14.10.2022 Skambankt (Svømmehallen, Bodø)

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Two more concerts to go! The first one up in Bodø – maybe not the most accessible place for most people, but living in Trondheim, Bodø is actually kinda easy to get to. It just takes ten hours on a train …

Or, if you need to use up some bonus points before they expire, only 45 minutes by plane! Well, if the plane actually leaves and isn’t delayed for two hours, that is … So yep, that was a kinda stressful trip, arriving in Bodø half an hour after the doors opened. Luckily, Bodø is small and you can walk from the airport into town, drop your stuff off at the hotel and STILL arrive at the concert place in time for a quick chat with the band at the merch stand before they go on stage. =:-O

I did miss LÜT though, which was a pity. =:-( But hey – fifteen minutes and half a beer after I arrived at the venue, Skambankt went on stage and got the crowd going!

I was positively surprised to see quite a few people there – Svømmehallen is a big-ish venue, but it looked crowded (while at the same time, it didn’t *feel* crowded, if that makes any sense – you could stand and dance and move without bumping into others, and most importantly, without others bumping into you). Afterwards I read that they actually had a party for the volunteers of Parkenfestivalen there before the concert, and most likely, people got to stay for the concert. So it wasn’t actually a Skambankt crowd … but still, people obviously enjoyed the concert, and I actually had some guy come up to me out of nowhere after the concert, with a huge smile on his face, asking how cool that concert was and what an awesome band …! Yep, I kinda agree. =;-) Sorry you’re so late to the party!

Anyway, not too much to report from the concert. The setlist was shorter than in Trondheim & Moss and didn’t have any surprises compared to the other shows of the tour. They did spontaneously add “O dessverre” though which wasn’t on the setlist (or maybe they had just forgotten to write it down there?). And yep, they managed to captivate the audience throughout the set – at first, everyone was kinda reserved, then people got more and more into it, and as always, they did actually get a mosh pit going towards the end during “Me sa nei”. “Look forward to it! Or maybe get scared …” (they know me well … *lol*)

Skambankt are nearing the end of their tour and have been going for a while, and that shows – on the one hand, they are really into it and the concerts are really smooth, well-timed and “choreographed”. On the other hand, Terje’s voice has seen better times. =;-) But it seems to be holding up still, fingers crossed for the next three weeks!

Several trips down memory lane … “Horisonten brenner” felt quite topical when it came out in 2018 – but it’s so much more current nowadays. =:-( “Desertør” has now turned into a song in favor of (Russian) deserters, and Voodoo was released in 2014 on Søvnl… or wait, no, on Sirene! *lol*

Of course, Skambankt had saved up the goodies for last … ok, not ACTUAL goodies, no candy or chocolates … (we got a two-minute monologue about different kinds of chocolates here). Then “Stormkast #1” to finish off the regular set!

Which of course meant that the final song would be “Malin” again … *rolleyes* But hey, I guess I should stop complaining, since Terje really doesn’t have much choice about playing “Malin” anymore since he was held at gunpoint after a concert in Vadsø for not playing it. *rofl*

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Satan – det e du
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. Voodoo
  6. Vår bør
  7. 10/10
  8. Balladen om deg
  9. Mantra
  10. Desertør
  11. Tanker som mareritt
  12. Me sa nei
  13. Alarm
  14. Født på ny
  15. O dessverre
  16. Stormkast #1
  17. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  18. Malin

24.03.2018 Skambankt (Sinus, Bodø)

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

The final concert of the tour! And conveniently for me, just a train ride away … okay, a 10-hour train ride, but who cares about such details. =;-)

So I made my way up north, and since I was going to the concert alone this time, it was a good opportunity to take along my camera. Taking pictures distracts quite a bit from the concert, so I figured it was a good idea to only take pictures at one of the shows this time. I’ll find out if that was smart when I actually look through my pictures… I haven’t used that camera in three years or so and it sucked when I still knew how to use it, so don’t get your hopes up high – but I think there should be like three, four, five decent pictures. Hopefully. =:-)

Check them out on Facebook!

When I got to Sinus about half an hour before the concert was supposed to start (thus 8.30 – wtf, is Northern Norway in a different time zone or something?!), it was completely empty. I found a handful of people on the balcony, reserving the seats in the front row, but that was it. =:-o So to be honest, my expectations for the concert were rather low …

However, half an hour later it was crowded! It took a while for the audience to get into the concert, and this time it was obvious that people knew the old stuff but not the new. But the old songs they knew and loved! The longer the concert lasted, the more everyone was into it. People on the balcony even got up towards the end! Unfortunately, the longer the concert lasted, the more Terje’s voice disappeared as well … =:-( Well, at least this was the last concert, so time for regeneration now.

As I said, I was distracted by my camera, and I also didn’t write down the setlist like I usually do. But of course I took a picture of it afterwards so I could post it – and also I had noticed in the middle of the concert that they were doing a change on the spot. And true – the setlist said “Låste dører”!!! But we got Mantra instead – not a bad replacement, but still a replacement … =:-(

The full list:

  1. Protest dommer
  2. Voodoo
  3. I dette huset
  4. Kommer snart hjem
  5. O dessverre
  6. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  7. Balladen om deg
  8. Levende legende
  9. Vår bør
  10. Stormkast #1
  11. Mantra
  12. Horisonten brenner
  13. Me sa nei
  14. Dynasti
  15. Anonyme hatere
  16. Malin
  17. Skambankt

THANKS so much to Skambankt for an amazing tour! Every time I go into a Skambankt tour, it’s with the feeling that “yep, that’s gonna be fun”. Every time after the first concert I say “WAAAAH! That was so awesome! That’s what I’ve been missing all the time!” – and add some more concerts to my list. =;-) And after each tour I’m blown away and thankful for being able to have so much fun every single night. <3

I cannot wait for the summer festivals. And the tour in fall. There WILL be a tour in the fall, right? RIGHT??? =:-D

4.12.2010 Skambankt (Sinus, Bodø)

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Oh. My. God! =:-D

OK, I guess I should expand the report a tiny little bit.. =;-) Actually, I don’t remember any details about the concert except that it was absolutely awesome – so the above sentence really says it all. *g*

From Harstad to Bodø, it was another long drive – including a one-hour ferry trip (which – totally coincidentally =;-) – included a little interview with a certain band that happened to be on the same ferry. So look forward to get to read a little fan interview here soon!).

Bodø was actually the only one of the three concerts where none of us had to drive afterwards, so the evening started with a little hotel room vorspiel. When we got to Sinus about ten minutes after Skambankt were supposed to have started, the venue was almost entirely empty. Nobody in the front row! That was so incredibly inviting that we just couldn’t resist… =;-) So in a way I guess it was good that we only got to see three concerts – we started on the gallery in Tromsø, in Harstad we were somewhere in the middle, and in Bodø right in front. Concert four would have been on stage, I guess. *g*

Anyway. I didn’t expect anything from the concert. Harstad had been amazing, and how should Skambankt top that again? And there was hardly anybody there… Well. totally wrong. By eleven, the place was packed, the audience was hot, Skambankt came on and the place just exploded.

As I wrote before, I don’t have any details to report here. The concert was absolutely fantastic, the audience enthusiastic and shouting and screaming all the time, the band seemed to love the show, and we had SO much fun!

The setlist was the same as in Harstad, except that Skambankt spontaneously added Alarm as last song before the encores, because they just didn’t want to leave, it seemed. =:-)

After the show, we were drenched in beer and sweat, but happy. Or short: Oh. My. God! =:-D

This tour was absolutely amazing – just like my first tour to Northern Norway! Thanks so much to Lena and John for great company – vi sees i februar (og i Tyskland etterpå)! Suzanne, great to see you again, and a big thank you to Katharina and Bernd for the great hospitality! =:-)
And of course: THANK YOU to Skambankt for three amazing concerts! It will be hard to wait three years until the next concerts…

But anyway: I’m really looking forward to the next Nord-Norge tour! =:-D

22.8.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Parken Festival, Bodø)

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It was raining in buckets, and absolutely no sign of clear skies in any direction. Yes, I’d heard about last year’s rain at Parkenfestivalen, but I was hoping for better weather this year. Oh well, I put on rainproof pants and jacket – and a borrowed sou’wester (my aunt bought it at Buktafestivalen in Tromsø, really nice one – why didn’t I think of buying one myself…?) to keep me dry and warm.
... read on!

22.8.2008 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Parken Festival, Bodø)

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
22.8.2008 – Photos Kaizers Orchestra (Parken Festival, Bodø)