Tweet blogging part II

Monday, June 28th, 2010

And because I forgot some “tweets” in the last entry and of course came up with some new ones in Évora yesterday, here’s part two of my “tweet blog”. Which sounds very innovative, by the way – did I just invent Web 3.0? *g*

  • During the world cup, criteria for choosing a restaurant suddenly change completely. Priority 1: Does the place have a TV? 2: Which game is on? (I mean, who wants to see Switzerland-Honduras when you can see Spain-Chile?) 3: Is the menu somewhat okay?
  • Soccer preferences depend on your surroundings. I’m pretty sure that in Germany, I would have wanted to see the Switzerland-Honduras game. In Portugal, I turned down two restaurants with good menus because the wrong game was on TV… *lol*
  • On Tuesday, it’s gonna be Portugal against Spain. WITH goals this time. Campo Pequeno, here I come! =:-D
  • It’s a LOT warmer in Évora than in Lisboa!
  • What do you do if you happen to have an aqueduct in the middle of your town? Well, build the houses around it, of course! One wall less to build… (just wait for the pictures *lol*)
  • Small pensions are much better than big hostels. And the girl at the reception even had the patience to talk Norwegi… uh, I mean Portuguese with me! =;-)
  • I still need to get used to the “half Euros” again… (50 cent)
  • Quote from today, at the beach bar thingy where I watched the game (fortunately only Germans and Portuguese around *g*), everybody nodding: “War drin. Oops.” *lol*

Things I learned today

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Time for some vacation! And I mean REAL vacation, not vacation with… uh, well, actually vacation with concerts, but only one concert and only because the concert fit into the vacation, not the other way around like usually. *g*

Anyway, so I finally made it back to Lisbon today – more than seven years after I lived there for six month. And it’s so nice to be back! Even though my Portuguese seems to be entirely gone (I can still understand a bit, but speak it? No way… *sigh*) But the city… *adore*

OK, and ’cause I’m way too addicted to Twitter by now and constantly thinking in Twitter style, here’s my list of things that I found out today (and that I would have tweeted if I had had internet *g*):

  • Some things never change: The first person you meet on Terreiro do Paço will try to sell you weed.
  • Some things DO change: Visiting the castle used to be free of charge. Now they want SEVEN Euros for that!
  • I found out that the rule “If you keep on walking uphill, you will always end up at the castle” is not true. You might also end up on the hill NEXT TO the castle. *argh*
  • Gosh, I forgot that walking around Lisbon is like hiking in the mountains… my legs hurt!
  • It is much warmer in Lisbon than in Costa da Caparica.
  • I think I never got lost as often as today – no matter where I planned to go, I ended up somewhere else. But at least I recognized the other places. *g*
  • If you don’t find out where the public viewing is until 20 minutes before the game starts, you’ll be stuck at the metro exit with hundreds of people in Portugal and Brazil jerseys. And vuvuzelas. The latter being the problem. *g*
  • Would have been even nicer with some goals though.
  • Portuguese people don’t understand you if you talk in a mixture of Portuguese, made-up Spanish, and Norwegian.

And tomorrow: Xuuuuuuutos! =:-D