03.09.2010 Skambankt (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
03.09.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

One of the last festival gigs of the year, bright sunshine, and homecoming at the same time – this Skambankt show at Rått og Råde just couldn’t go wrong! I was there the whole festival (check out my report here), but the Skambankt concert was the highlight, of course.

And it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought like that. When I arrived at the small stage (while Band of Horses was still playing on the big one), there was already quite a crowd in front of the stage, and there were more and more people coming. Great! And the atmosphere was amazing; it was the first time at the festival that people started shouting for the next band to come out. Yay! And also throughout the concert, I was amazed by the enthusiastic and loud audience. That’s just so great to see, and Skambankt really deserve it! I was kinda happy though that I was on the side and not in the middle of the action, ’cause it seemed quite aggressive in there… and it actually ended up with a girl behind hurt because someone jumped into her back. =:-/ But it was impressive to watch the crowd! OK, at least until I saw the Kvelertak concert the next day, because the audience was even more enthusiastic and aggressive there – but Skambankt delivered the way better concert, of course. =;-)

It started with an old lady (supposedly Tollak’s grandma-in-something-like-law =;-)) coming on stage and delivering a speech that she’d gonna check out the kind of music that the youth likes to listen to now, and that people should promise (and repeat after her, of course) to behave nicely and not pee into other people’s backyards. Which of course was Skambankt’s response to the “rullatoropprør”, where elderly people had protested against the festival and called Skambankt’s music “åndelig terror” – spiritual terror. Great idea to answer this in this way! =:-)

Then Skambankt came on to the Dynasti intro, and after Dynasti they continued with Skambankt. Twice even, because Terje tripped Tollak on the first try. =;-)

As always, they got the audience going under Skambankt, everybody was screaming along. Løgnprofitør got the atmosphere up even more, and while Mantra is a bit calmer, everybody knew that one. So it continued as it started, with a really hot audience and a band that didn’t take much time to talk in between or let the audience get any rest. Next up were Vår bør, Malin, and then Slukk meg for eg brenner.

Then Skambankt decided to play a song from the new album, namely “Kaos, så inferno”, the opening track of Søvnløs. And the reaction was very positive, even though people could only know the song from some live videos or the one time it’s been played on the radio.

Next up was Tanker som mareritt, followed by O dessverre, which everybody knew again. The time was almost up already – but Terje asked whether we wanted to hear another song. And then he offered not only one more song, but two! First Me sa nei (where we had to count down from 21 in the middle), then Stormkast #1, again with a great and long solo part in between. And that was it – no time for encores, unfortunately. =:-(

Too bad, but a great concert anyway, even though they didn’t even play Alarm. I really think they’ll have to think about playing a bit longer on the next tour so that they can fit in both old and new stuff into their set! *g*

03.09.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
03.09.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

03.09.2010 Uncle Deadly (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
03.09.2010 – Photos Uncle Deadly (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

As conclusion to my festival season, it was time for another trip to Norway. More precisely to Stavanger for the Rått & Råde festival! You can find my report about the whole festival here.

The most interesting day for me at the festival was Friday. The first band on stage that day was Uncle Deadly – and since I hadn’t managed to see any solo concerts of Geir before (why does he always announce his concerts at the last second? *sigh*), I was really looking forward to that! A little downer just a few days before: At the same time when Uncle Deadly was scheduled to play at RxR, Skambankt were doing a presale and signing session downtown. Yeah, great… I mean, it wasn’t a hard decision for me to take (I had chosen to go to Stavanger instead of Tromsø because Geir was playing only in Stavanger), but I think it was a bit unfair, because it was obvious that some of the people who would have come out to see Uncle Deadly weren’t coming now because they were at the Skambankt signing. But well – their bad! =;-)

Uncle Deadly was the first band that played in the afternoon, and unfortunately, there were very few people there. Even though it was a perfect day, sunshine, warm, Friday… but most people didn’t arrive until later that evening.

Still, Uncle Deadly didn’t seem to be annoyed by the lack of spectators. They played a nice little set – it took a while until they seemed to catch on, but then it was really nice, and those people who had made it out on the festival in time really enjoyed it. Geir seemed a little insecure maybe, but not uncomfortable with the role as the front man. I was a bit curious whether it was right that he “only talks about the weather”, as people claimed on Facebook. And yep, he does. =;-) But hey, with this amazing weather that was absolutely allowed. And how should he know this kind of weather since he moved to Oslo? =;-) But naah, that was not the only thing he talked about. He also wondered about how Ozzy would pronounce Rått og Råde (well – he didn’t…), asked if a-ha fought on stage the day before, and tried to remember whether or not he had ever played soccer on the field where the stage now stood. Or at least that’s what I understood. Who knows what he actually said… =;-)

Anyway. He started out with lots of songs from Monkey Do but played a few songs from Nice for a change as well. Here’s the setlist: Be careful what you wish for, The game, I don’t mind, Songs about God, The subpoena girl, Nice for a change, Friday nights, Some call that love, Oh life, Sneakin’ up.

As I wrote, it took a few songs for the band to warm up. The sound wasn’t too good in the beginning, the guitars were out of tune (because of the sun), but it got better and better. But, to not be the blind and deaf fan – there were quite a few wrong notes and chords throughout the set, and nobody would have noticed some sheets with lyrics behind the monitors… better than “la la la” in every second song, to be honest. =;-)

All in all, the concert was really nice. I wasn’t amazed though – this might be due to the surroundings, because Uncle Deadly looked kinda “lost” on the enormous stage, with so few people in front of it. It might have been different on the second stage, or at a club show. I think Geir’s solo stuff would work better there – or maybe it’s just some really great music to listen to at home and just not made to be played live. Not sure. Would be a pity though, ’cause I think Geir could grow into that frontman position. Let’s see if he’ll get that chance. =:-)

03.09.2010 – Photos Uncle Deadly (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010
03.09.2010 – Photos Uncle Deadly (Rått og Råde, Stavanger)

20.08.2010 Skambankt (Kartfestivalen)

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
20.08.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Kartfestivalen)

Time for festivals! OK, actually Skambankt have been playing festival concerts all summer already, but I didn’t make it to any of them until now. Too many other festivals in Germany, and in addition, I’m not that fond of traveling for hours and hours just to see a 40-minute concert in front of only a few people, most of whom have never seen Skambankt before. =;-)

But finally there was a festival that was rather easy to get to and with a nice line-up – so I got on my way to Kartfestivalen! The whole report about Kartfestivalen will be up on soon, so I’ll only report about the Skambankt concert here.

It filled up nicely in front of the stage before Skambankt’s show – it seemed that most people arrived just in time for Skambankt, yeah! The beginning was all different from the last club tour. This time, Skambankt started with Dynasti; the beginning of the song was played from tape before the band entered the stage, then they came on and took over. A great start!

The next song was Skambankt, and that already set the scope for the whole concert: Terje wanted to know whether we were “with them or against them”, and OF COURSE the audience was with them! “Det kommer til å bli bra!” Oh yes, it was clear right from the beginning that this would be a great concert. The audience went along right away, shouting “Skambankt!”, and that remained just like this throughout the whole concert. Actually, the Skambankt chants started over and over again, in almost all songs. That showed how much the audience enjoyed the concert – even though many of them didn’t really seem to know the band, or only the last album. Actually it was quite obvious that there were not that few people who sang along on all “Hardt Regn” songs but didn’t know any of the others.

The next songs were Løgnprofitør and Malin, before they played their new single Mantra. That one worked great live! And it seems that everybody knew it. The band seemed pretty impressed by the audience and the festival as well – Terje announced that once he is rich enough, he’s gonna buy the house on the other side of the river and live there, and then they’d play at Kartfestivalen every year from then on. But only if he’s got the money… =;-)

The next songs were Vår Bør, which works just as nicely in the middle of the set as it does as opening song, and Alarm. At the beginning of Alarm, the band improvised a bit of audience interaction by having the audience cheer them, then playing a bit (or rather making some noise), having the audience cheer again and so on. Worked like a charm!

Of course someone had to come up on stage to count in after the drum solo – this time it was Anette from Ålesund who saw her 10th Skambankt concert. And she managed to count in correctly on first try! =;-)

Next, Skambankt played Trygge Rammer, and after that Stormkast #1. They changed the middle part a bit and had an even longer break/guitar solo part in it. The next song was Tanker Som Mareritt – which made me fear that the concert was over already, but no, fortunately Skambankt weren’t quite done yet!

Slukk Meg For Eg Brenner was amazing again – I just love that song, and it got the audience boiling as well. Or maybe only the first row? Who knows, who cares? =;-)

The last song was O Dessverre then – even though I was a bit confused in the beginning, because they started it with the intro they used to do before Alarm. But they had played Alarm already, so that couldn’t be. =;-)

Just as Mantra, everybody seemed to know O Dessverre, so the audience went crazy, and everybody screamed for encores for quite a while, but Skambankt didn’t come out again.

So the setlist was: Dynasti, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Malin, Mantra, Vår Bør, Alarm, Trygge Rammer, Stormkast #1, Tanker Som Mareritt, Slukk Meg For Eg Brenner, O Dessverre.

A great festival concert, even though they probably surprised some of the people in the audience. But these people have turned into Skambankt fans now, I guess. =;-)

20.08.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Kartfestivalen)

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
20.08.2010 – Photos Skambankt (Kartfestivalen)

05.09.2009 Kaizers Orchestra (Verket Festival, Mo i Rana)

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Of course I couldn’t keep myself from checking the remaining tour dates after my last Kaizers concert at Månefestivalen after all… And it didn’t take long until I found the perfect date! Especially as it was the last concert for this year (and who knows for how long…). OK, maybe I shouldn’t have based my decision on the date only, but also considered where in Norway the concert would take place? =;-) ... read on!