sing along in Maestro and Resistansen. =;-) So, all in all, it was a solid concert, not necessarily one of my top concerts, but you don’t need that on the first concert of a tour, there must always be room for improvements! =;-)

OK, now I’ll get to my notes, I should really cut this a little shorter, otherwise I won’t manage to put online all my reports of the tour in time… =;-)

So, this was the setlist: KGB, Delikatessen, Hevnervals, Container, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Senor Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn baby, Kontroll på kontinentet, Mann mot mann, Die Polizei, Di grind, Maestro, Encore: Evig pint, Bak et halleluja, Resistansen.

Die Polizei seems a little weird at this place in the setlist – and it wasn’t planned, actually. =;-) But at that time, it was “time for question” again. And after the Jackal decided not to answer the questions from Micke from Sweden (“we know you have looooots of questions, Micke…”), two girls in the front row asked if they could maybe play “Herr Polizei”. And the answer was that “well, it’s actually called Die Polizei, but yeah, we can play that”… and it was really really nice… =:-)

They were talking even more about Micke from Sweden, when the Jackal asked if he had sold a lot already. But well, it’s a Sunday, people don’t buy a lot on Sundays, so we should all pass by the merch stand and buy Micke’s CD. Well, his wife is walking around Stockholm barefoot! =:-o

Then there were a lot of “danceable songs”, for example Senor Flamingo (“well, I meant the next one actually…”), and at the beginning of that song there were some discussions on stage as well, ’cause the light engineer was either sleeping or didn’t find the switch for the blue light… =;-) Between Senor Flamingo and Blitzregn baby, they didn’t play without a pause like on the last tour, but did a short stop this time. Kontroll på kontinentet was played a little slower than “normally”, I thought, and Di grind was a little faster – but that all sounded really good. In Bak et halleluja, the Jackal had the “wrong” guitar, meaning neither his black one nor Killmaster’s half-acoustic, and somehow there was only one cable and they had to share it. Hellraizer was actually fond of getting his picture taken and suddenly appeared at the front of the stage posing for the camera, but this was really sudden, and somehow he was surprised how it could take so long to take a picture… =;-) The band introduction during Kontroll was cool as always, just that Killmaster managed to break a string at exactly the right moment… *g*

So, what else? Just before the band introduction, Omen took a sip from his water bottle. And spent the next five minutes or so drinking… *lol* Which didn’t only amuse the audience (I mean, he was still wearing his gas mask! *g*), but it also irritated the Jackal, ’cause he wanted to start with the introduction, but his first “victim” was busy drinking… *g* And of course, Omen was dripping then when he was introduced. =;-)

Elvis was back. “He never left the building, actually.” And he took a loooot of time putting the car rims on the oil barrels… his answer to the Jackal’s comment about that wasn’t of the nicest kind, though. =;-)

Oh yes, and by the way – the guitar players have it in their contract, that they must get up on the barrels four times per concert. Didn’t know that yet… +gg* But they explained it to us, when Hellraizer and Killmaster asked the Jackal if they might please come down now again… *lol* But we should sue them for breaking their contract, ’cause they weren’t up there more than twice. *g*

So, that was what I remember. Actually it was a lot more than I expected in the first ten minutes… and now I’m really looking forward to the concert tonight! =:-)

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