Opera Unite

Do the Bartman?!

Friday, February 19th, 2010

He he… I just (re-)discovered last.fm radio. When I last used it, you could play songs according to tags or musical styles, or put some songs on a playlist (which I never really figured out how to use). Now, you can play radio from your own “library” – thus songs that you have scrobbled before.

Or wait, maybe I should back up a bit – “to scrobble” means that you play the songs on your PC and submit the info about the songs to last.fm. This information is then stored, there’s all kinds of stats, and everything is presented on your last.fm profile. So this means that you own all the songs that you scrobble (or at least have them on your computer).

So now you can play all the songs that you scrobbled on last.fm as well on your “personal radio”, without access to your local computer. Cool! OK, actually I have no clue how they actually GET all the songs – I guess they must have some deal with a service like iTunes or Spotify or something, ’cause it seems to me they have EVERYTHING, Skambankt, Busters, Yakuzi – not quite main stream, any of them… *g* But I don’t really need to care, I guess, because I DO own all the music I am playing there.

Lately, I’ve become a huge fan of Opera Unite – because I just need to leave my computer turned on, and then I can listen to all my music wherever I am. Just like with last.fm, as I now found out! However, there’s a big difference: With Opera Unite, _I_ choose what songs are played. Which also means that I need to decide what I want to listen to. With last.fm, I don’t have a choice (except the skip button, of course). But this also means that I go on a wild ride through my music library and discover bands and songs that I haven’t listened to for ages.

Like the Simpsons with Do the Bartman. What the hell…?! *rofl*