13.3.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Doornroosje, Nijmegen )

Next day, next concert… my second concert of the tour, and if they keep on getting better like this every day, I’m really looking forward to Munich. I mean, I’m looking forward to Munich anyway… but you know what I mean. =;-)

The concert was completely sold out (okay, Doornroosje isn’t too big, but still!) which made things a little complicated at first. Plus, it was damn cold outside… *shiver* But inside it was cozy, and like the Jackal pointed out during the show, it is better like that than if it’s 30 degrees outside and 50 inside – like last time they played in Nijmegen in August. Uh? Did I miss something? A concert maybe? =;-) MY last concert in Nijmegen was in April, maybe he confused it with Utrecht. But well, it’s just $SOME_TOWN_IN_THE_NETHERLANDS. *g*

Micke from Sweden really seems like the typical Kaizers support act, which means he’s great (of course not as great as Kaizers – the Jackal explained to us what the management told him: the support should be okay, but not really good, and in any case not as good as Kaizers. And well, he’s just a Swede. And about 1,60m. *g*) Like yesterday, he was talking to his Swedish friend Jonathan again (or with his sock, however you want to say it *g*), talked about his wife’s shoes and his “stolen” piano. Apart from that, he was mostly busy shooting rats on stage, and accidentally he shot down a bunch of bananas from the ceiling. Or well, that _almost_ worked out as planned… =;-)

OK, I’m really trying to cut it short today. Here’s the setlist (put together from what was on it and what we remembered afterwards =;-)): KGB, Delikatessen, Hevnervals, Container, Mann mot mann, Senor Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn baby, Bøn fra helvete, Kontroll på kontinentet, Jævel av en tango, Dr. Mowinckel, Di grind, Maestro. Encore Gypsy Finale, second encore (after they went off for a veeerrry long time and Tom Waits was on already) Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg.

Omen played wrong at the beginning of Maestro. The Jackal: “Ow, that was bad. It’s really bad when that happens. And also, he lost all of his hair last week…” Followed by Hellraizer: “And now he’s not gonna get paid!”

Before they played Jævel av en tango, the Jackal wanted to know who understands Norwegian, because “the next song tells a story, in Norwegian of course, a love story”. He started with asking “Anybody from Finnland here?” – one Dutchman screamed and raised his hand, but the Jackal didn’t believe him: “No, you’re Dutch, you have a big Dutch nose.” “Anybody from Denmark?” lead to “Except for the crew… *grr*” And there were no Norwegians at all there! The Jackal’s comment to that was: “Good!” – and when he realized what he had just said: “Good! I hate Norwegians! Actually, I hate half of the crew. And the band, of course.” *lol*

They played Dr. Mowinckel again this time. The Jackal cleared his place in the center of the stage for Hellraizer. Hellraizer: “Yeah, we saved the best for last. And this is the end now.” Good that he is so modest… *lol* The Jackal had a lot of fun with his barrel then. He started to play several times, and whenever the audience was cheering, he stopped and started over again. All with the broadest smile on his face… That’s a man who likes his job… =;-)

During the introduction, the Jackal then explained to us that we would start to know Hellraizer “just a little bit” after he told us two things about him. And to make sure we had understood, he asked us: “How much will you know Hellraizer then?” =;-)
Hellraizer had a towel on his head again, which then got stuck on the ceiling of the stage… (just in case someone wanted to know the tiny and completely irrelevant details now… *lol*)

Speaking of details: During Senor Flamingo, the Jackal was staring into the audience the whole time, without moving a bit. Quite scary, actually. *g* At some point in time, he suddenly (and suprising not only to the audience *g*) wanted some comment from Hellraizer, but Hellraizer just remained silent, looking around for someone behind him the Jackal could have spoken to. *g* We were all supposed to explain to our neighbors that experienced their very first Kaizer concert what was going to happen, and the audience had to announce Maestro (“what is the name of our last album?”). Di grind is the only song the Jackal has ever written on a tambourine, and during the Gypsy Finale, the Jackal obviously didn’t care about singing anymore and only screamed instead. Poor vocal chords… =;-)

It took forever until they finally returned to play the first encore, but the Jackal apologized: “Sorry for that, but I had to take a piss. That’s only human.” But I can’t understand why they obviously didn’t plan to play a second encore, ’cause the audience was hot and screaming and it was obvious they wouldn’t just go home after the Gypsy Finale. But well, after ten minutes of screaming and clapping they did actually come out again (all except for Hellraizer), singing Mr. Kaizer. The Jackal was already smoking his cigar, which he realized during “røyk av cigar”… *gg*

To sum it up: A really good concert. Still some room for improvement, but the tour will be going on for quite some time… =;-)

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