18.8.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Tivoli, Utrecht)

And finally back on the road – only one more time, and then there’s not gonna be any concerts for a whole year! *shiver* The first concert this time took place in Utrecht (near Amsterdam). 400 km, after that totally chaotic one way streets, but a Kaizers club gig is worth all the trouble… =;-)
Arriving at the club, there were a lot of people to greet, as I wasn’t the only German who decided to do the trip to the Netherlands – greetings to everybody I met there (again or for the first time)!

The concert started with a somehow… hmm… weird support band, well, nobody cared about them, but nobody minded them either. *g* And at half past nine, the lights finally went out, the Russian Dance started and the anticipation got really high. =:-D

And then finally they were on stage again, starting with “På ditt skift”, and this song is really perfect by now, there’s no better starting song for a concert! One Kaizer after the other appeared on stage, Minken first, then Oleg (as substitute for Helge), Thunder, the Jackal, Hellraizer and Killmaster.

The setlist was somehow different from that of the last concerts, mainly in the order of the songs: På ditt skift, Hevnervals, Container, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Mann mot mann, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Medisin og psykiatri, Dr. Mowinckel, Evig Pint, encore: Gypsy Finale (including Sigøynerblod, Bak et halleluja, Resistansen).

The concert started pretty “calmly”, but got better and more energetic from song to song. They turned better and better, madness ruled, and the song announcements got longer and longer… *gg*
By the way, according to Kaizers, the concert was European record with 700 people in the audience – well, congratulations!

As it was very hot and sweaty inside, the Jackal decided not to bother us about singing along and moving and so on. “But during the next song, you might want to…” *lol*
As already mentioned, hot and sweaty – that lead to Hellraizer deciding during the introduction to throw a towel over his head – “it was supposed to look scary!” Oh, okay, good to know! *g*
During Thunder’s introduction, the Jackal stood on the edge of the stage absolutely motionless while Thunder worked on his bass and Hellraizer and Killmaster on the oil barrels – pretty impressive!
By the way, it squirts a lot if you pour water on an oil barrel before hitting it… =;-)
The beginning of “Medisin og psykiatri” sounded somehow wrong, but Killmaster apologized for that afterwards, in perfect English *coughcough*: He had forgotten to move his capo, so he was playing in the wrong key. The Jackal didn’t take that amiss though, but announced that it was Killmaster’s birthday just yesterday! (Oh yeah, sure… *g*) So then the audience started singing, probably some birthday song, I’m not very literate in dutch song culture. =;-) The same for Hellraizer, he commented on this: “Well… whatever that was – thank you!”
Then followed Dr. Mowinckel, and as always, that was great and bearing a lot of energy.
Anyways, Kaizers decided they would definitely come back to Utrecht. And promptly announced the top ten reason why they’d by back! Of course I don’t remember them now (it weren’t really ten reasons after all anyway, as it’s really hard to count down from 10… *g*), but it was very funny. One reason was that Minken wouldn’t be in the band anymore at that time, as he would be kicked out by then. This lead to the poor guy running to the front of the stage during Sigøynerblod, not screaming “Faster! Faster!” like all the other times, but fanning air to the Jackal and then cleaning the stage where the Jackal was standing… crowned by success, as afterwards Hellraizer stated that he was indeed putting in some effort and that maybe they should keep him in the band… *rofl*
The top reason why they would be back then was that the Kaizers lightman liked the red light so much, so of course they’ll have to be back. Well, sure… =;-)

And then they were gone again, a very great concert that was worth all the trouble! After that, there was finally some fresh air, and afterwards a nice evening in a nearby bar, before Shirin and I ended in the car at the next rest stop and spent an extremely comfortable (yes, irony… *sigh*) night in the car, just to go on the next day to Pukkelpop.

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