16.12.2003 Kaizers Orchestra (Prime Club, Köln)

On the next day, Kaizers played their concert in Cologne! Luckily this was easy to manage – just a two-hour drive at night from Heidelberg to Saarbrücken, rising early the next morning to dutifully go to university, and after that just a quick three hours to Cologne – autobahn, I love you… *gg*
I didn’t have the slightest idea where to go in Cologne, but strangely I found a parking space that wasn’t that far away after searching for only half an hour, I even found the Prime Club immediately and inside at once the people from save-me-kaizer, with whom I could kindly spend the night. Thanks again! The Cologne-concert was the total opposite to the Heidelberg-concert, at least regarding the audience: the Prime Club was sold out, it was cramped, it was hot, and there was a lot of dancing! Everybody was having a great time, the atmosphere was terrific, and again there was a lot of talking which I don’t remember. But that doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not funny if it’s just told. One must be there, must see the Masters Kaizer sweat on stage, must see them pound the oil barrels, must suffer with them through 170 and so on. Everybody who has never seen Kaizers Orchestra live doesn’t have any idea what he misses…
The highlight was when at the end of the (much too short *g*) concert the six Kaizers gave in to the audience’s yells and returned on stage after the Gypsy-finale. As last encore they played “Die Polizei”, a song that hasn’t been released on any record, there are just some live-recordings. Und when some hundred German Fans are singing in unison “Herr Polizei…” (wich is wrong German, by the way… *g*), that is really great and one realizes what a couple of inconspicuous Norwegians can do.. =;-)
After the concert we finished off the night in a bar nearby, and the whole evening was just awesome… and I want another concert right now, and another one, and one more, and…

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