19.8.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Pukkelpop, Hasselt)

As already mentioned, and extremely refreshing night in the car… then we spent the whole morning looking for a place to take a shower – what kind of resting places are those stops at Dutch motorways, where they don’t have showers? *grmbl* Well, finally we were “successful”, only cold water though, but well, at least it was wet and refreshing… *g* After that, a terrible lunch at Quick (whoever tells me again that Quick is the Belgian equivalent of Burger King, better prepare for something! Woah, that was really uneatable… *shiver*) and a year’s supply of Belgian chocolate from the supermarket, and then we were ready to get to Pukkelpop, one of the biggest Belgian festivals.

Even though we were in Belgium again, there were signs guiding us our way to Hasselt as well as to Pukkelpop itself! *gasp* So we got there without problems and entered the area when Keane started to play (on the same stage just before Kaizers). First we were a little confused, as it is somehow weird if the main stage is in a tent – but at that size, this definitely couldn’t be the “Marquee”, where Kaizers were supposed to play?!? Well, yeah, it was! Impressive, this was gigantic! And full of people – how could we ever get to first row with that many people in front of us? Well, there was some time left, so we checked out the area first and then started to advance to a nice place towards the end of the Keane concert. Keane weren’t that bad, by the way… *g* Well, after the Keane gig we made it into the first row and were very happy about it – five minutes later, the tent was totally (and I mean _totally_) empty… *lol* Well, who cares, we hadn’t put much effort into getting to our places, and like that it was a lot easier to meet Dino, this would have been impossible in a full tent. After that, a half-hour wait, and the tent filled up again. It wasn’t as full as it was when Keane played, but still – a very impressive scenery!

Kaizers only had 45 minutes, and that showed. The were playing their set very tightly, didn’t take any time for announcements or interaction with the audience, but played song on song, one after the other. The setlist: Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, På ditt skift, Sigøynerblod, Bak et halleluja, encore: Evig pint.

Even though it seemed that about everything that can go wrong during a concert went wrong this time (like a malfunctioning microphone, Killmaster falling of the monitor box, beer cans that tip over when one puts them on the oil barrel one is banging on, or whatever), it was a really nice concert, that surely convinced and satisfied the audience. For me, there was too little interaction with the audience, the Jackal didn’t even make the audience sing along, but I guess that was mostly due to the strict time limit. It was a little bit sad, as they could have made much more out of it, but well, it’s impossible to only have perfect concerts. And even if it wasn’t perfect – this concert was really nice and worth seeing, and I’m sure they gained some new fans!

After that, I saw Velvet Revolver playing (woah, the heroes of my teenage time, live and wrinkly on stage! *drool*), and a little bit of Ash, after that we left – with heavy hearts, but we still had to get back to Bonn and we weren’t really fit anymore.

But despite of all exertions – it was a very very nice tour again (well, a very small tour *g*), now it’s gonna be Oslo and then a year without concert… how am I gonna survive that?!? *sigh*

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