15.12.2003 Kaizers Orchestra (Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg)

Finally another tour! I didn’t know before that one can become an addict by seeing just two concerts of a band, but well, yes, it’s possible. I couldn’t wait for the tour, but sadly I had to stick with only two concerts nearby because I was terribly busy with my diploma. So I only went to the concerts in Heidelberg and Cologne.
For the concert in Heidelberg I could convince a friend who comes from Heidelberg and who wanted to see the strange Norwegians I kept telling her about all the time for herself. And she was very excited as well! They are really contagious… *g* After arriving at the Karlstorbahnhof, I learned to know the people from save-me-kaizer.de, very nice, totally insane. =;-) And finally the concert started, it took me about two seconds to realize I was at the right place and what I had missed during the last three months… *g*
The club was far from crowded, there was very much room for everybody. Great on the one hand, but on the other hand, that could have been very bad for the atmosphere. “Could”, mind you! Cause it wasn’t. Everybody was excited, danced, sang and chanted along, and one didn’t notice (except for the space to move and the temperature *g*) that the Karlstorbahnhof wasn’t sold out. (But I’d like to know why they didn’t play in the Schwimmbad – that would have been sold out, and I would have loved to see Kaizers on _that_ stage… *lol*)
The setlist was similar to the one for the Munich-concert, but “Salt & Pepper” was missing. Janove and Geir were talking all the time and making jokes, which I don’t remember now unfortunately. One should write reports directly after the concert… =;-) Anyway, Geir had some problems with his guitar during the show, it made a strange humming sound, but he didn’t mind but decided to go solo and record a CD with the humming sound… *g*
Well, too soon the concert was over, and again the audience yelled for encores for some minutes, but they didn’t come back… *sigh*

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