Want some spam?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

WordPress is great when it comes to “search optimization”, or whatever you want to call it that – as soon as you write a report or blog entry – you get a Google alert for your own website. 😉

However, it also attracts spammers. Which doesn’t really matter that much, because it comes with a great spam protection plugin as well, and I hardly ever have to do anything but empty the spam folder. And this – namely emptying the spam folder – is always great fun! Because the spam is definitely funny. Mostly when you see it in context… uhem. So my concert report about a Kaizers concert is “thoroughly researched”? Well, yes, I did a whole night of “research” for that! And I wrote the best post about my “Concert year 2009”? Actually I think I wrote the ONLY post about my concert year… *g*

So, why do I write this post here? Well, actually I hope that in the weeks to come, some of the spam comments will come in for THIS post right here. And then I will publish them and share the laughs! (And probably screw up my spam protection by doing that, but well…)

OK, so let the spam comments begin!